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Exercise When Nursing- Is Running Ok?

I had my baby 7 weeks ago and wanted to start running again, but I am nursing. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does it affect nursing at all?


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Just as the previous two moms stated, it is completely fine to run 7 weeks post pregnancy ( I trained for a half marathon after my first and had the same concerns...)However, you may feel some tenderness . I too would suggest investing in a good sports bra and body glide for potential chafing. It is also important to keep hydrated. Try to aim for 2x as much to keep your supply in tact. When I got back into a running/ workout program post pregnancy, I was told that due to the production of lactic acid,the taste of my milk may alter and there might be a slight flavor that may take the baby some 'getting used to'. My son noticed the difference but adapted well. Good luck and have fun running...


You can exercise such as running while nursing, just get a REALLY GOOD exercise bra because it hurts like crazy them bouncing if you are big or have milk. Also try to nurse right before so you can empty them as much as possible. Running in water is really good too. Congrats on the new little one and the energy to start exercising already.


I ran while nursing and had no problems. It just isn't as comfortable to do!

You can totally run and nurse (not at the same time, of course!):-) I am nursing my 10 month old and I am a runner. If you feel like you are physically ready then go for it.

You are going to want to get a really good supportive bra - tighter than usual - the bounce of the "girls" is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Some people told me to nurse before I run for the less-full-factor as well as if you sweat when you run (which you probbaly will), your milk may get a salty flavor to it and your baby may not like that. I have done both, and it doesn't affect my son nursing at all (although he's a boob boy and nothing affects him!).

Good Luck and happy running (and nursing!).

Running is great exercise, and is fine to do while nursing. You will want to get yourself a beefy sports bra (I really like the ones that Moving Comfort makes - check their website. These bras are great because they "hold" rather than "squash" your breasts). Also, nurse your baby right before running and that will eliminate some of the bounce. You will also want to stay well hydrated, as the other posters said.

Aside from that, start slow and enjoy yourself! You might even consider doing a run/walk program (a la Jeff Galloway - see www.jeffgalloway.com) until you really get going.

You should NOT run with your baby at this age. They recommend babies being at least 6 months old before you run/bike with them because their neck muscles are still too weak.

Good luck and have fun!

I started running after about 7 weeks after my child's birth, and it didn't seem to have any affect on nursing. Of course, running was MUCH harder than I expected and I was very careful to keep hydrated. When speaking to my physician, his advice was to listen to my body (if it said stop, then stop) and to drink water before, during, and after. And after a run, to drink until I feel hydrated, and then try and have one glass more. Also, since you are burning extra calories while breast-feeding and running, make sure you replenish those as well.
Hope this helps!

My friend was nursing twins and got back to her running program (she's a pretty serious runner) at 6 weeks post-partum. She is still nursing her twins, and their birthdays are coming up in about 2-3 weeks.


Do not feel that you need another response but as I am a board certified lactation consultant I will make it official... you are doing fine. follow what you are comfortable with.
I agree with having a supportive bra... that is for your comfort more than anything else.
Hydration is always important.

Happy trails to you..

Pres. Lactation Support Group, Inc

As long as you feel up to it and your dr says it's ok for you to start excercising again, it's perfectly fine. There is really no issue unless you consider having to possibly eat a little more in order to make up the calories from running and still have enough for making milk. You will prob want to wear a fairly firm jogging bra to help with the new size/heaviness of your breasts, but don't get it too tight because that could cause mastitis, which is an infection of the milk ducts and awful to go through. Have fun running!

I would think if you are comfortable with it... it should be fine. Just be sure to wear a super super supportive bra and maybe two. :) Also, probably nursing before will help. And be sure to stay hydrated during and after. :)

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