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Taking Medications While Pregnant

I found out this month that I am pregnant. We were using protection, so it came as a surprise. Since I didn't know I was pregnant for 5 weeks and I had a cold, I took Day Quill, Night Quill, Sudifed, and took several hot baths. Does anyone know the chances that I have hurt my child?

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Thanks everyone! I guess all I needed was a little encouragement, and you all did a fabulous job!

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Congrats J.!
When I was pregnant, I didn't even like to take Tylenol - but things happen! I had to take my Allegra-D during my pregnancy and the Dr said that was fine. I also had a root canal done on my tooth - xrays required, antibiotics, pain meds -the works. The only bad thing that happened to me was because of the antibiotics, I got a yeast infection and used OTC med after consulting the doc. Well, the yeast infection caused some vaginal bleeding and I freaked out! The doc told me to stay off my feet and not worry unless it worsened - which it did not. Just one of those things that I didn't know could happen with pregnancy. One last thing that I found interesting was that in my last few days before my induction, my doc advised that I enjoy one glass of wine before my checkups to be more relaxed :) I'm sure that your baby is fine :) Take care of you and the baby and enjoy your new addition :)

My doctor told me that there is very little that you can do in the early weeks to hurt a fetus. I took hot baths all through my pregnancy and they didn't hurt my son. I think that pregnant women are supposed to avoid hot tubs because of the bacteria that can exist in them -- as long as you didn't get rediculously overheated, i'm sure you're fine.

Much like everyone else who has posted I didn't know I was pregnant and I drank wine and took medicine and smoked and my daughter was born perfectly healthy. I addressed my concerns with my doctor and she told me that I shouldn't worry about what I had done in the past because I couldn't change it now anyway. If you are that concerned you can have an early ultrasound to see if the baby is developing OK but if your doctor doesn't seem concerned I wouldn't worry just take care of yourself from now until the baby is born. Good Luck :)

just so you are aware, it is hot tubes and extremely hot baths you need to try to avoid, not hot baths overall because to take a bath the water needs to be hot/warm.

I believe as long as you stop taking the meds now and you didn't take any for an extended period, your baby should be fine. As for the hot baths, as with the meds, it was only a couple, that shouldn't hurt the baby. I got pregnant with my 14 year old during the last weeks of high school, I was partying pretty heavy for the first 5 weeks and my daughter came out fine. Good Luck

I'm pretty sure that sudafed is safe during pregnancy, I think that's what my ob told me to take. I'm not sure, but the dayquil should be okay too but I would make sure that you mention it to your ob when you go in for a check-up. This may be different now, the last time I was pregnant was before all the cold meds switched from pseudoephedrine to phenylephrine, so definitely ask the doctor. Sudafed PE and Dayquil/Nyquil all have the phenylephrine. Bottom line is don't stress about it as there's nothing you can change and just make sure you tell your obstetrician at your first check-up. The hot bath should be fine - I took one almost every day when I was pregnant.

I did the same thing when I was pregant with my daughter and I did not know that I was pregant with her. I discussed it with my doctor and they said as long I have stopped taking that when I did know then the baby should be fine. I now have a healthy happy active smart 3 year old. Hopes this puts your mind at ease. If you still have concerns I would call your doctor and go over them with them.


This is going to sound awful, but I did not know I was pregnant until I was 4 months along with my son because of numerous reasons. I was very much into drinking at the time and also smoked about a pack a day. As soon as I found out, I stopped. My son has no kind of effects from this. There was meconium in my water, but that was probably more due to his dad almost being killed in a work accident in my 5th month than the other stuff. I don't know actual statistics, but you are very early in your pregnancy, so I would doubt that any side effects will be seen. And, congratulations.

I wouldn't worry. Lot's of mom's have the same thing happen to them and everything turns out alright. I was 8 weeks pregnant with my 2nd when I found out and I was still taking bc and all my regular meds and she is perfect! Try not to be too concerned. Good Luck!

I am not a Dr nor claim to know it all...heck even much at times. LOL

But I was pregnant and didn't know it and I was on heavy duty steroids for a skin condition and antibiotics and lots of allergy medicine. My daughter was beautiful and healthy and is 4 yrs old now.

Try not to worry. Take care of yourself and do the best you can. God will bless you.


I found out I was pregnant at almost 12 weeks, I too had taken medications, drank, had hot baths and spent lots of time in a hot tub rught before I found out. I also had x-rays at the ER (upper chest) I asked the doctors about a pregnancy test but because I was on birth control they said I did not need one --I thought that was a bit odd, but hey Im not a doctor... They actually thought I had cancer because of my symptoms, so were doing some tests when I took a home pregnancy test and found out. Turns out I didnt have cancer, I was pregnant! My son is 3 and is very healthy and atctive. Remember you can't do anything about the past, so try not to worry. Focus on what you need to do now. Congrats and best wishes!


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