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Help for Callous Feet

I am a barefoot girl...I LOVE to wear sandals and flip flops in the summer. I hate socks and only wear socks and shoes when I have to. I think this contributes to the bad callous on my feet and the fact that I do not use a moisturizer on them. The callous is getting really bad and I want my feet to look nice in sandals or flip flops. Do you know what I can use to begin the removal of the callous? I assume this will take a number of treatmens due to the thickness of it. My husband teases me and says it's like sandpaper. I really would love to have soft, pretty feet!

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I fight the battle all the time and I almost never go barefoot. I use a number of Avon products, pumice, a heel file, and sleep in thin socks after putting all the stuff on my feet. They're a whole lot better.

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I'm a barefoot garden girl too. I use my pumous stone or file in the shower every time!!! That usually keeps them to a minimum, but sometimes I put tons of lotion on and then socks, like in the evening when watching tv before bed. I don't think it really matters what kind of lotion though.

I"m the same way, kicking of my shoes in march if I can. I use a pumus stone after a shower, and lotion before bed makes a huge difference.

Good luck, A.

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I hear ya about shoes. I keep a pair of flip flops in my car so I can take my shoes off as soon as I get in the car! I have used the Pediegg and it is pretty good. Is there a reason you dont use a moisturizer? Once you get the callous under control I would highly recommend using one. Can you stand socks at night? Or even half the night? Use vaseline (or alphor) on your feet and cover with cotton socks at night, it should help. What about trying to get a pedicure...those usually cost about $35.00 and last about a month if you use moisturizer. Good luck!

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Hi! Avon has a line called Foot Works and they have some incredible products. I think either the Intensive Callus Cream ($4.99) or the Therapeutic Corn & Callus REmover ($5.99) would work great. Once you get things under control, using the Deep Moisture Cream ($2.99) or Therapeutic Cracked Heel Cream ($4.99) on a daily basis should keep your feet soft and smooth. I use the Deep Moisture Cream each evening after my shower. Sometimes I try to put on a pair of socks to sleep in - but they are always off when I wake up, so I usually don't bother with that!

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I fight the battle all the time and I almost never go barefoot. I use a number of Avon products, pumice, a heel file, and sleep in thin socks after putting all the stuff on my feet. They're a whole lot better.

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Soak your feet in epsom salt and warm water then use a pumice stone on the callouses. You can get a pumice stone most anywhere and they are a lot cheaper than going for a pedicure or more expensive options. The stone will last a good long time. Once you have the callouses off your feet to your satisfaction then you can maintain them by using the stone when you're in the shower to avoid having them come back. My Mom used to cut her callouses off with a razor until she found a stone. I swear by it.

Good luck - S.

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I love the Arbonne foot cream and oil set, it has been the only thing to ever work for me. Even my nail tech who does my pedicures loves it! I don't even sell the stuff, but I think this is awesome stuff and it only takes about two weeks before you see results!

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Combination care is best, soak, slough-scrape, and moisture. If you pick a cream make sure it has UREA as an active ingredient.

Hello J.,,

Have you tried to use a Pumas Stone? It can be used in the shower or tub. You can also soak your feet in warm or hot ( as hot as you can handle it ) water and any type of soap. like Dawn dish soap or your favorite body wash. When your feet are nice and soft from soaking them rub the Pumas Stone on the Callous and it will just sand it off and leave your feet soft. I use one everytime I shower.. It really works. The cost of the Pumas Stone is not real costly either. They are cheaper than haveing your Dr. do it. I hope this will help you.

With 4 kids it hard to get this done but if you got regular pedicures it would help. Or you can file your feet yourself. You donot want to cut the callos off it will make them thicker. you want to file them and the whole foot and put moisturizer on. You can also use a pomus stone in the shower. I use a pedi egg when mine are bad than i file than i moisturize you can also saok them in moisturizer to. Pedicures are awesome plus it helps you relax and have some mommy time even if you do them your self.

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