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Red Rash on My Son!!

My son has had a persistent red "rash" on his upper arms, trunk, and upper thighs for a few months now. I put cortizone cream on him and eucerin as well, and it will sometimes go away and then comes back. I can't get it fully gone and don't know what to do! Doctor just says it is dry skin, but I am not so sure anymore...Any help?

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Oh my gosh you guys, thank you so much for the overwhelming responses and help for my situation!! I will try the suggestions and also let you know what happens. You all have been sooooo helpful! Thank you!

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Sounds like it's on areas where he wears clothes? In an outline of Tee-shirt/Shorts? He might have developed a mild allergy to laundry detergent or dryer sheet.

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It sounds like a food allergy. My daughter is allergic to latex, so things like bananas will cause her to get eczema. We worked with a dermatologist and an allergy specialist to find out the foods and other things she is allergic too. Good luck.

There is a cream called Egyptian Magic (I know weird name) that you can get at Whole Foods or order on the internet. It works great and helps my sons eczema. If you lather it on good BEFORE bath time and don't use soap the warm water will help it sink into the skin and should help.

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Sounds like it's on areas where he wears clothes? In an outline of Tee-shirt/Shorts? He might have developed a mild allergy to laundry detergent or dryer sheet.

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Try ShiKai's Borage Dry SkinTherapy - Children's Formula. It works wonders for troublesome dry skin. It was out cure for my son's eczema after almost a year of trying tons of other things. You can find it at Henry's Market or ShiKai.com

Try the Aveeno eczema moisturizing cream. It works wonders and use a Dove soap bar for cleansing.

My son had a bumpy rash on the same areas, but all over his legs and back as well for months. It started right after he started crawling, so we think it partly had to do with an allergy to our dog. We changed his bodywash/shampoo, and detergent to all natural alternatives, and he also wears pants or something on his legs when he's running around the house to protect that skin. It helped so much. I would say your son's rash is an allergy of some sort. Could be food like some people said, or environmental.

Drives me crazy, it does. S., see another doctor for a second opinion. Doctors that do this just shouldn't be so lazy or busy to really want to find out what is going on. I agree with the other posts to change laundry detergent. We use Sensaria Natural Bodycare Citrus Cleaner for everything, including in the washing machine. It was developed by a scientist who couldn't use anything else because of sensitivities. Next, find out what foods he might be allergic to. Third, what vaccines has he had and how do they corrolate to his rashes. Rashes are a serious side effect of the shots.

Know that cortizone creme is not a good thing to use and should be only in extreme times. Eucerin has petroleum in it so it really doesn't do anything to help a rash or dry skin. We started using Sensaria's products because of my daughter's extreme eczema and allergies and the bath and body products have been great.

Don't stop here and accept the doctor's so called 'diagnosis'. Do your thing and do some changes in your childs everyday things. A simple blood test for checking for food allergies is what turned our lives around. It is an IgG which checks for antibodies that are abound with certain foods. Some of the labs will check for up to 90 something and some more. Just don't do the skin pricking test which is a sad thing to put a kid through. I did and hated it as an adult. My daugther did it and it only caught three foods whereas the blood test caught 21. When we removed all of the foods (on our own, doctor never suggested it, just more medications) all of her asthma problems went away.

I loved the Sensaria products so much and what they did for our family that I now have my own business, partnered with Sensaria. www.sensaria.com/J. I give a first time discount to everyone.
Good luck:o)

hi S.
it could be detergent, but i'm willing to bet its a food allergy. i went thru the same thing with my daughter and after many doctors appointments(allergist, GI, derm) we found out it was a food allergy- if you are still breast feeding, you should document everything you eat as well as the solids you are feeding the baby. Soy and Dairy are the main contibuters, but everyone is different. if you have good insurance request to see an allergist. we had a scracht test done on my daughter when she was 6mo and it was not invasive at all. it really helped us figure out the problem. aslo, a great way to treat dry skin- in a small baby bath add a 1/2 cup of Baking Soda and bathe them for no more than 15minutes everyday. being in water for too long can also dry the skin. with in 3 minutes of taking him out of the bath rub vaseline on him (not the lotion, only the ointment). also- he may be allergic to aquaphore, my baby was... anyhow, i have lots of info. email me if you have any questions

This happened with my daughter last year and is starting to happen again. It's the season right now for dry skin. The one lotion that took it away almost immediately was the baby lotion by Kiehl's. It's a bit pricey but you will notice the difference in one application. You can order it online or buy it at the Kiehl's store in South Coast Plaza. Eucerin works great for my daughter except this time of year.

My son had a red rash, like eczema, on his face, arms and legs. The doctors told me to use Eucerin, but it never got any better,...it didn't get worse, but never better. A woman I know introduced me to a cream from California Baby, called Calendula Cream. It's in a small jar and is about $12ish. I purchased it a Target in Woodland Hills. I applied it very sparingly at first because I feared he might have a reaction to the new cream. He didn't have a reaction, and in fact the rash was gone in about 5-7 days. It was truly unbelievable!! Now, whenever he gets a little hot spot, I zap it with some Calendula cream, and it's gone almost overnight. And, it smells good to boot! I can't say enough about how fabulous the entire California baby line is and this cream in particular. Check it out, it's totally worth it!

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