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Luvs V. Huggies?

Hi All

We're trying to find ways to save money where we can (aren't we all!) and I was wondering if anyone has used Luvs diapers? Huggies have worked best for our kids, historically (fewer leaks than Pampers). Any advice is appreciated!

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Hi, J.
I also watched what we spent on diapers "big time"..Between the two I would pick huggies. But I just found this great diaper product that may be an alternative for you, if I had found it when my kids were in diapers I would of tried them. I own a small baby & mommy boutique and am trying to carry them. They are called G Diapers, here is their direct link: http://www.gdiapers.com I thought they looked really cool as well. Good Luck...A.


Hello J.,

I have 2 children, 1 boy and 1 girl. I used Luvs for my son a few years back and they worked fine. When I had my daughter, my friend recommended from her friend, Parents Choice - available at Walmart. At first I was skeptical, because I've tried other un-popular named wipes and they were awful. However, I gave the Parents Choice diapers a try and we have been very happy with them and they are much cheaper!

Good luck!


Have you ever tried Target brand diapers? We've been done with diapers for over 2 1/2 years, but I started using the Target ones and ended up preferring them over other brands (and liking the price much better, too). I was able to buy boxes of them, which was where I saw the bigger savings. One of my kids experiences rashes with Pampers AND Luvs.

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I have used Luvs on my last 2 kids. I think they work great and only occasionally leak, and that's usually my fault. I buy them at BJ's/Sam's club.

At first I only wanted the best brand diapers for my daughter. However, I was out one day and bought a bag of luvs and loved them. She has never leaked and they fit really well. I feel like it came down to the name on her diaper and not how the diaper performed. Save some money, go to BJS and buy a box of Luvs. You will like them.

Hi J.,
I am a SAHM of 3. I have tried every diaper out there. I personally do not like Huggies at all. Pampers has been ok, but I do like Luvs. They tend to run a bit small though. But the ones that I prefer is Parents Choice from Walmart. They work very well and you can't beat the price. Only about $6- for a pkg of 30 (at least for size 3). They are not good for infants below size 3 only because they are a little stiff for the newborn. But after that, they are my diaper of choice. No leaks!!

Hi. I have used Luv's for my son for most of his 3 year life. I love them!!! I have tried huggies and pampers, but I feel that Luv's work the best. Plus, they are less expensive than huggies and pampers. I recall reading someplace that Luv's are made by Pampers (I'm pretty sure that is the big brand name they are linked wtih). I wasn't sure about Luv's at first, but I got a pack from a friend and have pretty much never bought any other brand for him again. Hope this helps!

Huggies have been a no-go with both of my children surprisingly enough! I used Luvs for both of my kids, and I swear by them! My 11month old son, who's soo incredibly active doesn't leak when he's active and doesn't leak at night. The only way that happens is if he has truly wet his diaper till it literally explodes at night. No kidding.. and we even tried a few other brands, and it's just my little man, who apparently drinks too much prior to bed. haha.. So it's very much him and NOT the Luvs. We love them! Good luck!
Oh to add.. recently we went to Target brand diapers to save money. We use those or the BJ's brand during the day, and the Luvs at night. So far so good!

Hi J.,

If you live near a BJ's and are a member, they have the best deals on diapers. My husband and always bought the Berkley & Jensen brand, and we felt that they worked better than all those expensive brands like Huggies and Pampers. Hope this helps.

I havent used Luvs but use Kirkland brand (which I believe are made by Huggies). They are costco's generic diaper and exactly like Huggies. We love them.

I've used both Huggies and Luvs and have found them comperable for leakes. I have reverted to the Huggies because my daughter is long in the torso and the rise on the Luvs doesn't seem adequate. I tried bumping up the next size but they were too big and just leaked. Good luck.

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