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How to Bathe a 1 Year-old

Hi Mammas. My son just turned 13 months and he's already outgrown his infant tub. He's still too small to put into our tub to bathe so I was wondering what we could do until he's big enough for the big tub. Any ideas? I've seen those inflatable tub bumpers but that looks like a lot of work for bathtime every night. What do other moms do?

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Thank you to everyone who responded to my query. I got a TON of great advice from so many people. I appreciate the comments that fell into the "lighten up and let him get into the big boy tub" category. Maybe it's my age or just the fact that he's my only child but I know that I have a tendancy to be a little overcautious when it comes to his safety. I've talked to my husband about all the advice I got and we've decided to put him in the big tub with one or both of us there with him at all times so he can learn how to bathe like we do. I just can't believe he's growing up so quickly! Thanks again for all your help.

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It takes more time, but I have always gotten in the tub with my daughter. I tried using the little baby tub but HATED it. Now that I have two kids, I bathe the smaller one in the sink and set her in the swing while I bathe my older girl.

No bathing suit necessary... my girls use my boobies for nutrition anyway.

We had an inflatable duck bath that we got at Target. Altough at about a year, he was starting to use the big bath with a squishy nonslip mat on the bottom. If he is able to sit up alone with no chance of falling over, he is big enough for a big bath.

I bathe my 7 month old in the big tub, and have since he was about 2 months. When he was smaller and I was more worried, I would throw on a bathing suit and jump in with him.

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I got in the tub with the kids!

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use one of those non slip rubber things on the bottom of the tub. Kids LOVE the big tub-more splashing. plus, you can get in there too. and you only need a few inches of water.

try getting him a bath chair.. i ahve one if you want it.. he just sits in it and that way you can fill up the tub and he can sit up and look around

After our daughter (now 14 months) outgrew the infant tub, I bought this great bath seat at Babies R Us made by Safety First. It attaches very securely to the side of the tub and your baby just sits in it. My daughter loved it. They recommend, however, that you stop using it once your child can stand up by himself. We kind of ignored that and used it until our daughter started wanting to climb out of it. I also felt hesitant at first about just putting her in the tub, but when we did, she loved it. The trick is to make sure you have a rubber mat in there so your son doesn't slip. And of course watch him like a hawk!

I have been putting my daughter in the big tub for months.. she is almost 10 months now. I just put a little water in the tub and she sits happily and splashes and plays with her toys while I bathe her. Sometimes she will crawl around in the water but I am always right there and its not too deep.

You could also get one of those big inflatable duck tubs that go inside the big tub. I used one for my first daughter, I just always kept it inflated and stuck it in a closet or somewhere else so I didn't have to blow it up each time.

Hi B....I'm a first time 40+ mom to a 16-month old little boy. I bought a great mini bath tub at IKEA. It has rubber on the bottom and inside so both it and the baby won't slip. I use it inside the regular tub and then store it in my baby's closet. I think it cost about $7 or $8 dollars. The first few times you need to be particularly careful as your son will still be getting used to all this extra space and freedom; so he may be a little unsteady, but they will quickly adapt and become more secure with the new tub experience. At first, I had my son sit the "short" way in the tub so he had support at his back and feet. As he became more comfortable, he shifted the "traditional" direction on his own. He LOVES this little tub (he's been using it about 4-5 months now.) I've even pulled it out during the day and let him crawl in and out of it on the soft play mat and thrown about 50 plastic balls and stuffed animals in it for a mini ball pit. Best wishes!

They have a yellow blow up ducky tub at Walmart for like $10. It fits right into a regular tub and has a drain in the bottom of it. I used it a lot with my first child but my second child I just sat in the tub and then sat on the side of the tub (with my feet in the water and my hands on him). My second child didn't tend to tip over all the time like my first. With the duck tub, I left it blown up but drained it every night and then tipped it up to dry. It worked really well. If you don't have a tub where you can leeave it, that would be a problem.


Hi B.. I would suggest one of those bath rings that they sit up in. I have used one for my daughter until recently (she is 16 months now). I think the one I used was by safety First or Baby First?? I know that there are a ton of different models out there that work the same, basically. You just put it in the big tub (there are suction "feet" on the bottom of it) and place baby in it. then shut the little gate. My daughter loved it! And when she seemed ready, I took her out of it and just put one of those non-slip bath mats in the big tub and she sits on that now. Hope that helps!! Take care and God bless-


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