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Help! Constant Sour Stomach-what Can I Eat? 8 Mon. Pregnant Any Food Suggestions

I am 8 months pregnant, and have the worst acid stomach-I take calcium /magnesium, I often taken Tums, rolaids after eating ginger tea, chewing on raw ginger, but I need to eat more but get such bad indigestion, I cant eat the rest of the day or I throwup-yuk. I didn't throw up at the beginning this much- what kinds of food -healthy-not fast food ,prepared, or resturant can I make?thanks so much....

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Thankxxs to all the helpful wise mammas out there-so I have tried a few things and am doing others -pretzels really work with mustard-who knew? the people who said adding vinegar and acid were right it definately turns off the cycle I think that is why the mustard helps and the pretzels with the baking soda-to balance the acid-Milk-not good-for me! also homeopathic remedy Argentum has helped... so hopefully I'll have some relief in this last month and good luck to the others whom are pregnant with the same, Lots more small meal/snacks and nothing sweet has helpe too. Hope it helps you too-blessings, L.

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I went through the same thing and found that milk helped me more than any antacid did. My situatuion was just that I have a small torsoe and the baby was pushing all my organs up and every which way causing me to have digestions troubles. Eating a little bit at a time helps as well.
Good luck!

Rooibos Tea - Red Bush Tea - is used for all ages from infants to the elderly to soothe stomach upset and colic. You can get some good brands at grocery stores and some excellent organic blends at local tearooms. You can take it straight or with blends. I recommend orange or vanilla - not chai if you have a sensitive stomach now.

Try sipping it slowly - don't drink a whole cup at one time. Start off with a weak brew. Nothing too strong.

Mint and chamomile are also well-known tummy tamers.

Bananas helped me. I ate tons of them.

Hope you find something to help and that you have a great delivery.

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Hi L.,
I had issues with acid long before getting pregnant, and Tums are not good for the level of acid it sounds like you have. Tums (and Rolaids, etc.) neutralize the acid that is in your stomach, but then your system says, "Hey, I'd better make some acid for my stomach! There isn't any in there!" and goes into acid-pumping overdrive. It's called a rebound effect. If your Ob is okay with this, you should get Prilosec and take it for a week. I used to take it by prescription before it was available over the counter and took one a day. My GI (stomach doc) had me take one in the morning and one before bed the first day and then one per day for the next six days. If the OTC Prilosec is also one per day, you should see if your OB is okay with your doubling up on day one by taking a pill every 12 hours. Prilosec turns off the pumps that create the acid, allowing your stomach lining to heal and stopping the pill-rebound-pill cycle. There is a slight rebound-effect when you stop Prilosec after a week, but it is nothing compared to what you get with Tums/Rolaids/Mailox/Mylanta/etc. I also found Prilosec to be more effective than Tagemet (sp?) or other similar products. In terms of what to eat, I always kept Sunshine brand unsalted tops ('cause I don't like salt and I don't like bloating) crackers -- basically Saltines but a bit better -- on my bedstand for middle of the night issues. The BRAT diet is also helpful: ripe Bananas (never green), Rice (plain), Applesauce (but not apples or apple juice), and Toast (dry). Eating just those items for a day or two should also help. Also, if you're taking prenatal vitamins with iron, you might want to check with your OB about switching to ones without iron. The iron can be too hard on people's stomachs sometimes. Also, be sure to eat smaller meals more frequently. If you eat more than your already pushed on tummy can take, any reflux will be worse. Regarding ginger, it's great for nausea from motion sickness, but I'm not sure if it is good for suppressing acid and the related nausea. It might actually be causing you to feel more acidic. Also, not eating is one of the worst things you can do for acid related nausea because nothing is in there to absorb acid and to protect your stomach lining. Try Prilosec (if okay with your OB) for a week with the BRAT diet and no other food for a couple of days. No, it's not a balanced diet, but it is fine for two or three days. Then introduce other foods slowly. Avoid fats and sugar until your stomach has been better for several days. The protein in dairy can also create acid for some people (completely unrelated to lactose intolerance). When you decide to re-introduce dairy, keep an eye on that. I hope you feel better soon!

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Try some nuts. Have some saltine crackers by your bed and eat a few before you sit up. I think you have heartburn so eat small small meals and eat more often. Old wives tale says heart burn at the end means your baby has a full head of hair! Mine all had hair so who knows, could be true!


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Hi L.,

I have a couple of suggestions for you. First try eating some persimmons. They are know to help aid digestive problems. I suffer from acid reflux, and gastritis and when they are flaring up, eating a persimmon helps(they are in season now until end of Jan). Another thing I have tried is taking a tablespoon of vinegar. I know it sounds weird to fight acid with acid, but it has helped as well. I feel your pain. I hope you find the right remedy for you.

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Hi L.,

Your nausea is caused by your blood sugar "tanking" because your baby is taking it all...means you need to eat more and more frequently. At your stage of pregnancy you need to be eating a whole lot more, LOL. Try this...multiple your weight by at least .8 to find out how many grams of protein you need a day. This will probably seem like a lot to you because you have not been getting enough. Take this number and divide it by the number of times you will be eating in a 24 hour period of time. You should be eating every 2 hours or so, little snack-like meals with protein and a complex carb. So, let's say you weigh 160. 80% of 160 is 128g. So if you are eating 10 small meal/snacks a day, this would be about 12 -13 g. of protein at each...some yogurt, or less than 2 cheese sticks, or a little piece of chicken (precook a bunch and just warm it up, or put cold on a salad, etc.),with a bit of complex carb of your choice (whole grain cracker, bread, brown rice, etc.). If you eat little amount frequently with enough Protein and complex carb, you will be able to maintain your blood sugar and minimize the acid problems. This is also how you eat when nursing...remember the baby is getting bigger and is eating more <smile>. Let us know how this works for you. -P-

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You do not have enough acid in your stomack to digest what you eat so it comes back up. What you need is to sip some Apple Cider Vinigar. Taking tums nutralizes the acid in your stomach and makes it so you cannot breakdown calcium then the calcium solidifies in your kidneys and gall bladder giving you kindey stones and gall stones. Do not take any antacids they are very bad for you and do nothing for you but to give you a trip to the ER at some point.
Really just try the Apple Cider Vinigar you will feel relief in about 15 min. You only need about a shot glass size amount/1-2 ounces.
Also I saw someone recommend you drink milk. This is a BIG no-no! If your stomach acid has irritated your stomach or throat area milk will only irritate it more. Any doctor will tell you if you have stomach ulcers that you want to avoid all dairy until it heals.

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Advice from someone who was in your same shoes...twice: Steer clear of soups. Everyone offers you soups when you don't feel well. Soups tend to have oils, and oils set off the vicious cycle. Plain baked potatoes may not sound appetizing but are helpful. You can bake sweet potatoes and they are not quite as dry. Don't add butter or sour cream as then you'll be dealing with the tummy again. Roasted turkey breast, no gravy or seasoned skin (I know how boring this sounds) is a great source of protein. It's easy on the tummy. For a quick meal, a rotisserie chicken (non BBQ) without the skin could do the same. You want to avoid the grease. I'd skip garlicky mashed potatoes loaded with butter and do the plain baked potato I recommended earlier. I also would try a simple rice, steamed plain or you could cook it in chicken broth if desperate for flavor. Brown rice cooked in water is still flavorful! For me, I found plain banana pancakes to be a lifesaver. Nothing special, just Bisquick pancake mix and fresh bananas added to batter. Since you aren't adding butter or syrup, those bananas help moisten the cakes.
Now, a few other things. You need to check in with your doc and be sure all has been well, and share these symptoms with him/her so you can decide together if anything should be worked up. They'll probably look to see how your BP is trending, check your urine to see if you are spilling anything into your urine that you shouldn't be. Also, talk with your doctor about discontinuing prenatal vitamins if you're still taking them with that tummy! If they know what's going on, they may tell you to stop the vitamins. You may be sensitive to something in the vitamin, iron for example. Once you try to rule out dietary causes and vitamins, you and your doctor can work together to see if there is a cause related to the pregnancy that he/she may need to follow more closely such as PIH or cholecystitis (gall stones)of pregnancy. And then there is always the chance you're just one of the unlucky ones that just happens to get sick the entire time.
Good Luck! :o) And try some rest, and by rest I mean serious couch time, you and the dog. Someone else is going to have to help you with the boys so you can relax.

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I am pregnant too and am going through the same thing. Although I'm not as far along as you are. Just know that you are almost through it. I found that I can't eat any kind of sweets or I get horrible acid reflux at night. No matter what time of day I eat the sweets. With my last pregnancy the OBGyn said it was okay to take Prilosac OTC. It was a life safer. After two day on the pill I could eat anything I wanted. I didn't take it until the end of the pregnancy probably about where you are now. Things have changed in 2.5 years so I don't know if it is still okay to take. But it is worth talking to the doctor about. None of the natural remedies that the other posts have talked about ever worked for me. But everyone is different. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.

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I don't know if this has been suggested or would be helpful, but I've heard that when you have stomach problems, and I'm assuming that includes acid problems, try eating plain white rice for a day or so.. nothing else.. and after it clears up go back to eating your regular diet. For that drastic an eating change, you might want to first check with your doctor.

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