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Easter Basket Ideas??

Hey Mamas! I was looking for ideas of what to put inside my 18 month old sons Easter Basket for Easter.. Right now I have the basket, some chalk, and a coloring book....and thats it.. What kind of stuff would be age appropriate with out spending way too much?? Any ideas are much appriciated! :)

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Hi, S., I too am putting together an Easter basket for my 18 month old. I'm sure there are some wonderful ideas already mentioned and look forward to reading everyone else's suggestions. I haven't read the responses yet so sorry if there are repeats in some of the things I've brainstormed based on my son's interests recently.

Child size watering can (can be used as the actual basket also)
Stickers of all kinds - animals, Easter themes, etc.
Bubbles (for us, replacing the bubble fluid)
Child size sunglasses
Pail and Shovel set (pail could also be used as actual basket)
finger paints
rubber ducky family for bath time

Have fun pulling things together....

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My son loved (and still loves) the plastic Easter eggs themselves!

Bubbles bubbles bubbles
there are trucks and cars just a little larger than matchbox cars-walmart
firetruck helicopter a building toy like super lego or blocks that you can add more over the years
books about boy stuff.

I didn't read your other responses so sorry if this is a repeat. I put a little candy at that age, but I did a montly arts-and-crafts theme. At that point, she didn't have a lot of arts and crafts, so I put in washable Crayola paints, a paint-brush variety pack, construction paper, the big box of crayons, stickers and some coloring books. She loved it and still uses some of the stuff to this day (she's 3.5).

I found some cute plastic eggs at Target filled with various toys. They were a pack of 6 eggs in the Easter section. I picked ones that had 'The Little People' in them (one character per egg) but they also had Sesame Street and a few others? My daughter is 14 months, so I was struggling with the same thing. Books are another idea?

BUBBLES!!! He will love to chase them and watch them as you make them. Walmart has these great bubble wands right now in all different colors for $1.00, and you just wave the wand and it makes lots of big bubbles.

One year, I made a little plasic red wagon the "basket" for my son when he was about that age, and he loved pulling it, packing things into it, and trying to climb into it.

Little books are great too. Have fun.

Hi S.,
Check out the dollar bins at Target - they are great! I bought little bunny ears for $1 and they are always cute for pictures. Little whistles, new sippy cup, new outfit for spring. If you want to do healthy snacks, my kids at that age (and even now) love raisins (or raisinets if you want to add some chocolate), dried fruit (like apricots and plums), little snack bags of teddy grahams..... The $1 bins at Target also have tiny stuffed animals. Just make sure you don't get anything that could be a choking hazard but at this age, they are learning not to put as many things in their mouth. Best wishes! Your son will love whatever you give him!

I know someone else within the responses asked for help as well. My daughter will be 21 months by Easter. I’m making her basket myself (a Hello Kitty theme and I got everything from H&M and Walmart)

Hello Kitty barrettes (you can put cars)
Hello Kitty water bottle (you can use a sippy cup if your child isn’t ready for a water bottle)
gold fish
fruit snacks
Hello Kitty sun hat
board book about Easter
Hello Kitty coloring book
color wonders (so she wouldn’t draw on the walls and carpet)
fruit leather (almost like a fruit roll up – Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods for $.49 ea)
a build a bear (which I redeemed her pamper points for a gift card)
hello kitty slippers
Gerber Crunchies
Hansen’s Organic fruit juice box
Plastic Jumbo Easter eggs filled with stickers
Pack of plant seeds

go to McDonald’s you can purchase the toys that are in the Happy Meals for $2.00)

Hope this help!

Hi S.!


A stuffed bunny to start the collection he'll amass as he gets one each year in his basket

Plastic eggs in a carton -- they may be the kind that open, in which case you can put tiny things inside (Hershey Kisses are good)

CD of fun songs or DVD of something he likes

Best of all: Seeds to plant and nurture! He is old enough!

Have fun,
S. F.

match box cars
reading book for age
Hope that helps

Easter Basket Ideas...I try to do fun "spring ideas" like bubbles, a push lawn mower, plastic Easter eggs filled with small items like (stickers, small figurines (army guys), etc. I wouldn't go overboard...just small well thought about gifts are always the best because they are so meaningful.

put in some snacks that are good for him..... enough ...it's easter not Christmas. he's 18 months he'd be happy with a $2 truck from Walgreens

Hi S., I would check target and michaels dollar section! Good luck! Happy easter!

Check out the Dollar Stores. They have lots to choose from.

You could add one of those soft plastic cars, balls are always great, bubble blowers kids love. You could include age appropriate snacks, mini cookies or a small package of goldfish. My son is addicted to Thomas the train (started when he was 18 months) so you could include a train piece. Bath tub toys are always fun at that age.


My mother in law actually had a great idea - she took some of the snack items that my kids like and put that in their easter basket - there are the cheerios snacks, gold fish, things like that.

Hope this helps!


My 17 month old loves balls. Now with the weather getting nice we got him a baseball and tennis ball. Perfect for his little hands. A nice learning toy is Leap Frog Fridge Phonics. This is a toy he will find fun for the next few years hopefully ( I have a 3.5 year old too).

I'm right there with you! My little guy is 19 months and I don't want to do candy! I got him some chalk too, a few small toys, BUBBLES!, and a couple of books. I plan on having him "hunt" for eggs, but will put his favorite dried fruit in them, or a few goldfish crackers. :)

Happy Easter!

I get almost ALL our basket stuffers from the dollar store. It is amazing to see just how much joy $1 items can bring.

Do you or a friend have a pool? How about pool toys?
Bath toys (those always seem to need replacement due to bath scum)
A kite (the ones at the dollar store are AWESOME ~ we had SO much fun with ours last year)
A new summer hat

Hope this helps! Have fun ~ I love stuffing baskets!

My kids love to blow bubbles. Card board books are good too. Special snacks that he wouldn't normally get? Mine get Capri suns, pudding cups, crazy straws, and things like that since that isn't something they get normally.

You could also get some kind of dress-up stuff...like a cowboy hat, GI Joe gear and so forth.

Ok.. I've read your suggestions from most of the others.. I'm a grandma..when my kids were small.. all these things were great.. I have 2 more I didn't see though.. In the baskets I always put a new toothbrush. I figured they had to be changed thoughout the year anyway..so for Christmas stockings, Halloween treats, Valentines day, and easter.. as well as summer they got new ones.
Secondly.. I gave a cheap backpack AS the basket ..to my Granddaughter. It was a frog..that had wheels..She loved it.. and still plays with it 2 years later.

I have a very easy time finding stuff for my 4 year old, but the 14 month old is a bit harder. For her I have: a few Sesame Street board books from the dollar bins at Target, a little stuffed "Thumper" bunny from the disney store, a bubble wand from Walmart, and a cool bathtub basketball net from Target. The b-ball net for the tub was about $8, but I know she'll like it and it evens things out with what her sister's getting. Target has lots of good bathtub toys, which I thought are good for the easter basket. I'm also planning to put a little ball in there for her, and some Gerber "Puffs", since she won't be getting candy. What about little sand toys or other things for playing outside? I always check the dollar section in Target, and noticed that Walmart has a lot of outdoor toys for $1-$2. I sometimes find cute things at the Dollar store too. Have fun!

Check the Dollar Store or Target dollar section. They usually have books appropriate for your little one's age group. Other than that, I would not spend too much - you need to save your money for when they get older!!

Happy Easter!

Good for you for not stuffing it full of candy!

Maybe put in some crayons, a book about Easter (bunny/eggs or Jesus, depending on how you view the holiday), and a new t-shirt for spring?

I always like to put in new outside toys since spring is right around the corner. Try some sandbox toys, bubbles, a new ball, etc... This summer will be a fun one for your little one and you as he can play outside so much more.

Have fun!

A friend of mine has made a tradition of the Easter baskets having a bathing suit and beach towel. Maybe some sunglasses too. I thought this was a great idea.

toys r us has little tykes stuff buy 1 get 1 free. A lawnmower of theirs and a ride on toy are PERFECT for that age.

But really at that age, what you have is enough.

Hi S. ~ I have an 18~month~old daughter and am also trying to come up with Easter basket ideas. So far I have a couple of little board books, a CD of kids' Bible songs (I got it used on Amazon.com, so it was fairly inexpensive), some Fisher~Price Little People, and some new "Dora" sippy cups ~ oh, and some animal crackers, since we can't really do candy yet. :) Good luck! J. S.

Hi, i have a 15month old, I'm doing those things, plus crayola has these cool little animal stamps they can use on paper, they fit right in their hands, not expensive. He got a litte bubble gun from his gma for easter, early, he totally loves, i think they are pretty cheap. Maybe a new book, cars, I don't give him candy but he loves nemo fruit snacks so i will put a few of those in eggs.. also they have those big eggs at walmart or wherever that have wonderpets or other things inside, not expensive..and my son likes the big egg more than anything. ?? just a few ideas.?


Lots of great ideas were posted already. We are putting cheerios, Jumbo Rice Krispies, and goldfish in the eggs. For toys I did bubbles, Play-doh, books, a wind up bunny and little wooden cars I found in the $1 bins at Target. We are also putting in some coins because he loves to put money in his piggy bank. Coins are the only thing he doesn't put in his mouth.

I always check out the dollar bins at Target. I have found some great stuff, perfect for little gifts for Easter, stockings or just a special gift on one of "those" days.

Good luck!

I have in the past put in new PJ's, matching divided plate and cup (pretty cheap at Target), bubbles, new sippy cups, some coins in plastic eggs to put in her piggy bank (she can't open it), DVDS, and I do put a little bit of candy in like one hollow choc bunny and some peeps. I hope this helps, I have a hard enough time keeping up with my daughter when she isn't filled with candy and this has been my solution to give her things that she needs like PJ's and the plates and stuff and she loves it.

I have a 7 year old and a 26 month old and every year for easter they both get a new toothbrush and toothpaste. I know it doesn't sound fun but my kids really get excited about their new toothbrush from the easter bunny. I find this to be very practical as well.

Don't forget candy! :)

How about a styrofoam plane? You can get them in either small or jumbo (we like the jumbo) The wings just slide in and when the plane crashes, which it will, the wings just pop back in. My kids loved these planes and got them for at least 10 Easters! Even if they could not fly it themselves, they loved watching mom or dad throw it. They also got kites, same reason.

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