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Help for Congested 2 Month Old

My son is 2 months old and has had some kind of congestion since birth. The pediatrician says he has nasal drip and to give him childrens benadryl which seems to work, but it makes him so sleepy and I feel bad for drugging him up all the time. Nighttime is good because it help him sleep, but during the day I am looking for something else. I also use a cool mist humidifier and saline drops, both of which I don't really know if they help or not. I was wondering if anyone knew of some natural remedies I could do. His nose is not stuffy, there is nothing to suck out, it is back in his throat I think and it sounds bad. I feel bad drugging him and want to give him something that won't make him sleepy all the time. Any suggestions?

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Vit A is the vitamin to support mucosal tissues. You can get a high qty of vit A in cod liver oil. You can take it directly and also give some to him.

Coconut oil fights fungal infections. raw virgin coconut oil can be taken by the teaspoonful directly into the mouth of you and the infant. No harm. In fact they put coconut oil in formula.

Sage oil is a broad spectrum antibiotic useful for bacterial sinusitis but i cannot suggest it direct to an infant.

My son was that way and we found out that he was allergic to milk. If you are breast feeding maybe he is allergic to something you are eating. Otherwise, try a hypoallergenic formula and see.

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My Sweedish freind introduced me to a device called a Nosefrieda (spelling?) You can find it online if you type in this name or if you type in Sweedish snot sucker. It is AMAZING!!!!! You won't believe it until you try it! It is simple and controlled and you can use it as often as needed. Usually, it sucks so well, that I only use it a few times a day during BAD congestion.
Good luck!

he doesnt have reflux does he? It sounds like strider, my son had it. It sounded like his lungs rattling, but it was just a symptom of GERD. The drs told me that noise was called strider

You need to get a second opinion. Your child's pediatrician should be trying to find the cause to the problem not just medicating him. Medicating infants shouldn't be done unless it is absolutely necessary. Their bodies and immune systems are still developing. If he has gastric reflux, it can be serious. I have a friend whose son had gastric reflux. He was having congestion and frequent spitting up. The doctor told her not to worry. She ended up taking her son to the hospital by ambulance because he turned blue and went limp. The hospital diagnosed him with severe gastric reflux. He is happy and healthy today. This is an extreme case. I know we look up to doctors and expect them to do the best for our kids, but they don't always get it right. We as mother's know our children better than anyone else. If you feel like this is more serious than the doctor says, be your child's advocate and get a second opinion. It may be something as simple as allergies or something more serious. The doctor should be trying to find out what is causing your sons problem or refering you to someone who can.

Please, please, please get a 2nd opinion. Giving a 2 month old Benadryl is NOT a good idea. Remember, infants' nasal passages are alot smaller than older infants and the slightest bit of dust or mucus may be the cause. Another casue may be gastroesophageal reflux (GER. I agree with many of the other posts that you need to investigate this a little more before giving medication to such a young infant.

Good luck!

Ditto to possible reflux - sounds VERY much like it and he could be having "silent reflux" which is where the baby suffers from GERD but spits up rarely or at all. It can still be painful and can damage their esophageal passages if untreated. GERD meds don't cause sleepiness so no worries there if he does have it and needs meds. Our little girl had it as an infant (complete with stuffiness/congestion) and was on prescription meds (Prevacid meltaway tabs worked well for her) till about 18 months once we did get her diagnosed. It helped A LOT and she slept much better. It's not normal for a baby to have constant congestion so please don't buy it if the docs try to say it is. Hope you can find out what's going on and that baby is feeling much better ASAP!


My 1st child had a stuffy nose for the whole 1st year of life. Sometimes the humidifiers can make it worst if not cleaned enough. My doctor told me to get a room purifier and that is the only thing that worked- I got the Hunter brand with a Hepa Filter for about $70. We didn't have to use the humidifier anymore. Also, I put infant vicks on the soles of both my girls feet when needed and that helps out better than medicine. It sounds weird, but it really works. I don't think I used it until 6 months or so, but you could ask your doctor. I wouldn't want to give any oral medicine to a baby that young if I could help it.

not sure if this will help but my friend was having this issue with her daughter and took wheat out of her diet b/c she was nursing and the congestion went it away. Her baby was having a wheat intolerance, it might be worth a try if you are nursing, or check the formula ingredients if you are using formula. It may be a dairy or soy or wheat or eggs or neither, but it might be worth looking into. It usually takes 2 weeks of ingredient elimination to see any changes
Try a health food store for food alternatives for yourself
good luck

Hi K.,

There are a few things you can do that will help a lot. It could be allergies.

If you are interested in natural ways to help your baby let me know.

Drugs is just masking the problem.

Have a great week.

N. Marie

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