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Crisco for Eczema?

We have been throught just about everything to treat my son's eczema. Triple Paste has been pretty good so far, but it is not healed. just controlled better. The one thing we have not tried is Crisco. The nurse at the doctor's office told us to use it twice a day. It just sounds so yucky! Has this worked for anyone? Thanks!

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Wow! Thanks for all the info. Some of the lotions mentioned burn his skin - even the Eucerin! I think it is because his skin is cut where he scratches so much. I bought some stuff by the makers of Triple Paste about a week ago and I am noticing some skin softening - and no burning!!!! And some areas look like they are going away. So, I'm going to stick with this for another week and see if we continue to see improvements. Someone mentioned Elidel. We LOOOOOOVED this, until the warning came out about it causing cancer in mice came out. The doc still said it was okay to use lightly, but we don't do it lightly because of how bad it is. And as soon as we would stop a treatment he would break out again. Hydrocortisone is good, too, but his eczema is so bad we had to use it 2xday and on his face. He gets it on his eyelids. I will definately try some of the things mentioned should the triple paste and crisco not work. Thanks so much! You ladies are great!!

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Both of my daughters had it--my youngest had it the worst. I would use a little cortisone cream and then cover that with Aquaphor ointment. That was the only combo we ever got to work. The cortisone we only used maybe every few days...but the aquaphor we still use everyday to prevent the dryness...

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My husband has severe psoriasis and my niece and brother in law have eczema. They found that using the tea tree shampoo from Arbonne helps as well as the skin conditioning oil to relieve the dryness and irritation. I do know from a client that eczema is a response to allergies. Make sure your son has been tested. Hope this helps and if you want more information contact me. :) M.

I would not use Crisco - our pedi prescribed us a fabulous cream that cleared it up in 2-3 days. You don't use much at time, so it lasts and it works. Good luck!

Both of my daughters had it--my youngest had it the worst. I would use a little cortisone cream and then cover that with Aquaphor ointment. That was the only combo we ever got to work. The cortisone we only used maybe every few days...but the aquaphor we still use everyday to prevent the dryness...

It would be worth a try!! My 13 yr old daughter had eczema moderately bad. It was much worse when she was a toddler. Right now, she gets a little on her feet if she is outdoors with no shoes. When we are at the beach, it goes away completely!

I used all kinds of paste products, noxema, calamine, aveeno etc. I did not use prescription cremes.

I don't necessarily think it is caused by toxins etc in the home. Per our Dr's, it is some type of allergy/skin condition. We watched her behavior and soon noticed....no shoes outside = eczema breakout. Once we figured that out, her's cleared up dramatically.

Hopefully, your son will be lucky like my daughter and gradually out grow it for the most part.

Good luck.

Hello S.,

I don't know about using crisco. I'm wondering if your son has tested for allergies? for example my Godson is allergic to soy and ragweeds. whenever he eats soy products he's eczema flares up. it would be worth looking into it. if you can avoid the allergen, then the less medicine he'll need. good luck! ~C.~

I have eczema and it can get very bad. The thing with eczema is there is no cure. I will say that I use Renew lotion and bath oil and I am amazed! It really works. As long as I am using the bath oil with showers and using the lotion a couple of times a day I do not have breakouts. I have been using this for almost two years now. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I found this. I will also say that getting all of the harsh chemicals out of the house has helped as well. A lot of times people hear natural and think expensive, but the prices are similar to Walmarts and cheaper than Whole Foods. If you would like to learn more just let me know.

H. M.

I would try getting the chemicals and toxins out of your house. When you do this, you'll most likely get rid of the excema. Get the bleaches, cleaners, fumes, etc. out...switching to more natural products...give me a call or pm me and I can explain more. I know quite a few people this has worked for! :o)


Our pediatrician told us the same thing. Criscoe. Lightly. We never got that far, because we started on the renew lotion previously listed.
We also use Elidel. A non-steroidal for the face. Hydrocortisone should not be used on the face. I get eczema on my left eyelid, around the nostrils and my upper lip under the nose, and a penny sized spot under my chin. For now. Several years ago, the places were totally in different spots. The renew works. If that doesn't the elidel does. when that doesn't i break down and sparingly use the cortisone. but steroids, over time, thin the skin. and cause you to have skin discoloration especially if you are out in the sun. so i only use that when absolutely necessary. i have also noticed that it is much better when i expose it to sunshine also. won't hurt.
good luck,

I don't know about Crisco. It seems to me that it would clog pores. When I use any type of baby oil or lotion with mineral oil on my skin, it clogs the pores and makes the rash worse. I've never heard of using it before, but like others have said, test it on a small place before you put it all over.

My neice has a pretty intense case of eczema, and my sis-in-law has noticed the most improvement after switching to Charlie's Soap to wash her clothes, and using a lavender oatmeal all-natural soap. Then the regular lotions she used before...I think Aveeno.



I have a skin care, health and wellness company. We have an excellent baby line that is free of mineral oil, animal products and by-products, and hypoallergenic.

My daughter has eczema and I use it on her.

Please let me know if you'd like further information.

Thanks and God bless!

Like someone else said, even the craziest things tend to work, but I would try it on a very small area before slathering your daughter with Crisco.

You can also get bovine colostrum cream at health food stores and it is WONDERFUL for severe eczema. It comes from cattle that are free range and not fed or injected with any antibotics, steroids, or growth hormones. They only take a small amount of the colostrum from the moms so that the calves can still get what they need. It is a little pricey ($20 for a small container) but it is thick and a little goes a very long way. A container would probably last all month for an all over eczema problem and much longer if it is just in spots.

Best of Luck! Let us know how the Crisco goes if you decide to try it.

ATOPICLAIR is a great ointment that your doctor can prescribe.It is non-steroidal and can be used multiiple times per day if needed.It is an excellent preventative for eczema and if your child breaks through then you can use a mild steroid cream.

Hi S., I think that it would be worth a try. Sometimes something simple works best.

Our pediatrician said the same thing! (Are you seeing Dr. Johnson too? He also is against dryer sheets and tartar control toothpastes) I never tried Crisco on my son because I figured out his eczema flares up when he has a lot of milk. But the idea kind of makes sense when you are looking for lotions and creams. A lot of them have alcohol in them which dries the skin, so when you are trying different lotions look for some that have no alcohol content. We found the Mary Kay extra emoilent cream, Eucerin, Aquaphor, and hydrocortisone creams works really well.

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