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Mother's Day Homemade Gifts

any ideas on homemade mother's day gifts. i run a small day care center from my home, and have two 2 year olds, a 3 year old, and a 4 year old. so i need something a bit more simple. i have done so many things in the past, that i am looking for new fresh ideas.

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I just did a Mother's Day project/gift with some students yesterday and today. I bought plain dish towels (I prewashed and ironed them) and had/helped the students put their hand print in one corner and then we stenciled/sponge painted a butterfly (another simple shape or even a stamp would work) in the opposite corner. I used Acrylic Paint, let them dry, then used permanent fine tip sharpies (fabric markers work, too) and had them write their name by the hand print and in the opposite corner I wrote Mother's Day 2008. The towel shifts when you try to write on it so it needs to be held tightly while writing.
Then I ironed them to heat set the paint. I put a heavy paper towel over the paint, just in case, so I won't get paint on my iron. To wrap the present the kids will color on a white paper lunch bag to make a "gift bag"
Have fun.
V. A

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Handprint flower bouquet

I just saw this one the other day. The kids have their hands traced on a few different colors of construction paper. After the hands are cut out, you wrap the fingers around pencils to give them a curly look. Then twist a yellow pipe cleaner around the end of a green pipe cleaner to form a stamen. Wrap the palm part of the hand around the pipe cleaner and glue or tape to hold on. Do a few in different colors and then they have a bouquet of hand print flowers. You can attach construction paper leaves too.

Another cute one is taking fake flowers and attaching the stem on to a pen by wrapping around it with floral tape. Then you have a flower pen.

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One of my favorite gifts is one my daughter made in preschool - The following poem was attached to a piece of paper with her handprints on each side:
These Little Hands
These little hadns can give a hug
Pat-A-Cake or throw a ball
They put smudges on teh wall
Because I am only just so tall
They love to clap or hold your hand
Whenever you can play
But when I'm grown and far away
These little hands with you will stay.

Two years later I still have this hanging in my office at work and I love at it often and Love it!!

That is really sweet that you are working on something for the kids. They take great joy in knowing they made a gift for someone special!

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I too, do daycare..one of our favorites was the year i bought inexpensive whisks and we filled them with candy kisses, tied a ribbon on and made a card to attach......I 'whisk' you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY....with kisses! mom's loved it!

This year we did fridge magnets....cut semi circles out of green and red posterboard...the red smaller to fit on the green to resemble watermelons. Then had the kids dip thier thumbs on an ink pad to make the seeds! put a pic on it in the center and then across the top I wrote: MOM, YOU'RE ONE IN A MELON!
Laminated them and put a magnet on the back! Very cute!
We made ours about 7 inches across on the green, so it is fairly big. (the older ones can cut out their own semi circles too, that's even cuter as it is not always 'perfect', but sure is adorable!
hope this helps...have fun!

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yesterday at my momtime group at church we made plates....very simple

supplies needed:
plain glass plates, platters, mugs(anything glass, the plainer the better)
elmers paint markers and/or enamel paints
brushes if buying enamel paints, not needed if only purchasing paint markers

should be able to find all supplies at the craft section of walmart, or you can check michaels/joann fabrics

first paint the plates on the underside..so any printing you want will have to be backwards...you can go to microsoft word and under print options, advance, change to mirror image on. then tape to the normal side of the plate and flip and trace.
Let it cure for 24 hours, then place in cold oven, turn on to 325 and bake for 30-40 minutes.

tips: if you want to overlap colors, let them dry a long long time. i tried writing the kids name and brithdate and then going over the entire plate with a color. I should have wrote name, cure and baked then painted the solid color. but for drawing, just color in the lines:)
also, what ever color goes down first is the color that you will see on the other side.
you can always print clip art mirror imaged instead of free handing unless you are a great artist....EVERYTHING MUST BE PAINTED BACKWARDS UNLESS IT DOESN'T MATTER SUCH AS A BUTTERFLY, HEART, FLOWER

goodluck and have lots of fun. i did 6 plates yesterday!

it is quick and easy, just takes awhile to dry!

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I have always loved the ones with handprints. the one was her hand cut out and attached to a green pipe cleaner that was stuck into a little ceramic clay pot with green form at the bottom. On the hand print was her picture of her face and on the back of the hand was a poem. The poem was about small hand get into.. but the hug you too.
Hand prints in cement forms in a shoe box and they add jems and beads and the box of things that you do'nt know what to do with.
A picture frame with puzzle pieces all over in with "I love you to pieces" on it. Picture in it.
Sorry got carried away!!

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i dont know if this is a bit late for you, but i just read your post and the thing that came to my mind is this: lately ive been seeing photos of moms using their thumbs and index fingers to make a heart. the thumbs point down to make the bottom of the heart while the index fingers make the rounded top halfs. i dont know if it would work, but you could try a variation of the old handprints by trying to get them to do that. course i dunno how age appropriate that is.. just a thought! goodluck!

Hi T.
I just got my Mothers Day gift from my son and with 3 little ones This is a gift that I a have not yet recived. The pre school teacher went and got carpet samples from the store.(Most places that sell carpet have old carpet sample books that they give away for free) So they are the perfect door mate size. She had the kids pant/stamp words and what ever else they wanted on them. My son is so proud of this and I love it.

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