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Infant Eczema, What Works to Get Rid of It??

My 4 month old has flare-ups of eczema. My 4 year old also had this prob, and eventually outgrew it. I know about all of the talk about topical steroidal creams, but that was the only thing that worked for my 4 year old when he was an infant. I have tried everything (non-steroidal) like Eucerin, Aquaphor, hydrocortisone, you name it. Some that claim to help make it flare-up worse! I really do not want to have to use the steroidal cream, but I do not want him to be uncomfortable. Any help/advice on this topic is much appreciated.

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My 1yr old son gets flare ups and i use prescription cream to get it calmed down, then i use Aveeno Baby wash for eczema and the Aveeno Baby cream lotion for eczema. i think it works great on it. I do apply it every day and i also started bathing him every other day to avoid drying out his skin. :) good luck.

Hello, I have eczema but it doesnt get to bad sometimes i get cuts on my hands gets real bad, but my little brother who is 5, got it bad!!! every doctor is different., my mom started taking him to a dermogolist *spelled it wrong* but they gave him this certain perc cream..seems to keep it alittle controlled. 1st time my little bro got it a doctor said try vasoline...drys it up. I hope something works, having it sucks!!! good luck let me know if you need anything else.


see if you can use avenno or cetifel <~~~ wrong spelling too, but its usually in health beauty aisle at walmart

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Wow..there is a lot of great advice...we have been prescribed elidel as well....i only feel comfortable using it on the really bad flare ups....otherwise i stick to the hydrocortisone and vaseline the rest of the body as a moisturizer...it is messy but good...babies aren't dirty..they don't need soap...cetaphil is the way to go....baths can be every other day or go longer is you can....laundry...do dreft and double rinse....good luck!!!

Hi R.,
There is a cream that is safe for baby's, it is from a company that I shop from. If you want either email me or you can call me. My email is ____@____.com

Here's what works for us- limited # of baths- gentle laundry products without added chemicals, scents, etc. And the cure-all at our house is crisco- the kind you cook with. It's nothing but a food grade moisturizer. When my daughter was a tiny baby, our pediatrician recommended it and it works like a dream for us.
Good luck!

both my kids had eczema as infants my son had it over most of his body the pedatrician we had at the time wanted us to try other things before she would give us a perscription she told us to limit the number of baths we would give since bathing drys the skin and can irritate and cause a break out. second was to only use frangrance free products shampoos, baby baths, landry soap, etch. aveeno makes great frangrance free products. she also told us when we did give him a bath use the oatmeal bath. which worked wonders after the first oatmeal bath. the eczema cleared up after the first hour after bathing. she also told us to slather him up with vasaline after every bath and just before bed time it will help to put the oils back into the skin that the babies skin is lacking. after that he never got a break out again and after his first year he hasnt had a break out since. my daughter on the other hand that didnt work for her we put byenodril on it sorry about the spelling. which helped keep her from itching at it until it cleared up but it would come back about a week later so we ended up haveing to get the cream which is called hydrocortisone valerate cream. which cleared hers up and she hasnt thus far had another break out I'm hopeing she is over it.

Hi R.,
I have a year old and a 9 month old that can suffer with eczema. If you are using johnsons head to toe body wash, i would advise you to try something else. I was told to try dove (we use the deep moisture or sensitive skin body wash, but anything dove is good)with my son when he was 1 year old and the results were amazing. i used the johnsons on his hair and face and the dove on the rest of him and the eczema. if i tried the johnsons on his body again at any time the eczema would start coming back the next day. my daughter started with eczema younger than my son and i didn't want to use anything that she might put in her eyes, so i tried Arbonne but she got a rash from that. We are now using Johnsons bath stuff (it's in a white bottle and the liquid is redish) and neither of them have bad reactions to it. it's not as wonderful as the dove, but at least we don't have to worry if it gets in their eyes. If we do need cream i get a big tub of Acid Mantle from behind the pharmacy counter (it's $35 a tub) and it works great. the doctor prescribes it with a hyrocortizone powder in it, but i found that it works really well without that too! I tried the Eucerin stuff too and they didn't work for us either.
Good luck.

My daughter saw a dermatologist at that age for the same thing. He recommended Nivea cream every day and elidel for the flare ups. The outbreak would be gone in a day.

My daughter is now 5 she had eczema so bad on her face I was afraid of scars. My Dr had the miracle cure for my daughter. At night I put zinc oxide based cream (diaper rash ointment) on her face. In the morning I wash her face and put baby oil gel on her face. Sounds too easy to work but it did for her. I used all the steroid creams and expensive moisturises but this it the only combination that worked for her. I hope you have luck with it. The nice thing about it is that it is very safe even for babies and faces. I hope this helps!

My 1yr old son gets flare ups and i use prescription cream to get it calmed down, then i use Aveeno Baby wash for eczema and the Aveeno Baby cream lotion for eczema. i think it works great on it. I do apply it every day and i also started bathing him every other day to avoid drying out his skin. :) good luck.

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