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Seeking moms, dads, families, friends in Catonsville/Arbutus/Elkridge areas or nearby...

I am stuck! I have only been living in this area for just over a year, and in Maryland for only 5 years. My husband and I have very few friends out here, and none of them have children. I consider myself very friendly (I'm from the Midwest, it's in my blood supposedly) but I just can't figure out how to meet people. I came to Maryland for school, and most of my few friends here are young professionals who aren't married, much less have any thoughts of starting families - so it's been hard to find ways to get together with them when my 11mth old goes to bed at 7:00. I've tried to connect with families at my church, but had no success. To complicate matters further, I work full time in DC, making the commute by MARC train. Again, my coworkers get together for happy hours in DC, while I have to be sure to have my son home in time for bed! My husband is in school in College Park, also with no classmates with families - so he misses out on the happy hours due to family constraints and distance from home.

So, I am hoping to find anyone - support groups, playgroups, friends - who may or may not share my interests/choices/values, but is at least open minded to accept them (I can do the same!). My son is almost a year old, breastfed (with no intent to wean anytime soon), I try to make much of his baby food although he's growing out of the baby food stage, we use cloth diapers, we aim to engage him with simple, natural toys like wooden blocks, books, balls, cloth toys as much as possible, and we as a family don't really watch television at all (personal choice and we just don't have time for it! So, I often lose out on water cooler talk as well) :)

I just realized that paragraph reads like a personal ad, "mommy style"! I just need to find some folks to interact with, for my sake as much as my son's sake - I really value community connections, but it seems so hard to establish in the Internet age and as an adult! My son gets plenty of interaction with other babies at day care 3 days a week, and he loves it! but day care parents are too busy to spend much time chatting (me included, I have to run to catch the train!). I'd love to know of a group that meets on weekends, say Saturday mornings, or any other feeling-isolated parents out there who'd like to get together for coffee to talk kid stuff or anything else! Please let me know if you have any ideas to share with me! Thanks!

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I have no advice, being in the same situation myself (well, almost - we are pg with our first child), or will be soon. I'm just glad to know that there are others out there like me. I'm originally from Pittsburgh - not quite Midwest, but definitely different culturally. Thanks for the post and thanks to Rachel for the link!

I run a Senior Center in the Columbia area and we have a playgroup/at home school group that comes monthly to visit and engage in activities with the seniors. We would love for you to join us at the center, you could meet and connect with the other moms. My work number is ###-###-#### and my name is F. Stein. Anyone else who is interested is more then welcome to join we do craft, games and cookies activities that engage both the kids and the seniors.

Hi, D.! I have a great suggestion :)
www.baltimoremommies.com - it's a local mom's group. It's an online discussion board that also has a lot of get togethers. I've been a member for almost 2 years (which is about as long as it's existed), and it's wonderful. I've been in baltimore for 3 years and I had no friends, and none of my acquaintances had kids, so there was no support or anyone to talk to. Then someone directed me to baltimoremommies, and I got all the support I needed. There are women from all walks of life, from first pregnancy to children in college. There are a lot of playdates, advice, vents, sharing, and general friendship. It might take a day to get a confirmation when you join the group, but it's worth the wait. Hope to see you on there!!

Hello, D.! You might like to check out these couple yahoo groups:

Both groups are geared toward natural living and have weekly meetups and online discussions. I have been a member of both for about two years. Unfortunately I am unable to make the meetups/playgroups, but enjoy having access to the online discussions.

Good luck!


I'm part of a great local group you'd fit right into! NAP (Natural Approach Parenting). Go to TakeANAP.org to find out more. You can post your request there. I know there are people in that area. We don't have much going on on the weekends. I've been planning on starting something since my youngest started kindergarten, but I'm sure there are others in the same situation. The on-line connection is nice too.


I don't live in your area, but I can sympathize with your situation. Your post may yield some new contacts! As far as advice, I do have some ideas. It sounds like weekends are your only time for getting out and meeting people with kids. I have found that I have met a lot of nice people with kids at the playground. As it gets warmer, I'll bet you'll find the same. I have also met nice people wth kids at low key family outings such at the Maryland Fire Museum or the Oregon Ridge Nature Center. Check in your neighborhood newspaper or Baltimore's Child for family activities in your area. Also, another suggestion is to ask your local hospital if there are any "new parent" groups or "Mommy and me" groups they can refer you to. Was your child born at your local hospital? There may be a group. Another suggestion is to invite a child from your son's daycare over (with parent/s) for a Saturday play visit. You automatically have something in common. Last idea is to sign up for swim lessons at the local Ymca. They do start kids young (not sure how young) and you'd be in the pool with him, and with other parents and their 1 year olds. Our local YMCA also has a weekend class for parents an babies/toddlers called Tumblebees. I think you'll find that if you and your family get out there in lots of different social situations, you'll find some new friends. Best of luck.

Check out www.meetup.com. There are lots of moms/parents/playgroups on there. Best of luck!

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