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Flat Feet

My youngest daughter has flat feet when she stands up strait her ankles bow in like )( that. Should I worry or have her checked? It dosent seem to bother her but she does tip-toe alot.

What can I do next?

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all babies are born with flat feet, and all children have them until they are around 4-5 years old.
there is no arch as such in the foot until then.
thats not to say youre child may not have a problem. if the rolling in or "pronation" is really marked it can be a sign of a condition called ligamentous laxity - used to be called double jointed. being flat footed can also be hereditary, and usually does not cause problems - it used to be thought that it would cause hip and knee pain, but now it is know that the other joints in the body will "compensate" for the flat feet and to try and correct the condition will actually cause pain in other joints - there are other neurological conditions which will cause flat feet, and they are usually accompanied by what is called a slapping gait, or a lack of control over placing the feet on the floor.
do other joints in her body seem abnormally flexible?
toe walking (technical term is ankle equinus) is another problem - and if she does that a lot it should definately be checked out - habitual toe walking can shorten the calf muscles and lead to long term problems, and can be an indicator of neurological problems.
so when you say tip toes a lot - do you mean all the time, or just sometimes.
if your daughter has any of these signs you should take her to a podiatrist and have her evualuated.

hope this helps (podiatrist for 12 years)

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My son was born with club feet, so we've spent some time with orthopedists. I would say yes, you need to have her at least checked out. Let the doctor decide what steps if any need to be taken. I do know that there is a window of opportunity...young bones and ligaments are more easily fixed.

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Hi C.! My husband and both 12 & 8 yr-old girls have flat feet. When my 12-yr old was 6, she toe-walked and complained of leg cramps. Her pediatrician referred her to a podiatrist who made custom arch supports which easily insert in her shoes. The arch supports provide support to her arch, foot, heel, leg and back, and help to eliminate the bowing and minimize the cramping and toe-walking caused by the "rolling" of the legs when walking, running, etc. The podiatrist also showed us important leg stretches she should do on an almost daily basis. Toe-walking, over an extended period of time, especially during major growth spurts, can cause shortened calf muscles. He recommended tennis shoes with the higher arches inside, the heavier the shoe, the better. Best not to wear: flip flops, sandals, minimal arch shoes or go barefoot.

After visiting the doctor recently, my husband had to start wearing store-bought gel supports in his shoes due to back and leg pains. His flat feet were "rolling" in or "bowing" due to lack of arch support. This bowing becomes a lifelong habit, hard to break, with painful and lasting results on the muscles, bones and joints, and "walking like a duck" as my husband sometimes does.

I would highly recommend you address the bowing and toe-walking issues while your child is young, and not dismiss them as just a phase. While adult supports can be bought over-the-counter, children's supports should be handled through a podiatrist. Hope this is helpful. :~)

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YES!!!!, get it checked out, it is not a big deal when you take care of it, but not taking care of it now can cause real problems later.
My daughter started "falling' one second she was walking next to me the next she would be on the floor. The doctor said it was due to flat feet, her knees ankles and hips all play a part in keeping her on her feet. the Orthopedic specialist at the brace shop said her next step would continual sprains and possibly broken ankles. The solution is easy she wears specially molded inserts in her shoes. The hard part is that she is a girlie girl and loves shoes. now she can only wear athletic shoes with good support, she's getting used to it, and we have been able to find some cute athletic shoes, and sometimes you can take out the shoes insert and replace it with hers. Since her feet are still growing she will need new inserts every time her feet grow.
get it done soon, and don't take no as an answer from your doctor.
My husband also has flat feet and he ended up having very painful foot surgery, he could not even touch his toes to the ground for 12 weeks....they had to break the bone in his foot, take part of it out, and replace it with screws, now he can't jump or hardly run for fear of breaking the screw.
not taking care of it can cause problems with her knees, ankles, and hips later on.

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My foster brother has this problem when he came to live with us at 16...and had to have both knees done (knee replacement surgery)at 16 yrs old. He had special inserts made to go in his shoes to give him an arch. I would get your girl evaluated by your pediatrician and then see what they suggest. Stop future issues now. {{{{hugs}}}}

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I must agree with both previous posters! I have a friend with flat feet, and she has constant knee and ankle problems!

My suggestion is both of what the previous posters have said... use StrideRites (expensive but worth it!) and at the next appointment/well-check mention it to your doctor and see what they can do to help.

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Hi C.,
I agree with the two previous posts and I would just add there are some ways to exercise the feet which a pediatrician should probably know about (or send you to a special "feet" doctor). Also it is recommended to wear good supportive shoes at home as well since walking barefoot on the flat surface is not helping the feet. Introducing cute Stride Rite sandals as house-shoes is what I have done. A great exercise for feet is walking barefoot in sand for example, too bad we don't live close to the beach... I wish you good luck, I know we all want our kids to be perfect.

Have a great day.

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I would probably get it checked. It may be nothing, but these type of things are much easier to correct the earlier you start, and only get worse the longer they go on. Good luck!

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