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How Can I Get Baby Throw up Out of My Micro-suede Couch?

my baby has been sick and this morning she threw up all over my face/neck/torso, which happened to be lying on my couch!
Any ideas on how to get it clean or get the smell out?
...i just bought the couch (used) about a week and a half ago :(
ps. its not so much getting the throw up out (it was basically formula) its getting the smell out!

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I have a microfiber couch that looks suede as well and I love it, it is so easy to get clean. I personally wash the couch with the same thing I use to wash my clothes it is a detergent from Costco that is environmentally friendly and mix with baking soda and water. After giving the couch a good rub down with that solution, I put towels on it to keep it covered until it dries, not even a whole day and voila it is beautiful.

I learned how good that couch was when my youngest son got a hold of a permanent marker and made a few marks on it. There are no signs of the marker I used a whitening powder from Shaklee and that marker is so light that you cannot see it now.

You will be very happy with the couch. It was our best buy ever!

Let me know how it turns out

I went to a janitor supply store and bought this cleaning stuff called Liquid Alive enzyme or something along those lines. It is for carpets but I have used it on my couches. It might change the color so test it on an inconspicuous part first. It has an enzyme that eats away the stuff containing the odor. With 4 kids I have this stuff on hand (except for right now because we used it so much that I ran out and haven't gone back to the store).

I also use the cleaner from Furniture Row. I have a constant puker and it works every time. Use the cleaner and if there is a water mark, go back and rub it out with the brush or a damp rag. I swear by this stuff.

Don't walk run to a Furniture Row. Go to the store that sells couches and ask them for the supplies to clean the mico-fiber couches. It is miracle stuff. My couches still look like new even after surviving my child for 3 years. Any time there has been an "accident" (ie:ink pens, sharpie makers, milk etc.) I have used the cleaner that they gave me and the couches come out clean and wonderful. I hope that helps. Good luck!

My oldest son used to throw up alot and I found that Totally Toddler is great for getting the smell out. He threw up on my glider and while I got the smell out, I didn't know that if you don't dry it immediately it will leave a stain/ring. When he threw up on my couch (not micro-suede), I sprayed it with Totally Toddler, let it sit for a few minutes, wiped it with a wet rag, then dried it with a hair dryer. It took a while to dry it, but no ring!

I have a micro-fiber couch that we bought from Ashley furniture that is a light beige color. With a clumsy husband that loves to drink on the couch and 2 kids it got pretty nasty quick. We thought it was ruined. I mean everything was on there. Breastmilk, urine (potty training), Dr.Pepper, just to name a few. I rented the Rug Doctor from Kroger with the $3 upholstery attachment and cleaned the whole couch. I had to go over some spots 3X and used the cleaner concentrated on the really bad spots and it ALL came out and didn't ruin the couch at all. I paid like $40 for the rental and cleaning solution. It is cheaper at the HEB though and you can get an 8 hour rental there (I think it's only $17). Hope this helps!

I feel for you. One of my kids vomited on our leather couch and my husband did not clean it properly so, now I have a disgusting smell that can't get rid of it! Sorry, I can't be of any help on your micro-suede couch.

We used resolve fabric cleaner on ours. Test in a small area first.

Get some meat tenderizer from the local grocer store add a little water to it to make a paste, it breaks down the protein, use warm water and a sponge soft side, this will not hurt your couch or stain it or change it, once you get the icky stuff out, then take some olive oil, just a little, and you can add a drop of peppermint oil, it dissolves smell in the air, great for cleaning and deodorizing and kills bacteria as well the oil will soften the leather and its a great for doing 3 things in one. All of it, if you don't already have some in your house will run you under five bucks. Good luck

Baby wipes! You'll be surprised at how well they clean up barf and spills on carpet and furniture! (and everthing else)

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