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Hot Baths in First Several Weeks of Pregnancy.

I just found out I might be pregnant (positive pregnancy test). I take a lot of hot baths (about 1-3 a week) and have been taking them without knowing that I am pregnant. I'm not sure how far along I am but it is either 3 weeks or maybe 7 weeks. I've been stressing out about this. I've read it is dangerous particularly in early pregnancy. I'm not submerged in the water and I don't stay in too long but it is pretty hot. Should I be worried?

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Thank you all so much for your responses-I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences and thoughts with me. They really comforted me!

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I take VERY HOT baths and my OB said this was fine (contrary to my books). And he is very popular and sought out after and has been practicing for a long time. I did it with all three of my pregnancies and I stayed in the tub for a while. You will be fine.

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I wouldn't worry about it too much. I once talked to my OB about this once while I was pregnant. I love to soak in a hot tub. He told me to make sure I wasn't submerged, and to make sure that I had enough of my body out of the water that I would be able to maintain my body temp, and not to sit in there too long. I also cooled the water down a bit.

You just have to be watchful of your body temp. Your baby won't be able to control his/her temp. Our bodies have learn to control it, theirs have not. They are inside, so they will be warmer than you are on the outside. Just keep that in mind while you take your baths and you should be fine.

I wouldn't worry about it at all, I took very hot baths and showers with all my pregnancy's cause I can not handle tepid water, I would much rather go stinky :). ANd it was never a problem, I just kept them shorter then normal and didn't take one every day, plus I had a lot of hip and lower back pain and it was one of the few things that helped. I don't think there is anything to worry about.

I did this too before I found out I was pregnant. I also got in the hot tub a couple times and my son is fine. Don't stress out. Its really easy to worry about a million little things when you a pregnant but just have faith that it will be ok and it will.

I take VERY HOT baths and my OB said this was fine (contrary to my books). And he is very popular and sought out after and has been practicing for a long time. I did it with all three of my pregnancies and I stayed in the tub for a while. You will be fine.

Don't worry about it! It's in the past! Stop taking hot baths if you are uncomfortable with the idea. Talk to your doctor about any health/fetal health questions. It's like some of us had a few glasses of wine right before finding out we were pregnant. If planning a pregnancy, you can be more cautious (i.e. don't drink, etc.) See your doctor asap to verify your pregnancy, get vitamins, set up your prenatal appointments, etc. Don't stress about what you can't change!

As long as your body temp doesn't go above 102 degrees for 10-15 minutes or longer, you will be absolutely fine:)

I'm not an expert but I think the danger is when the baby is further along and has a significant presence in your body. With my 3 pregnancies I too had had hot baths but I took short ones and I would sit up to cool off every few minutes. Once the baby is more developed and has more substance like 5 to 6 months you need to be conscious of how warm you are and things like blood pressure, and getting woozy when exiting the tub. Please do ask your doc or midwife an they'll give you the low-down.
I feel things are fine with that regard and blessings on you and your family

No, I take hot baths too, throughout all of both my pregnancies. Both babes are fine. My best frieds OB also told her it was ok to get into the hot tub as long as she didn't stay in to long.

I would not stress too much. I took a pregnancy test before a vacation and it was negative, so I got in the hottub. Few days later the test showed pregnant. I ended up being pregnant with twin and so I tease that this is why I had twins. They were born just fine. I also took hot baths every night towards the end of pregnancy to make my legs numb, (I have restless legs) that is the only way I could fall asleep. I would have it just deep enough to cover my legs. My biggest thing is you can't change the past, but worry will cause problems in pregnancy, so just move on. I am sure everything will be fine. Good Luck with your pregnancy!

You'll be fine. Don't worry- it's not like you can change it anyway! Just do everything right from now on and I'm sure your baby will be fine. Congratulations!

We have all done things we would not have done had we known we were pregnant...it usually works out just fine. I would mention it at your first prenatal visit, but don't stress about it. Just take cooler baths from now on.

You've got a lot of good advice so far and I suggest you read and re-read them -- you're baby will be fine.

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