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Feedback on Good Samaritan's Hospital?

Can anyone share their experiences, good or bad, with Good Sam's OB-GYNs? We have to switch from Loyola because of insurance. It's between Hinsdale and Good Sam's, and since Good Sam's is a "Level 3" for neonatal care, I thought it may be better equipped if something goes wrong. I want something as comparable to Loyola as possible in terms of expertise.

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I had twins at Good Sam 4 months ago. Everyone there was great. My Obgyn office is also there in tower 4. They made me feel very welcome and took good care of my girls. Everyone knew us and helped us when one of my daughters had to stay for a few weeks.

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LOVE THEM!!!! Good Sam that is. I went to Midwest Women's Ob/Gyn all the doctors are wonderful, and female if that's important to you. Dr. Akkinini delivered for me. Dr. Meyer handled when I went into false labor after a car accident when I was 8 months. Presently I have been seeing Dr. Avila, she does not do OB however. The hospital is beautiful...and the staff is fabulous. Avoid Dr Sadegi, he's an independent OB also located in the hospital...my sister had him. He seemed nice enough, but he was really kind of strange...i.e. no one in the rooms with you including your partner during exams and the like. The Birthing Center itself is super nice. All private room and a nice home feel. Stereo, TV, DVD player, and recliners that turn into beds. Also recovery was wonderful again all the previous items but instead of the recliner beds they had a sofa bed. These are also all private. They have a room that provides coffee, tea, doughnuts, juice and various other things to partners. There is a nice dinner for two and they give you a rose and a bottle of sparkling grape juice. Free manicure and massage certificates. It was all together a wonderful experience.

I had an excellent recent experience at Good Sam. I am glad we chose this hospital too because my son spent 28 days in the NICU because he was 5 weeks early and had feeding issues. Being in the NICU environment we were able to see the level of care that many of the babies received if necessary and were amazed. I hope that you will not need level 3 care, but I have had friends at hospitals where it was not available and their child had to be transferred to a different hospital away from their Mom which was horrible! The staff at Good Sam was very nice and I was happy with my OB/GYN Dr. Barbour with West Suburban Obstetrics and Gynacology. They are located close to the hospital and the 2 doctors that deliver (Fan, Barbour, and Nolan-Watson) are all great! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks and good luck! S.

My sister was an OB nurse at Good Sam for many, many years and she had all of her 4 children there. Her dr. was Dr. Barbour and she also recommends Dr. Nolan-Watson.

I've had both my boys at Good Sam, and one due in March that will be delivered there. I have gone to West Suburban OB/Gyn through Good Sam and think the dr.s are wonderful. The nursing staff at the hospital is awesome too. My oldest was in the NICU after birth, and if needed they are great. I haven't been anywhere else, but I have no complaints about Good Sam at all.

I've had both my kids at Advocate Good Sam in Downers Grove. It is GREAT!! Absolutely great! I have no complaints whatsoever! The nurses there are fabulous. My OB Gyn is Dr. Radhika Chawla and her office is in the physician's building attached to Good Sam. She is an AMAZING doctor. She is really great. Her number is ###-###-####.

Good luck.

I had twins at Good Sam 4 months ago. Everyone there was great. My Obgyn office is also there in tower 4. They made me feel very welcome and took good care of my girls. Everyone knew us and helped us when one of my daughters had to stay for a few weeks.

Hi L.. I'm so sorry that you have to switch doctors. That would make me really frustrated as well!

I've had three kids at Good Sam within the past 5 years, most recently one year ago. The maternity areas were completely remodeled between my second and third kids, and I have to say that it's a world of difference. The rooms are all private (although I believe they are at most hospitals now), and they are very comfy. I had good experiences with the nurses.

My doctor is Dr. James Jenks, and his practice - Jenks, Lawler and Kelly - is amazing. Dr. Kelly is the only female doctor, if that matters to you. I've been seeing Dr. Jenks for 18 years now, and he is wonderful. I'm not sure that he accepts new patients, but I'm sure the other two do. They are kind and take their time to listen and answer questions. The office staff and nurses are wonderful and very patient. I highly recommend them. Their offices are in the Good Sam building. ###-###-####.

Good luck to you, L., and please feel free to write again if you have any other questions.

I went to Hinsdale Hospital and had a great experience. I used West Suburban Women's Health's midwives for my daughter. It was just wonderful and will do it there again.

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