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Food Ideas for Baby Shower - Expecting Mom Has Gestational Diabetes

I'm throwing a baby shower next month for my SIL and she just found out that she has gestational diabetes. I know that she has to stay away from sugar and only have carbohydrates, (i.e., pasta), in moderation. Does anyone have any ideas or tips on the kind of food to serve? Or maybe if you know of some kind of website that may have recipes. Thanks in advance for any help you may have.

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I had GD with my first pregnancy. For my work baby shower, someone got me a sugar free cake from Around the Clock in Crystal Lake. It was very thoughtful and really yummy!!

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Maybe do a google search for atkins or south beach diet recipes. They are all low carb. Have fun!

Fish dish
Chicken and veggie dish
Different types of salad - tuna, chicken, green, fruit

I would try to get a veggie tray and maybe some fruit. Although, you have to be careful with fruit as well. Instead of doing a huge cake, see if you can find a place to do Petit Fours. They are individual cakes and that way she won't be as tempted to eat a big huge amount and throw off her diabetes. Hope this helps!

I threw a shower at my home for a friend with GD too. My co-host prepared the food. She made four different quiches. Two with meat, and two others with veggies (cheddar and broccoli and the other with zucchini). It was a hit. You can prepare them ahead of time and stick them in the oven to heat before guests arrive. We served them with fresh fruit. It was a light, but satisfying lunch. We had about 18 people there.

Good luck!

Hi Denise,
I also had gestational diabetes and the main thing I noticed was that you always combine whatever you are eating with some protein. So maybe you do a big fresh green salad with grilled chicken breast in it and then along with your standard dressing options maybe have a basic vinegarette or just provide oil and vinegar for her. Then I'd definitely have fresh fruit which in moderation or combined with protein won't raise her blood sugar too high. Something with eggs would be good or you could do some cheese appetizers. I guess basically the diet i had was lots of veggies and low fat protein with some complex carbs thrown in and minimal whole fruit. If you don't want her missing out on dessert you could provide some dark chocolate truffles or small bite size pieces that she could have one or two of.

You could do an Italian anti-pasti theme...cheeses, meats, olives, bread for those who can have it. Cesar salad (or go get a bottle of the yummy dressing from Olive Garden.
Good Luck!

I had GD with my first pregnancy. For my work baby shower, someone got me a sugar free cake from Around the Clock in Crystal Lake. It was very thoughtful and really yummy!!

Moms who have gestational diabetes need to balance their carb intake with their protein intake. Just be sure to have as much protein foods (nuts, cheese, meat) as you do carb foods (fruit, veggies, bread, crackers). The mama will know how to balance her portions! How nice of you to throw her a shower! Have fun. =)

Hi Denise. I had GD during both of my pregnancies. For my showers we had lots of fresh veggies with dip. She will have to watch how much dip she has, but that is better than sweets. Also assortments of nuts, fresh fruit, salad with chicken salad on top. If you make the chicken salad with regular mayo instead of light or fat free that is better. The fat free and light have more sugar than the regular. It'a hard to plan a proper menu. My doctor said that if I was good with my diet, then during my shower I could indulge a LITTLE. She may want to ask her doctor if that's possible. She should be able to enjoy herself at least one day. Have fun!!

What about different types of salads. Those always go over well at showers. Good luck.

A really yummy protein treat is to make asparagus wraps. YOu don't cook the asparagus, and that may sound strange, but it is so yummy. Just trim the ends like you normally would, rinse in cold water and pat dry. And if they are skinny asparagus, you can use two at a time. And then get sone proscuitto ( spelling? ) and spread a little Borsin cheese or some flavored cream cheese on the ham, and roll the asparagus in it. They are quick, fantastic bites. Attractive on any platter. You can also stuff some mushrooms and have hot and cold appetizers--which is a fun way to eat--even if it is a luncheon. Other ideas are stuffing roma tomatoes with chicken, tuna, or salmon salad. Or taking a toothpick and put a grape tomato, piece of fresh basil, and a small ball of marinated , fresh mozzerella. Again--good color choice, healthy, and so, so yummy. Hope this helps.

I had diabetes with 2 out of three of my pregnacies and it's really about moderation on the part of mom. Vegetables are good, of course, and fruit. Low fat yogurt too. Preparing fruit and vegetables with a low fat yogurt dip woud be great. Lean meats are good. And for dessert try some sugar free jello with sugar free cool whip.

My friend who threw me my baby shower did a 'baby food' theme - mini burgers, personal fruit tarts, fresh veggies (baby carrots, celery cut small, broccoli florets, etc. I thought it was a cute idea and easy for people to eat! Good luck!

I had it during my first pregnancy. I really liked the custard from Julie Ann's, it was low fat and low carb. Of course, Julie Ann's is gone now, but you could probably find it in the freezer section of some stores....
Edy's has a low carb ice cream for dessert. Check the contents, because they also have a low fat? one that actually has more sugar.
If you do sandwiches, you could do the small bun type bread.
1 carb serving is 15g, and depending on her diet can probably have 2-3 carb servings per meal. Cake would probably be considered 1 serving if it's not a big piece loaded with frosting.
If you get cake, you could also ask the bakery to use sugar free frosting.
Also, I believe the kraftfoods.com website had a diabetic section, you could check there for recipe ideas.
Have a great shower!

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