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Luvs V. Huggies?

Hi All

We're trying to find ways to save money where we can (aren't we all!) and I was wondering if anyone has used Luvs diapers? Huggies have worked best for our kids, historically (fewer leaks than Pampers). Any advice is appreciated!

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Hi, J.
I also watched what we spent on diapers "big time"..Between the two I would pick huggies. But I just found this great diaper product that may be an alternative for you, if I had found it when my kids were in diapers I would of tried them. I own a small baby & mommy boutique and am trying to carry them. They are called G Diapers, here is their direct link: http://www.gdiapers.com I thought they looked really cool as well. Good Luck...A.


Hello J.,

I have 2 children, 1 boy and 1 girl. I used Luvs for my son a few years back and they worked fine. When I had my daughter, my friend recommended from her friend, Parents Choice - available at Walmart. At first I was skeptical, because I've tried other un-popular named wipes and they were awful. However, I gave the Parents Choice diapers a try and we have been very happy with them and they are much cheaper!

Good luck!


Have you ever tried Target brand diapers? We've been done with diapers for over 2 1/2 years, but I started using the Target ones and ended up preferring them over other brands (and liking the price much better, too). I was able to buy boxes of them, which was where I saw the bigger savings. One of my kids experiences rashes with Pampers AND Luvs.

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I have used Luvs on my last 2 kids. I think they work great and only occasionally leak, and that's usually my fault. I buy them at BJ's/Sam's club.

At first I only wanted the best brand diapers for my daughter. However, I was out one day and bought a bag of luvs and loved them. She has never leaked and they fit really well. I feel like it came down to the name on her diaper and not how the diaper performed. Save some money, go to BJS and buy a box of Luvs. You will like them.

Hi J.,
I am a SAHM of 3. I have tried every diaper out there. I personally do not like Huggies at all. Pampers has been ok, but I do like Luvs. They tend to run a bit small though. But the ones that I prefer is Parents Choice from Walmart. They work very well and you can't beat the price. Only about $6- for a pkg of 30 (at least for size 3). They are not good for infants below size 3 only because they are a little stiff for the newborn. But after that, they are my diaper of choice. No leaks!!

Hi. I have used Luv's for my son for most of his 3 year life. I love them!!! I have tried huggies and pampers, but I feel that Luv's work the best. Plus, they are less expensive than huggies and pampers. I recall reading someplace that Luv's are made by Pampers (I'm pretty sure that is the big brand name they are linked wtih). I wasn't sure about Luv's at first, but I got a pack from a friend and have pretty much never bought any other brand for him again. Hope this helps!

Huggies have been a no-go with both of my children surprisingly enough! I used Luvs for both of my kids, and I swear by them! My 11month old son, who's soo incredibly active doesn't leak when he's active and doesn't leak at night. The only way that happens is if he has truly wet his diaper till it literally explodes at night. No kidding.. and we even tried a few other brands, and it's just my little man, who apparently drinks too much prior to bed. haha.. So it's very much him and NOT the Luvs. We love them! Good luck!
Oh to add.. recently we went to Target brand diapers to save money. We use those or the BJ's brand during the day, and the Luvs at night. So far so good!

Hi J.,

If you live near a BJ's and are a member, they have the best deals on diapers. My husband and always bought the Berkley & Jensen brand, and we felt that they worked better than all those expensive brands like Huggies and Pampers. Hope this helps.

I havent used Luvs but use Kirkland brand (which I believe are made by Huggies). They are costco's generic diaper and exactly like Huggies. We love them.

I've used both Huggies and Luvs and have found them comperable for leakes. I have reverted to the Huggies because my daughter is long in the torso and the rise on the Luvs doesn't seem adequate. I tried bumping up the next size but they were too big and just leaked. Good luck.

I had to sit right down and reply to this one!!! WE LOVE LUVS!!!!! With my first I always used Pampers which were okay, and I had used Huggies Nightimes, that would in fact still cause leaks. With my second child we use Luvs all the time, even at night, and very seldom had a leak, if we did it was cause she just happen to drink a huge amount before bed or something. I am very pleased with LUVS and have used only Luvs for 2yrs.

We use Luvs and love love them. We save a ton of money! and now with another one on the way, I will soon have 2 in diapers so I am beginning to love them even more!

i use the luvs and i like them. i have had some issues with leaks but my daughter drinks a lot which in turn means she pees a lot! the only think i don't like about them is sometimes there are little "gel ball" when she has wet a lot. the only way i can decribe them is when you put a diaper in the pool and then squeeze and the "gel" comes out. they don't seem to affect her diaper area so......i suggest going for it. plus, if you are a bj's member they will send out coupons and usually they will have a $5 off luvs so that brings a case of them to $25. good luck!

I didn't have time to read the other responses, so sorry for any redundancy. My kids used to blow right out the back of Huggies, messes shot all the way up the onesies! Oddly enough, the ones we liked best were the Toys R' Us brand from the regular toy store! They were very inexpensive and gave great protection. We'd buy them by the case, hope they still carry them! Good luck!

I'm am mom of a 10 month old boy. We have had great success with the BJ Wholesale brand diapers. I try to get the size a bit bigger, but would proably do that anyway. The only time we found that they leaked was over night - so we use Huggies overnight diapers.

We were a pampers family... but to save money i went to luvs. I found that they are comparable. Both my kids are HUGE pee-ers at night and most of the time the Luvs can handle the huge amount of pee. I do have to note that both my kids are about 20lbs and i have had to bump them up to size 5 diapers to hold this amount of pee (but i had to do this with the pampers too)

I love Luvs - just as good as Huggies, but less expensive. Sometimes we buy them at BJ's, but diapers.com has prices on Luvs that rival even those of the warehouse stores.

I was s Huggies fan, but my friend uses Walmart brand and loves them. They are really cheap!

Can't tell you about anything bigger, but size 3 and 4 Luvs have worked great for my 19 month old. Only 1 leak and that was on a 14 hour diaper because he slept so late! I can usually get the big box at Wal Mart for $19.97 for 104 size 4's. Those are the cheapest/best we have found.


I've never liked Huggies but after four have found the Luvs do work well.

Hi J.-

I have tried most diapers. I like how Luvs are and they are less expensive. My son is 20 months and until recently, I was only using Luvs. I did have a leaking problem but it was at night, so I went up a size and didn't have a problem.

My daughter was long and lean and we went from Pampers to luvs - just b/c it's what worked best. As she got bigger (2+) her little butt is still pretty little, but the luvs started to leak and we tried Huggies, but went back to Pampers, b/c they fit better.
Thats our diaper history.

I too prefer Huggies over Pampers brand, however I received some LUV diapers as a shower gift and they seem to work fine...

I adore Luvs. Sure, I liked the Pampers they sent me home with from the hospital, but who has the money to continue to buy such pricey diapers?! I've tried some cheaper store brand types and have been sorely disappointed. Luvs are economical and work great!

Hi J.,
We love Luvs too!! They are super thin and we get them at BJ's. But only after we got into the bigger sizes. I can't remember if it was just size 1 or also 2, but the smaller ones didn't have the stretchy sizes that make the biggest difference in the fit. That is where it hits my son across the leg and I think that it is more comfy that way. I haven't ever tried the White Cloud but am curious now! I always use a huggies at night though- they seem keep the skin drier which I like since it is on all night.
Good luck!

Luvs are fine, but if you want to save even more money, try the White Cloud brand of diapers from Walmart. They are great and VERY cheap. I think I like those better than luvs. I used them for both of my kids and had no more trouble with leaks than with any other brand.

hey there!
just wanted to let you know that i found luvs to be just like pampers. needless to say, i am a huggies only mom. and honestly, i only change my babies 3-4 times a day instead of 7-8, as i feel that with huggies they dont need to be changed as much. plus, their skin feels drier with huggies. all 3 of mine broke out in rashes if i used anything else!!

Hi J.,
I use Luvs with my daughter and I find them absolutely great. I have never had a problem with leaks even at night. I also love the way Luvs smell-nice clean scent. They are really a great buy and the diaper is thin which means you can fit more in your diaper bag without taking up that much space. I especially like the price of LUVS and by the largest box they have at Target which costs only $15.99. I highly recommend LUVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your next purchase and saving money.

Hi J.

I've used Luvs with my children and they are comparable to Huggies. I've never had a problem with them.

Despite reading many negative reviews of Luvs I tried them...Forget diaper rash, our baby girl got HUGE bloody WELTS from the diapers (she never had a diaper rash prior to, or after the Luvs). Although we preferred Pampers we did make the switch to Huggies. We also found BJ's brand, and the Parent's Choice/Wal Mart diapers to work quite well. The generics tend to run a bit small however.
*Luvs are made my Pampers.

I use Luvs for my 2 year old and my 4 month old. They are great, they work just as well as Pampers, IMO. I have no complaints.

We've always used Pampers (Swaddlers and Cruisers) for my daughter (27 months), but after having my son (3 months) leak out of Pampers' Swaddlers for about a month when he was a newborn, I decided that if he's going to leak anyway, I may as well just buy the cheapest diapers I could--Luvs. They have been great for him. We haven't experienced any of the rashes I noticed people mentioned, and he rarely leaks (only when I wait way too long to change him). I haven't tried Huggies, but I have surprisingly been very happy with Luvs.

How funny, we found Huggies worked better than Pampers as far as leaks went as well! We use Target's brand during the day and a Huggie for the overnight. We've had no problems with the Target ones, and the price is right!

i tried luvs twice.....absolutely hated them....i used huggies for both of my kids (now using the night time pullups). i tried pampers and luvs and both leaked a lot more.....a lot more!

J. do a little internet research because alot of the generic brands that stores sell are made by the same manufacturer as name brands and are even cheaper than luvs. We only use disposable diapers once every three days and use cloth in between but I found that the white cloud diapers that walmart carries are good just make sure to get white cloud and not parent choice.

Hi J., I know exactly what you're saying about saving money, my husband just loves coupons for everything. As far as diapers go though, I have used both pampers and huggies for my daughter and son and don't find much difference between the 2. I did try luvs with my daughter and overall didn't like the way they fit and never bought them once for my son. I do think though that they are worth buying once so that you know for yourself because as they say every child is different. Good luck and I hope that this helps. Melissa.

I would LOVE to be able to use them on my 2yr old but there is a perfume in them he is allergic to. I did use them on an older child all she could wear. Huggies leak like crazy and have on all 4 of my kids.. My current is in pampers baby dry. I go without other things to keep his tushie from being raw. Isn't much of a savings when i need to spend moneyu on other things to keep him from breaking out...

I always used Huggies. Luvs gave my daughter a rash (she is really sensitive and has problems with Pampers as well).

But as far as saving some money - its definately worth a try.

I liked the shape of Luvs (I think its similar to Huggies) - my daughter was 9 mos at the time - so I did not have any real issues with leaks at that time.

I have always used Luvs for my daughter (get 'em at BJ's Wholesale Club) and I love them-as long as the size is right they don't leak on a girl (don't know about a boy, though). Good Luck!

I use luvs for my 16 month grandson. They work just fine for him. I to buy them at BJ's for $29.99. I get the $5 coupon off. Good price and great savings.

I find huggies to be the most expensive brand on the market. They also don't hold much liquid either. How about Parent Choice from Costco? They seem to be less expensive and okay to use. Of course this would depend on your child's skin.

luvs worked fine for me and if i got coupons in the mail for pampers or huggis i went for those. they do leak once in a while, but so do the expensive ones on a pee filled night! dont do the white cloud or real cheap ones, those definately leak and arent worth it. good luck

I have used Luvs exclusively with both of my children. My kids have high allergic reactions so I cannot use store brand diapers (wish I could to save money). And they were allergic to Huggies as well - so I don't use them. I have found that Luvs works just as well as other diapers as far as leaks. However - any diaper, no matter how good it is made, cannot prevent the occasional "blow-out". But my daughter will wake up and have 100 pounds of pee in her diaper and it will hold like the Hoover Dam - I am so impressed. And if you have problems, call the company, seriously, they will send you coupons to get free diapers!

You should know though, that Pampers and Luvs are made by the same company, Procter & Gamble (www.pg.com) and they are very good at giving out coupons (they gave me several $10 off Luvs coupons!) if you have a problem.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Hi, I used to use Pampers all the time. My oldest son would occasionally leak with them. I too wanted to save money and tried a samll package of LUVs and I am so glad I switched. I have not had one problem with them. My kids both have very sensitive skin and we have had no issues. It is a huge cost saver especially if you get them at BJ's!!! I was actually very surprised at how well they work.
Good luck

Hi -I have used those and then switched to the Walmart brand called White Cloud...so much cheaper and just as good! Haven't had any leaks. Though I still use the Huggies overnites.

I love Luvs and hate Huggies!!! Luvs fit my son best he is a big toddler (34 1/2 inches) 29+ lbs. I also find them to be the least expensive and my mother in law gets them for me at BJ's which saves a ton of money! Next I like Pampers if she cannot get to BJ's for me plus she lives over a 1/2 hr away & we only see her once a week. The only place I can find Luvs near me (Raynham) is Rite Aide in Taunton on Rt. 44 or Target in Taunton near the mall. Other wise I just get Pampers at Stop and Shop or CVS. But I really find Luvs to work the best, fit the best, no leaks ever and best price. Huggies do not fit my son well despite buying the correct size! The size I have now are 4 which are supposed to fit up to 37 lbs and he is not even 30 lbs yet. They were bought for my son by my sister & she did not know what brand I used. I have used 2 of them & are just going to give the rest away.

We love Luvs. We have a one year old for whom we use generic BJ's brand, and they work fine up until about 18 months (for our first one) but past that it was well worth the money to use Luvs!

Also, as our older grew into an active toddler who drinks water or juice constantly throughout the summer, we moved up to the next sized diaper, just to make sure those leaks wouldn't happen while we are at the park!

Good luck!

Hi J.,

I have three children and have always used Pampers Cruisers. I love them, however, they are the most expensive. For the first time in 7 years of diapers, I switched to the Costco brand, Kirkland. They are made by Huggies. I saved $15 and they aren't bad at all. I never liked Luvs, but haven't tried them in a few years. I felt Luvs was very plastic-like and didn't fit well. If you have a membership, or know someone that does, the Costco brand is Huggies and pretty good.

Good Luck.


Hi. We have tried luvs a few times. They leaked on both of my kids all the time. I have actualy been buying CVS diapers (buy one get one free almost ever 3 weeks) for the day and huggies at night. I love huggies for my son and pampers for my daughter. I bought luvs at BJ's and ended up giving them away at play groups b/c I could not stand them at all. The coupons for luvs are always better as well-huge bummer
So, it was really hard. Still Huggies are great,

Hi J.,
I have tried Luvs for my little guy. He seemed to get a diaper rash from them (although he was also teething at the time). The girls at his daycare told me that it seems many of the children get a rash from them because of the blue dye that is on them.

i've used all 3 brands with my 2 kids, and i only use huggies, pampers and luvs leaked like a hole in a bucket.

Hi, I have 2 girls who are now both potty trained, and we used Luvs for a long time with my first daughter and they worked great. But as for my 2nd daughter she was having leaks with them. I think they must have fit her body a little different. Try the Luvs and see how it works for your little one. I think Huggies are the best. Hope this helps.

I have ALWAYS used Luvs! I have had 3 children one in 1999, one in 2001 and my last in 2006 and I used Luvs with ALL of them. I did try the Walmart yellow package when my last child was an infant and they worked ok until she was mobil..they were VERY inexpensive!!

we used luvs for a long time. they are very similar to pampers baby dry. for my little boy they worked very well (and are cheaper!)

I have found target brand diapers to be GREAT! and cheap. Consumer reports ranks them quite high as well. Much better for my son than LUvs or Pampers. Give them a try!

Have you ever tried Target brand diapers? We've been done with diapers for over 2 1/2 years, but I started using the Target ones and ended up preferring them over other brands (and liking the price much better, too). I was able to buy boxes of them, which was where I saw the bigger savings. One of my kids experiences rashes with Pampers AND Luvs.

Hi, I really like the white cloud with my daughters because they are so much cheaper. With my first daughter they just leaked and only huggies stayed dry, but then it changed and she only kept pampers cruisers from leaking and when she was about one and drank less before bed she kept the white cloud dry. My 3 month old has been using white cloud since she was born and has only had a couple of leaks. So I guess its what fits your child body the best or use a more expencive brand a night if it holds better were its a longer time inbetween changes.

Hi J.,
I use Luvs for my 9 month old, and they work great!! I have a BJ's membership and with a coupon I can get a case of over 200 for $25. Otherwise they are $29, which is still a good deal!

Hi J.,
It looks like people really like the walmart brand:) I was looking for ways to save money too and ended up buying target brand diapers. Instead of $19.99 for the cheapest big boxes of Huggies, Luvs, Pampers... Target is only $13.74. I use them all day and I send my daughter to bed with a pamper. I'm not sure how much the walmart brand is. But We never had any problems with the target brand. Good luck!

we have used LUVS predominanlty for our first son and some for our second and have liked them. They have worked well for us!

Have you thought about cloth diapers? They are very easy and look just like disposable.( not at all like the old cloth and pin type) Most day care providers are ok with them since they are making a huge comeback. Over the coarse of diapering you can save about $2000.00 if not more. Your savings will only get bigger with the more kids you have too because you can keep passing them down.

Like you, Huggies always worked best for my kids. I did try Luvs at one point but had a problem with leaks, and they weren't that much cheaper than the Huggies anyway. What does work for us is the BJ's brand of diapers. We've been using them now for almost four years (between the two kids)and rarely have a problem with them leaking. You can get the club sized box for $24 (vs $28 - 29 for the other brands) and occasionally there will be a coupon for them in the booklet BJs sends you too. Definitely worth a try if you're a member already. Good luck!

We've tried most brands including generic, Walmart, Target and brand names and the ONLY kind that work for us is Pampers. I understand that some of the less exp. are made by the brand name companies, but they must use cheaper materials or something! Believe me, I'd love to save the money and use anything else, but we constantly had leaks with any other brand. Hope the less expensive ones work for you!

I have 4 kids and have tried them all. Luvs work great. I have really had great luck with them. My son leaked right through the Target brand. I really think it has a lot to do with the shape of your child, that's why one works well for someone and may work terrible for another. Also, I have never been able to go by the weight on the diapers. It has never been accurate. Usually if they are starting to have leaks it's time to bump them up a size.

Huggies worked best for my son too. I also preferred the way they felt, but I did not like the price. At some point, I tried the Target brand diapers and absolutely loved them. The LUVS are good, but the Target brand was even less expensive and seemed to me to be nearly equal in quality with the Huggies. I would suggest at least giving them a try.

I use Luvs now when I run out of BJ's brand diapers on my 3rd child and they work just as well as huggies but I do find the waist band isn't as snug as the huggies are. I also use BJ's brand and use them mostly without any problems. My sister in law uses Costco brand and the seem to be the closest to huggies design that I've seen. There isn't a Costco near me or I would use them too.

I saw that someone else recommended the Target brand, too. That is what I used. They never leaked.. and my daughter could really soak one by morning!
Also, sometimes Target would print out a dollar-off coupon on the register receipt.
Even with Luvs and Papmer coupons, they were still a lot cheaper... 96 for about $13. Looks like it is comparable to BJ prices, but if you don't have the membership.. it is still reasonable.

Hi J.,
I have used Luvs on both of my kids. I have never had a problem with them. They do their job and save me a little money. If you shop at BJ's you can get a case for $29.99 and they ofter have coupons to save $5.00. You just can't beat that! Some people I know do not like them for various reasons, but I really like them.

I don't have a lot of time...I will make this quick.....I don't really like luvs. Never tried huggies.
But...have had great luck with all 3 kids with premium diapers...CVS brand...often goes on sale BIGIF and I stock up. If you get too much of one size you can later bring back size 3's for 4's......They will give you merchandise credit and you can go ahead and get the size you need if you don't end up using them. The diapers have been great.....when my son started leaking at night I switched to using a night time diaper for him only at night but would use the CVS brand during the day. I hope this helps. Worth trying out a bag and seeing.

I was an avid Huggies user too but switched to Luvs (same reason LOL) with my little one. They are great and I have had no problems. They are definitely better then the "store brand" which always seem to leak for me.

I love Luvs! When we have a week or month that is particularlly tight on the money, I will use a store brand durting the day and the Luvs at night. In my opinion that work great for the price! For my other 3 children I always used Pampers...I wish I had been so frugal back then!

Neither! why pay more while supporting big business and turning your baby into an advertisement for Disney or what ever the latest cartoon character is. Go for "Tender Care" they're in the Wild Harvast section at Shaw's- they are cheaper! and have no chlorine so they are better for the environment! not to mention they hold great!!!!!

Hello J.,

I have 2 children, 1 boy and 1 girl. I used Luvs for my son a few years back and they worked fine. When I had my daughter, my friend recommended from her friend, Parents Choice - available at Walmart. At first I was skeptical, because I've tried other un-popular named wipes and they were awful. However, I gave the Parents Choice diapers a try and we have been very happy with them and they are much cheaper!

Good luck!


Hi, J.
I also watched what we spent on diapers "big time"..Between the two I would pick huggies. But I just found this great diaper product that may be an alternative for you, if I had found it when my kids were in diapers I would of tried them. I own a small baby & mommy boutique and am trying to carry them. They are called G Diapers, here is their direct link: http://www.gdiapers.com I thought they looked really cool as well. Good Luck...A.


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