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Help I Have Fruit Flies

Ok ladies, I'm hoping you can help me out. I love this website and have seen sooo many good questions and responses. Awhile back I saw a question posted about fruit flies and someone having them but I didn't have them at that time and just skipped over the question. Now I've looked through past question and responses and can't seem to find it. I have fruit flies or at least what looks like fruit flies in my house. We notice them more at night and they are small, flying bugs that are kinda redish in color. We see them all over the house but mainly in our living room while we're watching tv at night. That may be because we are actually sitting still for awhile then. We're not swarming in them or anything but there is a definite invasion going on. We're not sure where they are coming from either. We haven't had much fresh fruit lately and have been taking the garbage out regularly. We seldom use our garbage disposal. Any helpful hints on how to get rid of them or where they might be coming from would be greatly appreciated.

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I had the same problem recently. The two things I did that worked (it took a few days) was a fly strip ($2 at Walmart) and taking a tall bottle and filling the bottom with balsamic vinegar. Good luck!

When we get fruit flies what we do is put some fruit peelings in an empty bread bag, not many maybe just the peelings from 1 or 2 apples. I use a clothes pin to clip the top of the bag to one of my kitchen cabinet knobs so the top is open good and wide, and the bottom of the bag is hanging, or sitting on the counter. Leave it there overnight.

The fruit flies will fly down into the bag to get to the fruit, the trick is that there is so much plasic bag between where the peelings are and the opening of the bag you can quick close the bread bag before the fruit flies can scatter and fly away. Leave the bag sealed up and throw it directly into the garbage (outside if you can). You may have to do this 2 or 3 nights but that should take care of it.

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Hydorigen Perioxide down your drains and keep all drains closed. (cover them with a butter tub lid, etc.

We had our own "invasion" last year & it was terrible! They are actually sewer flies, which sound even grosser! try a small jar (Manwich, salsa, pickles), clean it out well. Pour a small amount of beer in the jar. Then take a baggy with a small hole in a corner & put it in the jar like a funnel, without the bag actually touching the beer, and wrap a rubber band around the top. The flies will go in to get the "beer" & get trapped. We put multiple traps around the house & were quite successful. We also poured straight bleach down all the drains daily for a week or two. Good luck!

There is definitely always a source. Last year we had a really bad problem and could not find a problem anywhere we thought. Than My DH was cleaning the garage and discovered that one of my Kids had thrown a way a half eaten ice cream in the trash can outside the kitchen door in the garage that did not have a bag in it. and it was coated all over the bottom of the bin. The fruit flies were swarming all over it and every time we open the kitchen door to come into the house they would come in with us. I get rid of them by using apple cider vinegar in a cup with plastic wrap over it I used a rubber band to hold it on a few small holes to let the flies in and they could not get out. This is simple and works great.

hi there,
i recently read somewhere that if you have fruit flies, put out a cup of apple cider vinegar, my dad does this and it works somehow...

if you have alot of indoor plants, you may want to change the soil. they can breed and live on the plants and dirt. after changing to fresh soil just wash the plant down with a lightdish soap water wash cloth. try that. if you have older windows, sometimes moisture can accumulate on the inside sills maybe their comeing from there?
try spraying and wiping sills with a bleach solution.


You may have something other than fruit flies which are just tiny little nat like bugs that disappear when the over ripe fruit is tossed out. Grain based products like pancake mix and flour if stored outside a fridge for a long time can produce small moths that eventually make their way out of the package and into your house. I was told that there are tiny eggs in the grain and if left long enough can produce these moths. I was completely grossed out then I actually found some in an old box of mix way in the back of my pantry one time. (What can I say, working mother, no time to clean!) How they actually got there is up for debate, but they were there. Anyway, you might try a search of your pantry if you don't store those types of things in the fridge. I do now and never had the problem again.

Good luck to you,

Hi A.,
Here is a great way to get rid of them - I found this solution on the University of Kentucky website and it worked great for me. You'll need a large jar, apple cidar vinegar, a piece of paper and tape. First pour a small amount of vinegar (about 1/4 inch deep) into the jar. Roll the paper to make a cone (you want the smaller end to go into the jar and it to fit around the edges of the mouth of the jar so the little buggers don't sneak out the sides!), put a small piece of tape to hold the cone shape and place in the jar. The flies will fly in to get the cider and get trapped. After a few days you'll see that you've got a nice little collection of them on the bottom of the jar -I usually wait until they die and then flush them down the toilet - don't want them coming back!Good luck!

Do you have potatoes laying around ANYWHERE? We had the same issue before and it turned out to be from the potatoes! We couldn't figure it out for anything, until I went and move the potatoes and 10000 flied out! I never leve potatoes out of the fridge anymore! lol

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