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My 10 Week Baby Has a Stuffy Nose Every Night.

My baby recieved her 2 month shots and after that it seems like she has a stuffy nose every night. I can't sleep because i feel like she can't breath. I try cleaning it out and she hates it. It helps a little. my question is is there anything i can give her? i feel so paranoid because i went online and read about how vaccines can lead to SIDS. so all i do is watch her and make sure she's breathing. I know i probably sound crazy. Please help.

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I just wanted to thank everyone for the great advice. The saline drops are wonderful i wish i knew about them earlier.My baby is doing so much better. Her nose is all cleared up. Thank you so much!

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Hi M.,
I'm pretty much going to agree with what most people have said. When my baby was around that age and had the same problem, my doctor's medical assistant recommended the following:

1. Put a humidifier in her room
2. Give her saline drops
3. Have her sleep propped up.

Before I transfered her to her crib, we'd let her sleep in her car seat (I know some people voiced this isn't a good thing, but this is what my doctor recommended, and that was the first time she slept through the night!) Once in her crib, we bunched up a blanket under one end of her mattress so she was at an angle. It really worked. I hope you have luck with it.

We had the same problem! Here are things that helped us a bunch:

1. babies have small nasal passages, so some amount of noisy congestion is normal.
2. a cool mist humidifier at night aimed right at the baby.
3. saline nasal drops
4. a nosefrida!! no kidding, the best money I've ever spent. www.nosefrida.com Those silly nose bulbs don't work worth a dang.

Good luck!

Saline is the best solution for a baby with a stuffy nose. My baby has the same issue and we just have to saline him quite often. It's completely normal.

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Don't believe everything that you read. Vaccines don't lead to SIDS.

Keep cleaning out her nose...use some saline drops (you can get them at any grocery store or pharmacy) and then clean her nose out with the aspirator. No baby likes it, but they are grateful after that they can breathe!

Have a baby monitor so that you can hear her when she cries out. At 10 weeks old her systems are still getting started, and you have nothing to be worried about. I, too had a baby that has/had stuffy nose problems as a infant and the saline drops and aspirator helped. She didn't like it either, but I knew that it would help her breathe better.

Good luck!

I just went through a breathing scare with my little one about the same age, the dr. said if you can't suck much out you can keep putting in the saline drops and the baby will swallow it all down. It thins everything out. So saline was my life line. If you don't already, have the baby sleep by your bed in her car seat. That helped me sleep but still be there if there were any problems.
One last thing, Utah Valley Hospital has a little "clinic" set up to suck out baby's noses due to the huge number of RSV cases in the winter. They do a deep suck to get everything out and help the baby sleep- a lot of parents do it at night so the baby can sleep better. You might call your local hospital and see if they do the same thing.
One more thing I learned is that babies this age are nose breathers- if they really can't breath and resort to mouth breathing for very long then you know its a serious problem. You also want to watch her chest and see if you can see her sucking in or struggling... if you can see deep depression on her sides as she tries to breath take her back to the dr.
This is such a scary problem, I am so sorry you are going through it... we didn't sleep for about a week. Good luck!

Try using a humidifier at night while your baby sleeps. It helps my son with his stuffy noses.

I think its common for babies to have stuffy noses. What I have done for my baby is put a cool mist humidifier in her room and mine (since she still sleeps by my bed). When she was a little sick I also elevated her head by placing a pillow under her mattress. You can also use saline drops to help clear her up.
An added note- Vaccines do not cause SIDS. They are only associated with SIDS because the highest risk of SIDS is at the same time that babies are getting vaccines.

I only have a coulple of suggestions that worked for my babies. Try Ayr saline nasal drops, you can find them anywhere near the pharmacy dept. Also, you can try raising one end of her crib so that her head is a little elevated. My crib can be set at different heights, but, if yours doesn't do that, you can roll up a towel or blanket and put it under the mattress at the top. Good luck!

My baby girl had this issue, and it turned out to be dairy allergies. She was allergic to the milk proteins in my breast milk, so I had to cut out dairy. Even if your little one is formula fed, there is dairy in formula. Maybe try to eliminate dairy for two weeks and see what happens? It takes 7-10 days for dairy to get out of your system.

My son also had congestion, but his problem was silent reflux. You would find other symptoms with that, though.

If it truly started because of the vax, I'd mention it to your ped when you go in for her next appointment. They may want to hold off a little bit.

For how to help the congestion, a humidifier/vaporizer might help. You can elevate the mattress by putting something underneath it. Or put baby in a swing or carseat. If this is a long term issue, though, you probably would't want to do that. I'm not sure there's much else you can do at this age. Oh, you can also drip saline or breastmilk into baby's nose and suction it out, which is a big help. It bugs them, but provides such relief afterwards. They sell little kits with saline and a nose aspirator (I think that's what it's called). I found the little kit worked better for me, because the hospital aspirator was so big it didn't fit in her little tiny nostrils!

Hi M.. I am a mother of 3 kids - ages 5, 2, and 1. All 3 of my kids had stuffy noses as babies, especially during these months when it is so dry. Saline drops and a humidifier in the room are a huge help. I also gently used a wet Q-tip to clean out the inside of the babies noses, since it's hard to suction everything out. Other ideas to help are a steam before bed (in the bathroom by turning the shower on hot and shutting the door - just sit in the room for about 5 - 10 minutes). You can also elevate her crib mattress by putting a towel or two under one side of the mattress. About 2 months is when I found out that all 3 of mine had milk sensitivities and acid reflux, and I had to cut dairy out of my diet since I was breastfeeding. This could also cause a stuffy nose. If none of these methods work, I would call your doctor. Good luck!

Put a humidifier in her room and see if that works. The boggies are stuck up in there, so get some nose saline and put a few drops in there. Then after a min or so sucker her nose out. I know she hates it mine did too. You just have to do it. The saline loosens all the gunk and it is easier to get it out. This is the best things I can tell you. Oh yea, give her a bath and that sometimes helps with the loosening. There is really no other way to help her besides trying to relieve the gunk. Hang in there! My daughter actually started realizing that the sucker helps and started to not mind it soo much! ;) Good Luck!

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