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Help! My Prenatal Vitamins Make Me SICK!

Hello Moms!
I am about 12 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy...we are so excited and blessed! Besides being nauseous 24/7 - I feel great (lol). Anyway, my question is about prenatal vitamins. The ones I am currently taking (prescribed by my OB/Gyn) make me very sick to my stomach...I have tried taking them first thing in the morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternonn, early evening, before bed, before eating, after eating, with juice, with lots of water, etc... - you name it, I've tried it - but I just can't seem to stomach them:( I am really not a complainer - but I just dread taking them everyday! I asked my OB if she could recommend another type that may be easier to tolerate - but she said every woman is different and handed me a new bag of samples to try. I was just wondering - before I randomly start trying the new samples - if anyone out there has had a similar problem and can recommend a prenatal vitamin that is easier to "stomach" or any other suggestions regarding "stomaching" prenatal vitamins that moms might have! I had similar problems with my vitamins during my other two pregnancies - but not this severe! Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!!

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I had the same problem the first few months of my pregnancy, and my Dr. actually told me to try two Flinstone's chewables a day, just until I could stomach the normal prenatals. After I was feeling better, I could get back on track with the regular ones.

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I know this is late, but in case you are still looking for advice, my doc told me to take a couple flinstone vitamins or those gummy ones from costco. If you take 2-3 you get the exact same that is in the prescribed prenatals and they settle much easier!!

"Ethex" !! is a Rx vitamin. It gives me so much energy, it tastes sweet. I had no problem with this when it came to morning sickness. Ethex.

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I had the same problem the first few months of my pregnancy, and my Dr. actually told me to try two Flinstone's chewables a day, just until I could stomach the normal prenatals. After I was feeling better, I could get back on track with the regular ones.

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My mom had the same problem when pregnant with my brother. She ended up being so sick she barely gained any weight and he was only 5 lbs at birth (and 21" - greased beanpole).
She thinks it was the iron in the pills. Sometime our stomach can be more sensative, especially when pregnant. Talk to the doctor and ask her if you can take something with lower iron. If you were taking vitamins before, take the bottle in to your doc and see if they're ok. My OB just made sure that they had enough folic acid (400 micrograms or .4 mg) and that I was getting enough calcium.

Have you tried them with milk? It could help balance out the iron if that's the problem.

I just take the Wal Mart brand generic prenatal vitamins. They aren't too big to swallow, and they don't taste like much either. :)

It's the extra iron they put in women's and prenatal vitamins that make me nauseated. Try vitamin with a lower dose of iron in it.

Congratulations! I was sick from weeks 6-16 and my doctor took me off pre-natals and put me on just folic acid. Around week 14, I moved to Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamins, which are food based and easier to digest instead of probably all of what your OB gave you--most of those are synthetic. I also took Nordic Naturals DHA fish oil) for the rest of my pregnancy and after for nursing. I also wore Sea-bands and ate ginger for nausea and those (particularly the bands) seemed to help a little bit. Hang in there!

OK skimmed through your current responses and did see this one mentioned,Buried Treasure: PreNatal Plus DHA complete. I was so sick with my first two girls that I couldn't keep water down, let along a prenatal vitamin. I wasn't able to take one at all with them. Third time is a charm they always say :o). My midwife found this through another midwife friend of her's. I have been on it since about 2 months in and have been able to take it everyday.

Not sure if it can be bought locally, but I know there are several distributors on line. It goes for about 24 dollars per bottle plus shipping. It takes 2 bottles to get through a month, but it is well worth it.

My energy level this go around has been night and day compared to my last 2 pregnancies. Hope this helps.


I am sorry to hear that your not feeling well, but i do share your pain. I was the same way and it took my mom to order me these vitaone vitamins from vitamark.com...they have enzymes in there that help balance it all out.
My friend takes whats called Nutraburst and she loves it.
The website to see that is www.Haleyshomebusiness.com
I hope this helps and gl.

Hi, I'm about 8 months along in my second pregnancy. I had the same problem during my first, so this time they suggested taking 2 Flintstone vitamins daily. (the chewable ones) If you want to take the gummy ones, just realize that you would have to take more, since for some reason they don't have the same amount of vitamins and minerals in them. It has been great, no problems this time at all.

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