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Get the Urine Smell Out of Shoes

Hey all,
My daughter is potty training. She has the occasional accident and is usually standing. This is fine except now her shoes smell like urine. I don't feel comfortable putting the shoes in the wash and have used Fabreeze and Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Oder Eliminator. The Arm & Hammer worked a bit better. I may try it again, but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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my son is potty training too and has peed on his shoes by accident, one was a pair of flip flops so I took dawn dish liquid and scrubbed them in the sink. He has also done it on a pair of tennis shoes, so I put them in the washer in a pillow case and added a little bit of oxy clean.

Good luck!

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I would use Sol-U-Mel from Melaleuca! It took cat urine out of my books and book case Let me know if you would like more information. This is a green product that won't hurt your daughter either

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Hi L.,

All of my children play soccer and you can't believe how horrible their shoes smell after a while! It gets so bad we have to open a car window on the way home. This may sound strange, but one of the coaches recommended that we wad up newspaper (the black and white sections work better) and stuff it into their shoes. The newspaper seems to absorb moisture and surprisingly helps to diminish the smell. You might want to give it a try.

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kids and pets from wal mart.

also white vinegar

Might try just leaving plain old baking soda in them overnight. Kind of rub in into the shoes, too. Dump it or knock it out (on the edge of a step or something) the next morning. That should help. If it's a nice sunny, breezy day...set them on a picnic table or something and let them air out, too.

my daughter had an accident and then put the shoes in a bag with the dress and put them in her room. I found them when they went to do laundry. YUCK! I ended up spraying them down with a combination of water, vinegar, borax, and lavender oil. Then I put baking soda in them and let them sit overnight.

Good luck, it took a couple of tries to get it completely out.

I wash mine and my kids' shoes at LEAST once a month in the washer. I just throw them in with a load of towels and then right into the dryer. Sure, they shrink up a bit, but not smaller than the original size. Ours are all leather and brand name shoes by the way, so there really is no need to worry about ruining them.

our daughter is also potty training with some accidents throughout the day. i just wash them (the shoes) & dry them in the dryer on a low temp. i try to keep her in crocs as much as possible b/c they sort of act like a cup or something (gross!) & are easier to wash. i can imagine that smell is getting more intense. i guess you could try to take out the shoe liner & wash that instead of the whole shoe, but washing the shoes seems to work for us without compromising the shoe size or stability. good luck with the potty training!

This won't help the current shoes, but from now on, just nix the shoes. Or just have her wear inexpensive sandals that can be washed more easily (like the plastic ones). We potty trained all our kids in the summer and they went barefoot 99% of the time for the first couple weeks. I had many other moms tell me to do that... or else end up with smelly shoes.

Look at it this way... she'll probably outgrow that pair of shoes in a few weeks anyways. :-)

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