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High Fever in 10 Month Old

My 10 month old daughter has had a fever the past 2 days of 101 to 105! I called the nurse line last night and she said to give her tylenol and keep her cool. (Which I had been doing!) I took her to the Dr today, and was told the same thing. She does have a virus and had what looks like a cold sore by her tonsils. The Dr said it could be 2 or 3 more days till her fever breaks and she's highly contagious! I am trying to sponge her off, but it doesn't seem to help for long and the tylenol seems to only bring it down for about an hour. Does anyone know of a better way to try and cool her down? I haven't given her a full bath, I was going to do that in the morning. She has been mostly sleeping, which is good, but only I'm my arms and latched on to me.

Its just frustrating to see her so miserable and not being able to help her.

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Thanks everyone for your imput! My son never had a fever that high for that long, so I got worried. Her fever lasted 4 days before it finally broke, the peak being 106.2! The pediatrician told me to use Motrin or tylenol, whichever I preferred. I have stuck with tylenol for both of my kids, due to the fact I saw something on the news about motrin (rarely) causing severe reactions and it freaked me out lol. The virus wasn't specific, the Dr just said she had one and it should clear up within a couple days. If the fever didn't go away, then I should bring her back so they can make sure it didn't spread and her ears didn't get infected. Dad took the kids to Chuck E Cheese the day before since I had some girl time, and she caught something there. Its just that time of year. I hate fevers, I know its their little bodies fighting something, but I hate watching them suffer and feeling helpless. It took a few days after the fever was gone, but she is back to her diva self :)

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Try using motrin instead of tylonel, I have read in Parent's magazine that it is better. Give her a lukewarm bath, NOT cold. Good luck!

In addition to following what the doc said, I like to sponge water onto my baby's head while she's under the ceiling fan (on it's lowest setting. I just keep her head wet until she seems happier. I only do this if she's awake.

Do NOT use ice. That can be very, very BAD.

I didn't read thru all the responses but somebody may have already said this - it sounds to me like it's hand, foot & mouth disease. Which is extremely contagious and can cause really high fevers. Kids usually get cold sore looking things in their mouths and little bumps on their hands and feet - my daughter mainly just got them between her toes. I try to let fevers do their cycle and only give medication if my daughter is too uncomfortable. Pushing the fever off with medication seems to make the fever last longer in the end. HTH!

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My 13 month old was just in the ER last weekend b/c of a 105 fever and dehydration. She has a bacterial infection and a reaction to the MMR shot. For the fever you can alternate tylenol and motrin ever 3 hours. That way there is always a dose of something on board to keep the fever down. A luke-warm bath works wonders, but don't make it too cool or she'll get chilled. I feel for you and know how awfully stressful this is for the mom. Good luck, I hope she's better soon.

I have always used rubbing alcohol instead of water. It seems to cool them off quicker. My oldest daughter used to get what the doctors called phantom fevers, she get up to 101 to 103 for about a day. It was driving me crazy. But anyway try the rubbing alcohol. Just use a cottonball to apply it. Hope she gets well soon.

We went through this not too long ago with our 10 month old baby boy and it is very a scary and helpless feeling. You can alternate Ibuprophin and Tylonol every 3 hours. Even once the fever breaks keep up the doses for 24 more hours to make sure you kicked it. I know it seems like a lot of meds for such a little one but this advice came from our Pediatrition.

I can't believe your Dr. didn't tell you to use Motrin. It works much better on fevers. Do Tylenol and then in 2 hours do Motrin. Motrin is every 6 to 8 hours, not every 4-6 hours like Tylenol.

it is the worst to see you baby ill, i am so sorry. My 15 month old daughter just went through something similar and we had to actually take her to the ER to get and IV because she got dehydrated. She wouldn't eat or drink anything and had had diareah for 5 days prior to her getting a fever. Anyway I was using tylenol as well, and like you said it only worked a little. The hospital told me to alternate motrin and tylenol every 3-4 hours. which helped keep it a little under control, but she still had a fever. We pretty much just had to wait it out. Fever's aren't necessarily bad, it is just hard to see your little girl so miserable and that you can't put them down. Just keep her hydrated and wait it out. Good luck!

Hi V.. your child having a fever can be scary and frustrating in trying to comfort her; they just feel bad and you want to take it away. If she continues to have a fever of 102 and above - I would call or take her back to the Dr. Or look up some info on the virus she has (unless the doc said virus of somesort) My dd has had unknown fever on occasion. Can you switch to motrin? Motrin seems to work better for my daughter. And, make sure you are giving the correct dosage - call your nurse again to make sure. You can also rotate the two meds...I think.

We also give cold water and juice to drink. If she'll eat try giving her popsicles. For hydration plus they are cold. And tepid bath water...not cold. Cold water will spike the fever.

Good luck and rember to stay calm.

For some reason an enema has really helped my children. I just go to Walgreens and purchase their child enema. Give it a try.

i have a 10 month old babygirl and she had fever after her flu shot the highest was 104.0 n the lowest 101.1 i took her to the doctor and all they said is too give her tylenol and try to keep her cool but the medicine didnt work so i was told to give her a warm bath n put a little alchol in the water and that would help or to rub some alcohol in her body and i did it and it worked the fever came down i was also told to rub d clear part of an egg on d bottom of her feet n put her socks on to lower d fever and that also worked for me you should try it because it might work for u too good luck i hope ur baby gets better

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