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1 Yr Old Grinding Teeth

I need your help. My 1 year old daughter has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom and she just started grinding her teeth. Is there a way to get her to stop? I try to distract her but she will go back to doing it again. She doesn't have a pacifier and I am starting to wish she would have taken one. Have you had the same problem? What did you do?

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We also didn't use a pacifer (not a fan personally) and my son ground his teeth. I think there were about 3 phases of grinding for a few days, each coinciding with a new tooth. It was just part of teething and went away.

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Hi K.,

I have read that that is comfort while they are teething. My daughter who is 23 months is doing now again because she is getting her 2 year old molars. It will stop when they stop teething. Her dentist says that it is normal too. The best thing to do is give your daughter a teething ring or something to to chew on and she may stop grinding. Good luck. I know it is annoying.

My son who is now 9 use to always grind his teeth. I too was told by his dentist (then) that it was just a phase, and then he got to where he only did it at night so I thought we were getting better. Now he is 9 and has only lost 1 baby tooth. His dentist says it because he use to grind his teeth so much that they are too small to fall out like normal teeth. So now I wish I would of found a way to get him to quit. I know this doesnt help your initial question, but just thought you should know

My son did that when he got his first few teeth. I think now the newness of the teeth has worn off and he just doesn't do it much anymore. It is a little irritating, like fingernails on a chalkboard, but you just get used to it and then they grow out of it. Just try to grin & bear it!

We also didn't use a pacifer (not a fan personally) and my son ground his teeth. I think there were about 3 phases of grinding for a few days, each coinciding with a new tooth. It was just part of teething and went away.

My son did this on and off until age 3. The Dr. said that it is very common for kids to do this when they are growing. I did not make a big deal out of it and it has not hurt his teeth at all.

my oldest son (12) has grinded his teeth since he had them. since he is older it has only been at night for the past 7 years. I have asked the dentist many times about this and he has told me that it isn't hurting anyhing. His teeth are all fine and he isn't chipping them or anything. I know not much help.. it drives me nuts the sound! I'm told he will grow out of it, I'm still waiting for that day!

Hi K.,

My son did the same thing. I spoke with my dentist about it and they said every child typically does this. They also said it was nothing to worry about at this stage in their lives and it would resolve on it's own.

My daughter did this too. She's almost two and has pretty much quit doing it. The more I brought it to her attention that she was doing it, the longer she would grind them! It was very hard to do but I just had to ignore it! Good luck!

My daughter also used to grind her teeth- she never took a pacifier either. It ended up being just a phase for her and she never does it anymore. It worried me too but just like a lot of other things- it was just a "trick" and it got boring after a while for her. Hope this helps!

Hi K.! Having a pacifier would not have prevented grinding teeth. My son had a paci and ground his teeth. My daughter wouldn't take a paci and does not grind.
Our dentist says that it's not harmful and it will resolve itself. I think if you keep redirecting her like you have been you will have some success.
Likely she is just having fun with her new teeth!

Hi K.,

My 1 yo ground his teeth from 4 mo to 8 mo, when his first 8 teeth were coming in. It stopped after he got used to them.

It drove me CRAZY but it resolved itself. Don't worry too much, it's more annoying than anything else!


try to give her a message at the jaw area just below the ears where the jaw is" V " shaped. Give a little pressure into the jaw bone and roll in a small cricle. Also try putting your hand on her lower jaw at the chin...be sure het mouth is closed....and give a little pressure up toward her ears. Works best if she is laying down. Use the other hand to help support the head. Check out some info on messaging to give more details. My daughter is 5 yrs. now. She was diagnossed with Rett syndrome in 2006. She does A LOT of this at times. These were some of the suggestions from her Occupational therapist. If you have a chance just for your info check out the web site for Rett syndrome and educate yourself on some other things to...www.rettsyndrome.org

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