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How to treat allergy rash on infant?

My 4 month old baby has been diagnosed with a dairy/soy protein allergy since the age of 3 weeks old. She has been on amino acid based formula as she even reacted to hypoallergenic formulas. We tested this allergy last week to see if she had outgrown her sensitivities by introducing a bottle of milk based formula. Within an hour, she broke out in a diaper rash, got wheezy and had diarreah for a few days. We cut out the dairy instantly. A day later she developed a red rash on her upper back/neck and her forehead. It is red, bumpy and dry. A week later, it is still there and getting worse. Do you think this is related to her allergy, or something completely different? Could this be heat rash? Also she had her 4 month immunizations last week, could this be a reaction to the shots? Any reccomendations on what to do to treat the rash?

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It could be eczema related with food allergy. Some moms suggest give her baking soda baths and try not to let her sit in the water for more than 10 minutes and lotion her really good in these areas. The best thing to do is see an allergist for testing to be sure she is not allergic to anything else.

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It could be any of those things. take her back to her doctor and let him check her.
Take care

A little off topic, but just to let you know for when your baby is older.....many, many people who are allergic to soy are also allergic to wheat. They are sister allergens. So watch for that when she's on solids. My son's allergies presented as a cough from a sinus drip---they show up in many ways....rashes, stomach problems, respiratory problems, asthma, etc.

Hi, my baby girl will be 4 months this saturday. She hasn't been diagnosed with allergies and seems to do fine with milk based formula. However she has had a rash all over her tummy and her forhead for a week now. It is dry, bumpy and seems to come and go during the day. Iam almost positive it is just a heat rash.
I read that a tip to get rid of it is to put a couple teaspoons of baking soda per gallon of water in their baths. It seemed to help a little. For the most part I just try to keep soft cotton onsies on her and keep her nice and cool.
Since she just had shots though and has a history of allergies I dont think it would hurt to take her back to the Doc just to make sure its not more serious.
Hope this helped a little.

Hi B.,

My daughter was MSPI (milk soy protein intolerant) as well. You didn't mention if you nurse as well as have her on amino acid based formula. Our daughter had most of the same symptoms your baby has with the MSPI with the exception of the dry skin rash. If you are nursing as well you will need to cut all dairy and soy from your diet as well since you would be passing it to her.
I do have a friend who's daughter was having similar reactions as yours with the dry skin and bumpy rash. She found it was an allergy to gluten. Whenever she would break out in a rash she would give her daughter fish oil (baby and child doses available at health food stores) and it cleared things up. I would for sure check with with your doctor before giving such a young baby fish oils but it really helped.

Good luck

Hi Brook,
I have 3 boys with very bad food allergies, and eczema.I have a 12 year old who has been allergic to dairy all his little life, and 15 year old who pretty much grew out of his dairy allergy but sometimes still has a reaction to milk shakes. I had a story here until I read the resposnes below anything I could say has been said. The best thing to do is see an allergist for testing to be sure she is not allergic to anything else. Hope this helps good luck with your little angel.

I would call your pediatrician. Sounds like it might be eczema, too. My kid has a dairy allergy, too, and if he has any reaction on his skin, it disappears as soon as the allergy is treated. Sounds like a different problem. I would call your ped today.

You may be interested in exploring NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques). My grand daughter was sick 24/7 until cured of allergies to many different substances. We use a wonderful naet certified doctor in Fullerton. Let me know if you want more info.

it sounds like eczema (which could pop up with a food allergy) give her baking soda baths and try not to let her sit in the water for more then 10mins and lotion her really good in these areas (aveeno baby, aquador, and gentle naturals eczema cream work great!). if you are still worried go ahead and get her checked it wont hurt anything.

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