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Meijer or Kroger

Has anyone compared prices at Meijer and Kroger? I can't tell which one has the lowest prices. It seems to me that maybe groceries are lower at Kroger while produce is lower at Meijer. There is no doubt that deli meats are lower at Meijer. I would rather shop at Kroger as it is less crowded and crazy, but not if I end up spending more. What have you all find to be best?

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I live closer to Kroger so I go the majority of the time. Meijer is farther so I don't feel like driving the distance all the time but I like Meijer the best. Kroger prices are usually always higher, even when Kroger has a sale. However, I am not stuck on brand names either. So I also noticed the Meijer brand is cheaper than the Kroger brand.

Hope this helps!

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I have noticed that kroger in higher in my opinion. and to be hinest sometimes Walmart is cheaper then both! i don't even look at kroger any more. when it;s time to shop i just put in my mind that i have to go to meijer and walmart. and since meijer and walmart are constantly in a price war who knows sometimes who will have the best sale. good luck.

Kroger is cheaper. I have done the comparing. I also go to a fruit market instead of getting fruit at kroger. If your that crazed about saving to check out www.grocerygame.com. this site will cut your grocery bill in half. Also any manufactors coupon up to a year old u can use at kroger. just not there coupons. once theres expire they won't except them.


It depends on what you want...most items are more expensive at Meijer.

Kroger is a few blocks away and Meijer a few miles, I go to Meijer because they always have good sales and deals....you are right, it's crazy busy, so I always try and go early on sat or sun without the kids! :)

Hi A. C.
I never stop comparing prices. You can find many of the stores weekly ads on line now. I have noticed that the grocery chains have cycles. What I mean by this is when Krogers have General Mills cereal or Kelloggs cereal on sale. The same sell will end up Meijers make a couple of weeks later. If you didn't know it, these stores usually honor the prices of the other store if you take the ad in. I find that this cuts down on having to run around from store to store though I do it anyway. Your question depends on what you are shopping for. For instance I find baby products to be high at both Krogers and Meijer (specifically diapers and formula) so I shop at Sams Club and Costco for those items. It's less expensive buying those type items in bulk. In comparison, the fruit and vegetable prices are better at Sams Club & Costco's (unless Krogers & Meijers are having a sale) because of the amount you get for the price. But nothing beats the deals at the Eastern Market for vegetables and sometimes fruit. Just last weekend, I purchased a case of zucchini (which had approximately 50-60 nice size zucchini) a case of Broccoli (which had over 50 small to medium sized broccli), a case of Turnip greens, and 2 cases (crates) of corn that had over 40-50 ears per case. And I got 8 heads of cabbage for free. My total cost $30.00. I was able to share food with my sister's family, my mother, and my brother's family and still had a great portion to put into the freezer for my family, (7 children + my husband & I). Krogers and Meijers recently had a huge Cereal sale where I got the regular 5.99 boxes of Lucky Charms, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, Honey Nut cheerios etc. for 1.99 per box. This is when I stock up. I was also able to get the quaker oats flavored/variety pack boxes of cereal which normally retails for $3.99 t0 4.59 a box for $1.88 per box. Again this is when I stock up. Don't forget to go on line and download coupons for extra savings. So I guess my answer to your question is it depends on what you are buying. I find that both stores can be a little on the high side if the items aren't on sale. I do Target and the big Kmart (grocery) stores. They have excellent prices on boxes of Halibut & Catfish. Enough to feed your family 3-5 meals.
I also go to the United Fish Distributors in the Eastern Market for cases of Salmon, catfish, lobster tails, and king crab legs. The Lobster tails and King Crab legs last us approximately 6 months before they are all gone. So the fee ends up being less expensive; however, Costco now has the same competitive case price on some of the seafood items. I am going back to the Eastern Market to get a case of the yellow squash, sweet potatoes, turnips, and cases of fruit. I haven't found anyone to beat their prices not even Randazzo's. ( Randazzo cases are smaller than the cases you get at the Eastern Market and they cost more). The Meat Market (Ronnie's Meats) has excellent prices and you can bargain with them.

I hope this helps


I live closer to Kroger so I go the majority of the time. Meijer is farther so I don't feel like driving the distance all the time but I like Meijer the best. Kroger prices are usually always higher, even when Kroger has a sale. However, I am not stuck on brand names either. So I also noticed the Meijer brand is cheaper than the Kroger brand.

Hope this helps!

We go back and forth between the two. It all depends what we are shopping for. I'll check the sales flyers for deals on things I need, meat, etc, then pick the one that makes the most sense for that week.

I continuously compare prices.

IMHO, Kroger tends to be more expensive even if you have their shoppers card for some items. Their generic brand items aren't very good and I've never been happy with their meat products. Coupons and the shoppers card are a must if you are shopping at Kroger.

Meijer tends to be cheaper on some items and their generic products are a lot tastier. If you are looking for speciality items or organic foods, then you are better off going to Whole Foods because they tend to be more expensive at Meijers than at the speciality store. For instance, the one brand of almond butter Meijer has sells for around $7.00 and Whole Foods sells the same brand for about $5.00 (and there are other brands as well.).

Kroger/Meijer tend to have price wars with each other - I've noticed it the most with milk prices because I'm always buying milk (it seems).

Meijer is my second choice for produce and meat. I usually go to Nino's because it may cost a little bit more, but the quality is better and tends to last a little longer than what you get at Meijer. I don't even look at Kroger's too much anymore unless I need milk and eggs or the pizza cheese and can get them cheap w/the shoppers card.

You really have to look at the flyers and it helps if you search out the coupons. If you go through the flyers for a few months and jot down notes about how much the items you use frequently cost over time, then you will get a good idea where you can get food cheaply and which stores are having price wars over different items.

Aldi's is good on price, but the family didn't care for the products there.

Also, it depends on how much you need to buy. Costco or Sam's are great options if you need to buy in bulk.

But, if it came down to Meijer or Kroger only, then I'm all for Meijer overall. I'm happier w/the overall quality of the products and don't have to worry about bad meat or going to another store because the fruit/veggies look too iffy to purchase.

Each store location is different, but I have found that I spend way more at Kroger over all than I do at Meijer, and Meijer brand products are distributed from Grand Rapids. That's a bonus to me as Kroger's are from Ohio (I like to patronize MI businesses as much as possible).

I go to Aldi for groceries and Kroger for the stuff I can't get at Aldi (like 1/2%milk, Coke, etc). Aldi's produce is okay for the hearty stuff like apples, potatoes, etc, but berries and things that spoil quicker need to be eaten right away. Kroger has longer lasting produce. I don't go to Meijer because it's too far away and it takes me forever to shop there.
If you do try Aldi, you'll need a quarter to "rent" the shopping cart (but get it back when you return it) and your own shopping bags (or you can buy them there for 6 or 7 cents a piece). It's worth it. I shop for my family of four and can get out of there for $70 for a week. (I've got small kids, though). Good luck!

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