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How to dry up a ringworm in a toddler's mouth?

if anyone knows anything to dry up a ringworm it would help my daughter,,she sucks her hair and now has a ringworm onn her mouth,,is there anything i can get over the counter to help her??????

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If the ringworm is on her mouth, I would seek the advice of a physician. An over the counter medicine may not be safe to use around the mouth because she could ingest it.

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well it took forever but we got rid of the thing,,,,,,thanks for all the help

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If the ringworm is on her mouth, I would seek the advice of a physician. An over the counter medicine may not be safe to use around the mouth because she could ingest it.

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You can use stuff to treat athletes foot, that is suppose to help because ring worm is a fungis. Sorry about the spelling

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I'm an old Mom of three and know some things....if the ringworn ON her mouth or in anyway in her mouth?

Because, Tinactin is useful in ringworm but I would not use it if she will ingest it. I don't think sucking her hair is the cause of ringworm.

Remember - the Public Health Unit is always available - maybe not fast and friendly - but they are trained medical people.

Wash the area with soap and water - then add the antifungal cream.

Hope this helps


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This is really weird but it works trust me. Go get some jock itch cream and keep the ringworm area really clean. It might hurt a little with it being by her mouth, but wash it with a warm wash cloth and bust the blasters open and then clean it really good with soap and warm water. Afterwards dry it really good and put the jock itch cream on it. Do this at least twice a day until it is gone. Three times a day is better.

And tell her she will keep getting them if she keeps sucking on her hair. And let her know that sucking on her hair can mess up tummy and going to the bathroom (big job).

Hope this helps.
S. Jane

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Hey M.,
I right away thought about tea tree oil, but I had read this testimony, about tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar, you can get the ACV at the grocery store, and the tea tree oil @ Wal Mart I think. I hope this helps, let me know please. Carla

12/20/2007: Ronda from Platte Center, United States writes: "my grand daughter picked up ringworm from her cat about a month ago we dabbed on her ringworm with a cotton ball straight apple cider vinegar then a drop of tea tree oil did this for 3 days and it was gone-I swear to God and hers outbreak was pretty bad a lg blotch on her chin and upper leg all ring worm is gone and the total cost was under $5.00"

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At the Malvern Wal-Mart on the vitamin isle, on the bottom shelf at the end closest to the pharmacy in the natural stuff you can find pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree Oil. Dab it on her mouth at least three or more times a day. Put a couple of drops of the oil in your hand with the shampoo when you wash her hair as well. Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-fungal that works better and faster than any over the counter anti-fungal creme. I have cured cats, kids, myself, and many friends this way.

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Use one part clorox to 10 parts water and dab in on the spot twice a day. A fried of mine who was a nurse said it works wonder and so I used it on my kids and it worked great!

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use UN-REFINED virgin coconut oil to get rid of the ring-worm. it has amazing healing properties as well as being a NATURAL ANTI-FUNGAL...and since it's a food there won't be a problem with her swallowing any of it! My 4 year old daughter loves to eat it by the spoonful. Do a little research yourself, but i recommend it to people for a lot of uses. i've ordered the books and researched many of its benefits. i order it on-line from www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com because i believe them to have a very high quality product, but there are other websites out there and you might get lucky and find it in a store (just make sure it is un-refined, which means it has not been heated and has not used chemicals to process it). you can buy a small sample jar for 3 or 4 bucks at the website i suggested. coconut oil can also be used as a treatment in her hair. it will also get rid of dandruff, lice, plus make your hair super shiny and healthy. good luck!

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My four year old son has had one on his face for 2 weeks now. I started out using over the counter ointment for atheletes foots (all it is, is a fungus just like athelete's foot just somewhere else on the body). it was getting better, then started getting worse. A lady a work with said her son had them bad at one time and to put a very small amount of bleach on it with a Q tip It will burn some, but in two days it was gone. Now you can hardly tell he had it


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Try Lamisil over the counter. My doc prescribed it while I was pregnant because I had 2 I couldn't get rid of. it take a lil' while but it works.

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Any kind of anti-fungal should work. Like for Athlete's foot or similar. Good luck!

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