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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease - Holden, MO

My 14 1/2 month old had 105.1 temp yesterday and was throwing up. I took him to the dr and they said that he had blisters on his throat and that he had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and that it is a virus that just has to run it's course. He ate chicken and stars soup for dinner and about 1 hour later he took a drink of his milk and threw up every bit of soup that he had just eaten. We are treating his fever with tylenol but sometimes he throws up as soon as I give it to him. He ate 1/4 cup yogurt for breakfast and kept it down but the babysitter said that she gave him a cracker and he threw up again. The dr didn't say anything about continuous vomiting along with blisters and a fever...is this normal? How long will this last? I know that the milk is probably what upset his tummy last night, so I gave him juice from then on. When is it safe to try milk and solids again? Do I only offer juice? I am so confused...please help. He only weighs 18lb 7oz and can't afford to lose any more weight.

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Hi J.. Keeping him hydrated is the most important. Pedialyte, gatorade, juice. Jello is a good thing as well as popcicles and juice from cans of fruit. He will let you know as he gets hungry. Offer him dry foods such as toast, crackers or mashed potatoes. Only after he is fever free should you even attempt to offer him any type of dairy products. Hope this helps and that he is feeling better soon!

AWW poor baby! Well J., My advice would be to just keep giving him fluids.. pedialite is great to replenish the electrolytes and they have popsicles you know. I would say if the baby is on an antibiotic or other medicine dont give much to eat until that has had some time to take effect--THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!! good luck!

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Hi J.,

My twins had cases of HFM disease last summer and it wasn't much fun at all. And even better, its very common, so chances are you'll get it more than once! A girlfriend told me about a remedy recommended by her doctor which helped the pain of the sores inside their mouths (and sometimes these are hard to see, but usually they are there). You mix 5 ml of Benedryl allergy medicine w/ 5 ml of cherry flavored Maalox (ask your doctor about this first, of course, but apparently its pretty common). The mixture becomes kind of a soothing balm in their throat and gives them relief from the pain. Worked like a charm for my girls.

Re the throwing up, I'd avoid all dairy and especially juice, since both can possibly irritate tummies. I'd push water and, if possible, something like Propel diluted a bit with water or pedialyte if he'll take it. I'd also stick as close to the BRATY diet as possible - offering the blandest things you can, until his tummy settles down.

We had it for a full 10 days, which I think is pretty common, so don't expect a super speedy recovery.

Sorry - wish that news was better but you'll get through it!
Good luck!

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I'm not familiar with Hand Foot & Mouth... so maybe another mom can help out there. But with vomiting, I'd really just try to push liquids like water, pedialite, and juice mixed with water, maybe even popsicles & jello to keep him hydrated. After his tummy settles a bit and he's handling the liquids without vomiting you should do the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.

I'm so sorry your little guy is so sick. I hope he feels better soon!

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You might want to try popsicles too!

Hi J.. Keeping him hydrated is the most important. Pedialyte, gatorade, juice. Jello is a good thing as well as popcicles and juice from cans of fruit. He will let you know as he gets hungry. Offer him dry foods such as toast, crackers or mashed potatoes. Only after he is fever free should you even attempt to offer him any type of dairy products. Hope this helps and that he is feeling better soon!

My son had this same thing. He vomited too because the bacteria got into his system. My doc gave him an antibiotic. Keep him hydrated. We gave dayson jello water, broth and water. Also try abreva. This worked miracles for my son. There is a new medicine out now called Releve ( i beleive that is how it is spelled). neither is cheap but it really helped my son. I hated this illness and pray it never comes back. I know your pain and pray your son gets over it soon.

As a nurse who works with children, typically when a little one or big child is vomiting you should only offer liquids like all the other moms have mentioned. With his small stature pedialyte is definetly the way to go. You may want to stay away from the real acidic juices because they would be very painful on the blisters in the back of his throat. If he has one he likes you might delute it with water. Keep him going on liquids until he stops vomiting for at least 24 hours. This gives the tummy an opportunity to rest. Then a bland diet, like the brat diet is fine for 24-48 hours and then start introducing his favorite things if he is keeping down the bland diet. A virus runs from 10-14 days, so don't be overwhelmed if he is not feeling totally better in just a few days. It takes a virus a while to run its course. Yes, wash your hands continueously, but you are probably immune as your an adult and have probably had it as a child or was exposed as a child. Your main concern are those children that come by. Throw heavy plastic toys in the dishwasher with no heat dry and that should do it. Good luck J., don't worry he will be alright. Stick to what your Dr perfers to use for pain medication and a fever reducer. There is a reason some dr's perfer one over the other and you may want to ask your Dr or his nurse before making changes. It usually means they have had a bad or a negative result with one and have chosen a safer drug to promote from their office.
Take Care

This yucky stuff is so miserable and contagious. Hand, Foot and Mouth Syndrome symptoms usually do not include vomiting so it could be that your child also has a second virus such as the stomach flu at the same time. The blisterlike sores in mouth, on palms of hands, soles of feet; mild fever, sore throat, painful swallowing; lasts around 7 days. Increase fluids, popsicles, soft foods and keep giving acetaminophen (Tylenol). There usually isn't any medical treatment unless secondary bacterial infection occurs. A friend told me that she read on her pediatrician's website that this usually only infects kids 3 and under. Take care and just keep giving your baby lots of hugs! Hugs and cuddling help more than we know.

Also, the way I handle all the differing advice is go with the one that seems to be repeated the most. Different things work differently for different people and I'm sure some pediatricians even differ in the advice they give on how to handle the same illness. So I'm adding to the opinion that you should NOT give your baby dairy products until he's feeling better. Also just think about how you feel when your sick and the same applies. I personally would not feel like downing a glass of milk after I vomited. I would stick with clear liquids and popsicles.

I had that as a child and remember and it was awful, the sore throat and blisters down my throat and in my mouth. It seemed like it lasted a couple weeks, but I can't say for sure. I do remember that popsicles were REALLY great and felt SO good on my throat. I had been getting dehydrated because of not being able to eat because it just really hurt to and I remember getting really weak. The great thing about these days is that they now have available popsicles with some nutritional value to them, so try that. I remember FINALLY being able to eat egg salad because it was soft, chopped very fine, and that tasting good and that helped increase my energy. High fever too, I remember all that. I'd give him clear liquids, things with some nutritional value for now and let him tell you when he is ready for solid food. It is just SO painful to swallow. Cold feels the best on it, but even then its hard to swallow.

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