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Activities for 12 Month Old

Hi all, just wanted some ideas of what to do with my soon to be 12 month old son. He seems to really enjoy the company of other children. We signed up for a music class with Montgomery County, but that was canceled due to lack of enrollment. I checked Gymboree, but that just seems to be too expensive on a monthly basis. What do you mom do with your 1 year olds. I just fear that he and I both are getting a little bored of playing in the house. Thanks in advance.

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How about joining other moms with 12 month olds for playdates .. come join www.northmetrodcmommies.com

I joined a MOMS Club, and am now the president of my chapter. They have playgroups and all sorts of activities planned for kids of all ages, but mostly for the little ones who aren't in school yet. MOMS Club is an international organization- you can go to momsclub.org and see if there is a chapter where you live. Good luck!

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Try joining International MOMS club. They are a group of SAHM moms (some work a few hours a week). They have playgroups by age, big playdates with all ages, Mom's night out, reading groups etc.

I suggest taking him to the library for story time, he might want to run around most of the time, but there are other babies there for him to interact with. A little socialization is good for them! Also, the malls have play areas (go online to look at the maps or call the mall office) -- Fair Oaks, Tysons, Dulles Town Center (not sure where you live). I take my little guys (ages 2, 3, 4) to the mall just for an hour to play since it's too cold to go to the park. Plus you can stroller him around afterwards and he'll be worn out from playing!

God bless!

I joined a MOMS Club, and am now the president of my chapter. They have playgroups and all sorts of activities planned for kids of all ages, but mostly for the little ones who aren't in school yet. MOMS Club is an international organization- you can go to momsclub.org and see if there is a chapter where you live. Good luck!

Visits to libraries and museums are always a treat. There's one museum that offers dress up. It's located in Ellicot City, but I can't remember the name right off hand. If you live in Montgomery County, check out the Strathmore Art Center and see if there are free concerts for families. Your baby might enjoy some classical music (sometimes there are children's performances there.) Chuck E Cheese is always empty in the daytime and you can find a few other moms with toddlers there. My Gym, The Little Gym and other similar facilities also offer classes that are reasonably priced. Also, don't neglect retail chains like AC Moore, Borders, Home Depot and Lowes that offer drop-in workshops (check the age requirement at Home Depot and Lowes). Some mom-and-pop stores will offer special classes if you take the initiative and come in with at least five other toddlers. If you have an art studio nearby or craft store that is privately owned, talk to the owner and see if they can do a one-time program. I also loved taking my children to visit Petco and Petsmart. They loved looking at the animals, and we often ran into someone who was bringing a dog to be groomed. Pet owners loved talking about their pet to my children. A visit to the post office, library, and grocery store is an adventure to a 1-year-old, too. Check the local branch of your library and see if they offer storytime sessions for toddlers. Most do. And, if you're really going stir-crazy, have a Mommy-and-Me activity at the house. If you know other moms with children in similar ages, let the babies play together and have tea and cupcakes with the other moms. Economical and fun. Finally, some malls have play zones for children under age 5. It's a great gathering place and helps break up the monotony of the day. Hopefully, these suggestions will get you through March until spring comes and you can go outdoors to the park. Enjoy!

rompnroll in germantown has open gym for $7, plus relatively cheap classes: http://www.rompnroll.com

check with the library for story times and activities. Our mall has free shows on Wednesdays for kids, they are usually musical, magic, that kind of thing. Join a play group with a group of stay at home moms (check to see if there is a MOPS chapter near you {Mother of Pre Schoolers} or FEMALE chapter {Formerly Employed Mothers at Leading Edge - or Loose Ends depending on how you are feeling that day}. We also have kindermusic programs and art programs for 12 months old. Take him to the new butterfly museum in DC or the aquarium in Baltimore (dolphin show and the huge greenhouse on the roof with birds are great for 12 months old). You mentioned Gymboree, we have Tiny Tots here in Annapolis. Check your local gymnastics centers to see if they offer a mommy and me type of class.
What a great age!!!
Have fun!

A few ideas would be:
1. storytime at the local library. Or just going to the library to look at books.
2. check to see if a mall close to you has a train or play area. Those are great espcially when it's too cold or rainy to go outside.
3. some movie theaters have a daytime showing where moms can do with little ones. So it is acceptable and expected that little ones will be there and may not make it the entire movie.

Honestly my geography is awful, so I am not sure where you live in relativity to Westminster Md but I own a childrens rec center with moonbounces in the Town Mall of Westminster and children 18 months and under are free of charge. You would be ale to go in also and play for free. A lot of the Mommies enjoy taking advantage of the free time they get and the opportunity to interact with their child. If this is not too far out of driving range...considering it is free, then you should come check us out sometime. The web address if you are interested is www.thebouncebaout.webs.com Sorry to seem like I'm pitching to you, I generally try not to do that on here, but it seems like a great solution to your problem if your close enough. Have a great day andI hope you find some great things to do.

How about MOPS groups? They are Moms just like you and me who meet together once or more a month. They ususally will 'hire' a sitter(s) to watch, play and work with all of the kids for an hour or two while the Moms are listening to s guest speaker or other planned activity. This is a great way for you to meet other moms of pre-schoolers that can build long-lasting friendships. You and other moms that you connect with can set 'play-dates' for each week. This helps not only our kids but ourselves too. We SAHMs HAVE TO take care of our own needs as well. As much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a SAHM, I have learned over the years that I also LOVE having adult-time...time that I spend with other adults...not just my husband (as much as I love spending time with him) but female friends are so important to my mental wellness too. LOL

Good Luck to you!

Take Care,
N. :) SAHM homeschooling 3 boys and married to my Mr. Wonderful for 15yrs. I love helping other moms, who want to become SAHMs, reach that goal! Dream! Be sure to teach your children how to dream!

I just moved from Savannah GA and while i was living there i was involved in the local moms club. they have branches in most cities so you may wanna check it out it was a WONDERFUL group. for the kids and for you. they have play dates for the kids as well as things such as recipe exchanges and sewing classes for the moms, all of which the kids are welcome to. here is the wesite to see if there is one in your area....http://www.momsclub.com/....if not there are probably other such groups that are pretty much the same. good luck!!

Tyson's and Fair Oaks Mall have indoor playgrounds - but don't go on the weekends - kids that are too old to be in there are rough housing; go before 3pm on weekdays. The libraries have wonderful free programs for kids - singers, storytimes, etc. Music Together and Mainly Music are good music / play classes. The Lila Guide (book and website) is also a good resource for DC area baby friendly places to go. You might also want to try the museums for brief periods, big animals and planes can be exciting to look at for a little one; and, they have free activities for children fairly often. Also, get involved with a mom's group that meets periodically...from there, playdates are scheduled which gives your child another opportunity to play with others. My son will be 11 months tomorrow and we do free activities and playdates almost every single day of the week...sometimes too much! There is a lot out there for you to discover!

I take my daughter to "Music Together" and she loves it. To find a class near you, visit their website: www.musictogether.com. I also take her to Gymboree. Each location is different, but ours lowers the monthly fee after 6 months of enrollment. I find that between the class and the "open gym" we feel we get our monies worth at Gymboree. We tried My Gym but felt it was way too expensive. Is there a YMCA/YWCA or JCC near you? Frequently they offer classes for little ones and parents there, and you don't have to be a member to take the classes. (We're not Jewish but attend music classes at our local JCC.) There are also a lot of mothers/kids groups on www.meetup.com, maybe you could find a playgroup listed on there to join. Best of luck!

Check out your local parks and rec brochure. I know my town has a lot of activities for infants and toddlers. We go to story time every Wednesday morning at the library for one thing (which is free and attended by lots of other toddlers) and there are play groups held once a week at the citizen's center which are only like $3 to go to. We don't do those because we go with my oldest to homeschool gym on Thursdays which is also parks and rec and also $3 and is held in the gymnastics gym.

I wouldn't recommend more than 2 weekly activities though as this age.

Have fun!

I joined a local MOMS Club (their website can direct you to one in your area) which gave me lots of activities each month with other SAHM and their children in my area. It also gave me the opportunity to meet other moms like me. Our library also offers reading times for the 12 month age group and my children enjoyed those as well.

Mom, you may be getting bored but I doubt your baby is. Babies like physical games. Here are a few suggestions:
1. Pretend you are a bear crawling to get the baby and then give him a lovng hug.
2. Set the baby in your abdomen while you lie on the floor and rock him back and forth like a see-saw.
3. Play hide and seek. Children love the element of surprize.
4.Move to music while you sing songs.

Soon the weather will be warmer and your child will love going outdoors with you. In summer a little kiddie pool can be lots of fun. AF.

Hi T.,

My youngest is now 20 months old, but when she was 12 months we joined the YMCA and they have a class called Tiny Tots Fitness. I'm in Frederick County, so the classes cost $58 for 7 weeks (1 class per week). It was cheap compared to The Little Gym ($16/class) and My Gym. We also frequent the Library. I know Borders and Barnes & Noble have story time and a kids area. We also have playdates with friends quite often too. Best wishes to you and your little boy.

Take care,

I joined the local YMCA when my son was 12 months old. He gets to play in the nursery with other babies/toddlers for 1 - 1 1/2 hours while I get a good workout.

Check around for your local Mom's Club. It has been a lifesaver for me. In addition to weekly play group, we do other activities such as Lunch Bunch, outings to the local parks, outings to places such as Playwise, Chuck E Cheese, etc.

Not only does my now 2 year old have opportunites to interact with other little ones, I also get to have some adult conversation, too.

Hi. I know, it's hard to find activities for our children's age group. They're walking but not yet talking - there's only so much they can really do. So far, through trial and error, I've found that my 18-month old son is still not ready for craft stuff, but he loves to play in water, sand and anything messy. Wonder if I could introduce non-toxic finger paints? He loves his board books, so we read together. His favorite toys at home since that age have been his blocks, balls, bouncy zebra, pull along puppy and corn popper. Now he's starting to use his bead mazes more often. I take him on a lot of walks to the nearby parks because he loves the outdoors, no matter what the temperature. If it's raining or snowing, we walk at a nearby mall - there's a lot to see and talk about. We're starting to find play groups in town, so we get together with them (like mommy groups on Meetup.com). We'll occasionally drive into the suburbs and play at places like Kids N Motion in Woodbridge. And we take the metro to the Smithsonians for more indoor fun. The American History Museum has a kid science lab and the National Building Museum has the Learners Gallery for ages 2-6. Most Borders and libraries have regular story times, so check out their websites and register if it's required. One great thing about this age group is that they're still free almost everywhere. Many places start charging at around 2 and up. I would also recommend you look for a Washington Parent magazine - they're free at most libraries or coffee shops, and it's chock full of things to do with our kids around DC and the surrounding areas. :-)

story time at your local library and at Barnes and Noble--free!

Public libraries have story times. Going to those would give you an oportunity to meet other moms (or nannies)and children that you could schedule playdates with. Once the weather gets nice, playgrounds are a great place to meet playmates.

Also, I know friends who have used www.cafemom.com.

How about joining other moms with 12 month olds for playdates .. come join www.northmetrodcmommies.com

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