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Giving a Baby Whole Milk Before 1 Year

I've been doing some research on this topic and was wondering if anyone else heard of this?

I read that you can start to introduce whole milk once your baby turned 10 months old. You can start by putting a little in his cereal in the morning and then if no allergic reaction give him some in a cup when he is thirsty. Of course you dont stop formula at all, just get them used to the taste of whole milk.

I have also read that you can add some whole milk into a formula bottle at 10 months then at 11 months start with more whole milk and less formula then by 1 year completely go to whole milk.

Has anyone heard of this? Or has anyone done this? What were the side effects?

What can I do next?

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Hi J.!
I have heard of this and I do agree with it personally. I feel it gets the little ones stomachs used to it at a gradual pace instead of all of a sudden at 1 year going from formula to milk. That would be tough I think!

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Take care!

My daughter had an allery to formula and the Whole milk to to fatty so I gave her Goats Milk until she was 18 Months it less harder on the tummy. That was given to me by her doctor.

I gave my daughter whole milk at 11 months just to get her started and it went great and helped her make the transition to milk from a cup (as opposed to breast-feeding.) Cow's milk is considered nutritionally inadequate so babies still need breast milk or formula until one year but I wouldn't worry about adding a little bit at 10 months.

(My mom said I was drinking cow's milk at 3 months or something ridiculous like that. I'm smart and in good health. :-))

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Neither of my boys had cows milk until they were closer to 18 months old. THey had breastmilk only before that. no need to rush.... cows milk isn't necessary.

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Hi J., The concern with allergies and whole milk is not that they would have an immediate reaction if given before 12 months but there is an increased risk for allergies, diabetes and other conditions later in childhood or into the teen years. So there may be no intial reaction but pave the way for future problems.
I have heard of people doing this. 12 months is not a magical age for the baby's system to be able to handle cow's milk but there is a reason they recommend to wait.
A reputable resource is www.mercola.com

It's an honest question! I personally have waited with my kids past the one year point. My son drinks a small amount of organic milk and my daughter drinks goat's milk because it's easier to digest than cow's milk. My son is 5 and grossed out by the thought of goat's milk. My daughter loves it!
Good luck in your research and congratulations on your growing family!

I've actually read that the reason they tell us to wait until one year for milk is not because of milk allergies, it's so we don't replace breastmilk or formula with whole milk before they're ready. If you think about it, it makes sense. I imagine you've given your child cheese and yogurt (or the like) before, and there's nothing to say that's not okay before one year. If you've given your child these things with no reaction, you'll know there's no allergies or intolerance to milk. Either way, ask your doctor in order to feel really safe and okay with it. My doc gave me the go ahead around 11 months, and I still breastfed until 12 months. The doc will know what's best for your baby, based on how he's grown and where he is on the charts.

My children are grown, but, all three of them were on whole milk at 2 months. "Back then" we got liquid vitamins from the doctor to put into the milk.

You need to make sure they are getting the vitamins they need and if you live in the country, floride. That was the way it was back then. Formula includes all of that, right?

I would consult a nutritionist or doctor and listen to what they have to say about this.

Hi, My 10 month old would simply not take formula and I wasn't up to pumping. As I cut down her daily breast feeds, I gave her organic whole milk in place. Our doctor said as long as she wasn't reacting to it in any way with intestinal discomfort/ change in stools, then it was fine. She is doing great with it- we tried a little at a time- she is still nursing at night and really likes milk. She never took a bottle, went straight to a sippy cup.

When my daughter was 6 1/2 months old I became pregnant again. My OB doctor wanted me to start to wean her when she was about 8 months old because I was pregnant (on 20/20 hindsight I would have just continued to nurse, the pediatrian said I would not have to have weaned, past history)
anyway I tried to start substituting with formula and she refused everything I tried. My pediatrian who was an excellant doctor said she was very healthy and to just start her on milk as I worked on weaning her from breast milk. This she excepted and by about 10 months or so she was doing great. She is now 13, and very healthy.

Our pedi told us last Friday to start giving my 9 month old daughter whole milk and cheeses. I didn't think you could before a year, but she said it's a good thing to start doing now. So far my daughter is doing fine with it...she doesn't really like the milk all that much, but she hasn't had any side effects.

Both my present husband and I started our children out on whole milk by the age of 6 months, as did most of the people we know. My daughter has now started giving her 10-month-old whole milk at least once a day and when I daycare she receives a little whole milk in a glass or sippy cup for lunch. None of these children have had any problems. I told one woman this and got a return answer to totally rip me a new one. The funny part of it is, everyone I have told about the episode has made the statement that she does not know what she is talking about and that she apparently does not talk to her children's doctor. This has come from young couples also. Good luck with your little one.

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