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Goody Bag Ideas for a 9 Year Old Bday Party

What kind of goody bags do you give for a 9 year olds bday party?

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The goodie bags that I have been preparing for my daughters parties with kids of all ages have consisted of a juice box, a small bag of chips, fruit roll, fruit snacks and a granola bar/little Debbie snack. It beats buying those cheap toys that some parents just wind up tossing after a few days, plus every child loves a "snack" bag. Nice thing is that there is nothing in there that someone cant use! I just did this at my 4 yr old daughters party yesterday where we had kids ranging in ages from 3-10, and every kid was thrilled with their snacks! I bought the chips in that big snack pack bag. Plus if there are any left over, you can always use them as lunch box fillers for your child!

Ban the "goody Bag" and go with one small gift(a dollar or two). Gum Ball machines, squirt guns, splash balls (for the pool), inexpensive frisbees - check out WalMart in the toy or sports section, look for the sale items or check out a local dollar store. You end up spending alot of money on candy for gift bags - why not just spend it on one gift? Our kid's friends (and parents) always appreciated something that they'd use, instead of alot of junk candy and goofy prizes.


You might let us know what the gender is and if you have a party theme.

I found some bags of inexpensive punch balls, which the kids seem to enjoy, a home made CD of the party music we used (if it was a dance party or had music), fruit leather (Whole Foods or =) or Endangered Species choc bar as better than other kinds of candy, pencils (kids LOVE neat pencils), silly putty or a fun ball.

Once we had a spring theme and I included a bag of veg or flower seeds along w/spring stickers and other similar items. . . It's hard to keep the per kid price down, but you can do it. I have even done a cute handwritten note that said "I hope you had fun at my party" tied to a little potted flower or small gift. Or have them make something to take home.

Good luck!


I dont have any kids yet, but my nephew went to a couple of parties where they gave them a gold fish at one party and a beta fish at another, he loved it. He is a younger so i dont know if it would work for 9 yr olds, but its different, and i know the gold fish you can get for really cheap. Good luck

Hi S.:

I totally agree with Carol. We started that tradition ... no goodie bags, but a big basket filled with a variety of toys and fun items so that the kids (& adults too) can pick their own goodie to go home with. Have fun whatever you do!



My son was just at a party yesturday, and the kids got to design their own pillowcases. Then, when they did the pinata, they got to fill it with candy. It might be a little young, but it was fun. You should also try the dollar store in your area. They always have cute summer water toys or sports toys.


My son (8 yrs) just went to a birthday party today. His goody bag had baseball cards. Another idea is to put in something like McDonalds money, coupons for the local ice cream shop for a small cone, etc.

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