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Hot Shower Ok?

I know you are not supposed to do the jacuzzi or hot bath thing, but is it ok to take a hot shower when pregnant? I like my showers pretty hot and I have already taken a few lengthy ones, esp. when I was sick b/c I was so sore and this was in the very early weeks. Now I worry b/c I read that heating your body up can case neural tube defects. Does a hot shower really heat your body up the way a jacuzzi does? Should I be worried? :/

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I LOVED my hot showers while pregnant! I think a shower is completely safe- you're not submerged etc. like in a jacuzzi. Wouldn't worry about it.

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Enjoy your hot shower. You will need them.

OF COURSE! Do you think people take cold showers the whole time they are pregnant?? You can take hot baths as well!! You are just not meant to take EXCESSIVELY LONG hot baths. I took hot baths!! Just don't sit in there for an hour! Jacuzzi's are EXCESSIVELY Hot. Did you OB tell you not to take a bath?
Sometimes these Doctors are over the top!

Hi J.,

I take baths every day instead of showers and did straight through both my pregnancies with no ill effects. It all depends on how high your body temp. rises and stays, so as long as it isn't for too long or scalding hot you really are ok. The shower is perfecly fine... just watch how you feel. If you feel dizzy or weak cetainly get out and sit down, but other wise...no worries.

Too long of a hot shower can cause defects to the fetus as well as the rest of your egg (ovum) supply for future babies. Heating up the body too much is also not safe for you. Try to limit your hot showers to 15 minutes and definately no longer than 20 minutes.
I know how you feel, while I was pregnant a hot shower was the only thing that could help me relax. What worked for me was starting with it hot until I warmed up, them turning it down while I soaped up, then ending with it hot again.
Good luck!

I asked my OB about hot showers. She told me not to worry about the ones I had in the past as it is doubtful that your body would get to the same level of heat as in a steam room/jacuzzi. If you didn't find yourself excessively sweating, etc. for a long period of time in your shower I'm sure your sweet little baby is fine.

I did it, it was my only joy as I was on bedrest. I also had to sit on a shower seat. My doc said no more than two to five minutes but sometimes I stayed in for ten. I loved and needed that shower.

Hi J.,
I also take pretty hot showers and did so when I was pregnant. It is not the same as a jacuzzi, because your body is not emersed in the hot water, it is hitting you and running off.
Best of luck with your pregnancy, M.

Aloha J.-

Don't worry about taking a hot shower. Even though you think it is really hot, your baby is well insulated in his/her "bath water". When I was pregnant I used a jacuzzi frequently. I was told not to make it hotter than 105, and even 90 felt very hot to me.My baby was not harmed at all and thrived. It is amazing what you can do when you are pregnant, especially if it is something you have always done. My sister continued to ride her horse far into her pregnancy. Good luck with your baby and don't worry, that probably has more effect than your activities!

Sorry Love, I really enjoyed a hot shower too and Goodness knows you deserve a little feel good about now...but NO GO on the hot shower, I asked several medical sources hopeing for a YES and never could get one. Even too much exercise raising your tempature is dangerous - cooks the little one, especially the brain. But don't freak if you have done a jacuzzi, hot shower etc...lots of Moms did (including me) before knowing the babies are AOK! Take care. K. B.

when i was pregnant with my daughter i was told to stay away from hot showers which i love. in addition to heating up your body it also vasodialates you (opens up your blood vessels) which can cause fainting plus whatever effects that would have on the baby

my doctor said i could go in a jacuzzi as long as my shoulders and head are out for 10-15 minutes. apparently it allows your blood to cool down enough.

it's FINE-- by the time you heated up your core body temp to a dangerous level (104 degrees!) you would long since have gotten out of the shower or tub because you felt uncomfortably hot. For safety you can leave a shower/tub every ten minutes to cool down.

I LOVED my hot showers while pregnant! I think a shower is completely safe- you're not submerged etc. like in a jacuzzi. Wouldn't worry about it.

I took a really long HOT bath when I was pregnant and didn't know. It freaked me out after I found out but it all was fine. I took showers every day and do not believe they are the same at all as sitting submerged in a hot bath. ~I saw someone's comment about exercise and heating the body up..according to my Dr. .as far as exercise is concerned, it's not about heating up your body it's about raising your heart rate to a degree where your body does what it needs to do to keep YOU going. My dr explained that your body goes into a fight or flight response. The baby being an 'extra' ( i don't know how to explain without sounding harsh or weird so I will just say it ) an extra energy sucker...your body could see it as expendable and sacrifice it in order to keep YOU well. I danced/ worked out a lot when I found out I was pregnant so this was something my Dr. talked to me about. ~ Enjoy your showers :)

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