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Bad Diaper Rash

My daughter woke up this morning with a really bad diaper rash...I mean really red, some blood and just you could tell it was painful for her. She sleeps 12 hours at night and she must have had a bowel movement early in the night and also peed alot. Anyway, she's never had a diaper rash this bad before, so I am just looking for advice for treating it and helping her feel better soon. Thanks!

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Thank you to everyone for all of your helpful advice. My daughter's rash is noticeably alot better thanks to all of your tips, and hopefully it will be completely better in a few days. Airing it out and putting diaper cream on her about every hour during the day really seemed to do the trick. Thanks again!

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In case it happens again or doesn't clear up completely, I recently learned of a "trick" Guatemalans use that has been amazing with my kids.

Make a tea with one chamomile bag in one cup of hot water. Let it cool. Take a baby washcloth and completely soak it in the tea and squeeze it out. Take the wash cloth and wrap it from front to back (especially covering the infected area) and then put the child's diaper back on. Let it sit for approx 20 minutes and then take off the wash cloth and diaper and let the area air for approx 5 minutes. You can then apply a cream and put the diaper back on. Do this approximately 3x for a couple of days. This should help to soothe the area.

I use no toxic products that help with my son's senstive bottom. I would be happy to share what I use if you are interested.


I found that Bag Balm (a really heavy petroleum-type lotion) worked wonders for that sort of diaper rash. It's like Vaseline jelly, but much better. I've found it in the drug store in the lotion aisle. I think Walgreens also makes a generic brand.

Hope this helps,

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We swear by triple paste. You can get it at Walgreens. It is really thick, but it really works. We were introduced to it when my oldest was in the hospital with rotovirus. His skin was horribly shredded and bleeding from the constant loose acidic stool. He was clear in less than 12 hours. I also agree with letting her air it all out. They sell blue disposable chux pads that you can lie on the floor if you are worried about accidents.
Hope that helps


My daughter has dealt with diaper rash a lot in the last year. Me and my husband found that Beaudreax's(not sure on the spelling) butt cream works really well as far as what you can buy at a store. Desitin keeps everything away from the skin better though, so it's more what you like. Also it helps to give a bath with some Dreft in it. It can be just so she sits in it and helps her butt out. And if you felt it wasn't going away like it should be with that, if you go to the doctor and ask them about something, like Niastatin(still not sure on the spelling), but we ended up with that from our doctor and it helps a lot! I hope this helps a little bit!

Poor kid! Try Paladin diaper rash ointment. http://www.rashcream.com/Testimonials.htm
It works really well- and not just on sore behinds. I still use it on my 7 and 9 year old for chapped upper lips and other owies. I'm not sure what makes it better than the other diaper rash creams but it worked when Desitin and A&D didn't. I used to recommend Paladin to my incontinent home health care clients and they thought it was great stuff. Giving her derriere some air will help, too -of course, that may not always be feasible during winter in WI. Brrrr! After applying the ointment, dusting the treated area with non-talc baby powder will help keep the ointment on her skin longer instead of transferring onto to her diaper. I don't know if Walgreens or CVS carries it nowadays, but I bought my last jar at Ye Olde Pharmacy in Glendale about 3 or 4 years ago. (2 oz. jar for under $4) Good luck!

I swear by Triple paste diaper cream. You can get it at the pharmacy. It will clear it up FAST!

There are two products that work extremely well. Butt paste and aquaphor. They both are the best.

I'd suggest giving her organic yogurt with acidopholis and live cultures. Also a low acidic diet while the rash is still present.This has worked for my son numerous times.
If the rash is still present (not clearing) after a few days have her yeast levels checked to make sure there isn't an overgrowth in her system.

In case it happens again or doesn't clear up completely, I recently learned of a "trick" Guatemalans use that has been amazing with my kids.

Make a tea with one chamomile bag in one cup of hot water. Let it cool. Take a baby washcloth and completely soak it in the tea and squeeze it out. Take the wash cloth and wrap it from front to back (especially covering the infected area) and then put the child's diaper back on. Let it sit for approx 20 minutes and then take off the wash cloth and diaper and let the area air for approx 5 minutes. You can then apply a cream and put the diaper back on. Do this approximately 3x for a couple of days. This should help to soothe the area.

When my daughter got rashes like that, desitin just didn't work for her, so we used corn starch. If you put on some A&D ointment then sprinkle it with corn starch it sticks better, but sometimes just keeping moisture off her bottom will help it heal too. I used cornstarch because it wouldn't give her a yeast infection like baby powder can with little girls, it is also what my mom used on me as a baby.

Good Luck!!


So sorry about your little girl's tooshy! My little guy had awful diarrhea from antibiotics for an ear infection, and we had to deal with a horrible diaper rash then too.

I always make sure the skin is dry before using anything. I actually used a blow dryer on "cold" and he would smile and look relieved while I used that. Then I used desitin or bacitracin (keep it in the fridge--the cold feels soothing). Last time both of those made him scream so I just used a huge thick coat of vaseline the first night and then went back to desitin.

Whatever ointment you use, use the blow dryer if you can. It makes sure the skin is dry before you apply anything and it is really soothing to the irritated skin. My Sis-in-law runs a daycare and has 3 of her own kids, and she swears by it.
good luck!!

It is always miserable for you and your little one when they are in pain. Something that I always had on hand and worked so well for my babies is called "Caldesene Baby Powder". This stuff is the best I have ever used. My mom gave it to me when my son had the worst diaper rash ever and the results were amazing. I used it regularly as a preventative measure after that and he did not get diaper rash again. Good luck.

If its that bad I would bring her into the DR asap, don't mess with trying to find a good over the counter....

I had a lot of luck with Triple Paste a little more spendy but well worth it. Also I have taken about a 1/4 cup of flour and put it on the stove in a frying pan and cooked it till it was golden brown and put it on the spot!! Obviously after the flour cooled. My mother had to put that on her day care child once and worked. Good luck

I'm a mother of 2, my oldest will be 11 in a couple months and my youngest will be 6 next month (and one on the way). My girls would get a rash just about everytime they would have a bowel movement due to the high acidity in their body. I tried every kind of cream and ointment and everything burned her. Until someone told me about Boudreaux's Butt Paste. It worked in half the time other ointments did. I swear by this stuff. I recommended this to my daycare parents (one in which works in the medical field with children) and all of them now use it as opposed to the other ones. You can generally find it in Wal-mart and possibly Wal-greens. Ask a Pharmasist if you have trouble locating some. I haven't had to use it in over a year so I haven't specifically looked for it when out shopping.
Good luck with this. It's very painful for little ones. This cream took the sting out and quieted my girls right on contact and heals speedily.
Hope this helps.

Triple paste works well. I think I saw at walgreens recently.

clean her with warm soapy water, then gently rinse. my doctor said to blow dry the area with warm (not hot)hair dryer. the apply the desitin original (not the desitin creamy it has alchol that burns the area worse) you dont want mostier under the desitin. good luck

See if you can get poop goop from her doctor....yes its really called that!

Hi A.,

I'm sorry your little girl has a bad rash. She may have a yeast infection rash (exterior - NOT interior like we women get!). Just sitting in BM's (even for just a little while), especially a "messy" BM, can give little babies yeast infections. Get some Lotrimin (clotrimazole is the generic) and use it just like a diaper rash ointment. I usually would apply the lotrimin and then apply a regular vasaline based diaper ointment. Yeast diaper rashes are totally common and easy to treat. Use only lotrimin (or clotrimazole) though, which can be found by the athlete's foot stuff in the drug store, NOT the Gyne stuff, or monistat or anything that is used to treat internal yeast infections. Hope this helps!

Hi A....I agree with the air idea. That is usually what the dr. recommends first, too...to let the air get to it. And yes, she'll probably pee on things...but it'll make her feel better. Make sure she doesn't have a yeast infection. My older son had them chronically as an infant...you'll see like red speckles..and it won't get better AT ALL With the use of diaper rash cream. I also like Aquaphor or Balmex...my kids seem to be sensitive to everything else..and if it is a yeast infection I would recommend Nystatin. It is prescription but works sooo fast. Better than any of the other yeast infection creams in my experience. Good luck!!

I use no toxic products that help with my son's senstive bottom. I would be happy to share what I use if you are interested.


I am no expert, but what has worked for me is putting diaper rash cream on her before she goes to bed (Butt Paste has worked the best) and airing it out as often as I can. Good luck!

Butt Paste works really well. You can either buy it over the counter or get a prescription for it from your pediatrian. My sister's little boy had the same problem- really bad and it worked wonders!! Hope this helps you for you little one. Good luck.

I found that Bag Balm (a really heavy petroleum-type lotion) worked wonders for that sort of diaper rash. It's like Vaseline jelly, but much better. I've found it in the drug store in the lotion aisle. I think Walgreens also makes a generic brand.

Hope this helps,

So sorry to hear about your daughter's diaper rash. I hope she is doing better. If not, I've got a good solution for you. I got this recipe from our pediatrician. I've given it to friends that rave about the results too. Daycare lady even put it on her board for other parents to see because she has never seen anything work so well so fast. All you have to do is mix together equal parts of desitin/A&D ointment (or whatever diaper rash ointment you use, we used A&D) with an equal part of liquid Mallox. You have to stir for awhile, fyi. We started out with a tablespoon of each just to try it. Afterwards, we mixed up a larger container. We continued to use this mixture for all diaper changes. The antacid in Mallox takes care of the acidity in the urine that is painful on a sore butt. Of course, check with your pediatrician first.
Hope your daughter feels better soon!

HI A.,
There are many over-the-counter oitments such as Desitin...this is a good one.....My pedatrician also recommended I use baking soda and water for a soak..i put water in the kitchen sink with the baking soda and let her sit in it and play for alittle while...not only does it feel good..I believe it helps from infection...make sure to put some ointment on her every time the diaper is changed..it helps heal and keeps urine away from the rash...urine or staying wet will make the rash burn...My cousin uses Corona..its an ointment that you can get at Farm and fleet...it is typically used on horses, when they have sores..but i have had many people swear by it...it is very thick and sort of messy...but it does work....if the babys rash looks raised where it is sore..that could be a bacterial infection...in which case the babys Doctor should look at it...
Leaving the diaper off,for brief periods,(I know, be brave!)will help the healing process along as well...I hope some of this helps!! Good Luck!!

I have always used A+D ointment, has always done the job for me. It's smells bad, but works so good. I was also told not to use any powders, but everyone has their own opinions. Hope it gets better soon!

First, let it air dry as much as possible.

You can put her in a bath of warm water and baking soda to help. Also, try using lotrimin (yes, the athlete's foot cream)on it and then cover that with Aquafor paste. My daughter had horrible diaper rash when she was on antibiodics.

Triple Paste Cream is the ONLY diaper cream I use. It's simply the best. You can buy it at Walgreens (it's expensive - like $9 a tube). I've tried all kinds - starting with Desitin which did absolutely nothing.

Good luck!

I go back and forth with desitin and a&d ointment and it works great for my 3 kids. But that is just my 3 kids. Hope something works for your little daughter.

Let her take/or give her a warm bath...then let her be without a diaper for a while to air out. I had to do that with my daughter once when she got like that too! Understand that you may be cleaning little "accidents" because she wont be wearing a diaper or (if she will) sit with you and watch a movie or a show wrap her in a towel.

My son has had diaper rash like that. We took him to the doctor and she prescribed him "butt paste". The pharmacy mixed it up and put it into a bottle for us. It is much thicker than regular ointments and worked wonders for him (his rash was cleared in 12 hours).

My Pediatrician also suggested using the product called Butt Paste instead of Desitin. It is a little more expensive but does seem to clear up rashes quicker. Good luck!

I would slather on diaper cream as ofton as possible even if she doesn't need a diaper change. If you can let her run around naked at times to, to air it out that helps.If it doens't get better in a few days take her in to her pediatrician. When my daughter's sensitive skin is irritated I try and not give her a bath if I can resist because it usually just makes it worse and drys her out worse.

The main thing my doctor recommends for a regular diaper rash caused from sitting in diahhrea or poop, is applying Desitin (regular not creamy) as if you were frosting a cake. You want to provide a barrier. She also discussed mixing it with Mallox. I've done that, but I've also just dabbed Mallox on, waited for it to dry, and then put Desitin on. Recently I found that mixing Aquaphor and Desistin together seems to work even better yet.

I've also heard that Triple Paste works wonders, although I've never used it.

If the rash is from a yeast infection (it usually has a more circular appearance and spreads out like that rather than a random appearance)then you'd best get a doctor's prescription for Nystatin or something similar. From my experience the poopy diaper rash is quite painful to the baby, but the yeast one literally made my son scream everytime I touched his butt or even had him sit down.

Good luck and fast healing!

Wash her butt then blow dry it, alos burts bees diaper rash cream is good, i would put a blanket that you dont really care about and just let her be free as it were (no diaper)

First and foremost allow air to get to the site, when you change her let her go a bit before you put her diaper back on, air is by far the best thing for diaper rash, yes you may get pee somewhere but its a small price to pay when she is umcomfortable.
Plain old corn starch works if you have nothing. Also I have been told that all diaper rashes are essentially yeast infections and you can go to the pharmacy and get some antifungal cream, explain to the pharmacist why you need it and they will help you find the right ointment.
After 4 kids and numerous diaper rashes I have been thru pretty much every diaper rash ointment there is and I think Burt's Bees is handsdown the best I have ever used, its thick and works well. I noticed Walgreens started carrying more of the Burt's Bees line so they may have it there otherwise it is a little hard to get, I got my online at Burtsbees.com, but works so well it is worth the effort and cost of shipping.

Good luck, just make sure to get air to it her bottom and you'll more than likely prevent most diapers rashes
K. H

I see that you have already gotten many responces on your question. I wanted to let you know what I use, though it seems that there are a lot of good ideas and helpful tips on here.. I used this ointment that is called D is for Diosaury Diaper Rash Ointment. I got it from the dollar store before my son was born. I was really amazed on how well it worked! He does not cry when I put it on his but when he is getting a rash, but after I put it on him, he seems to feel better, and the rash is gone with in a half of a day.

Also another thing that you might want to do, is before you put your little girl down to bed you might want to put what ever you choose to use on her butt so that should help keep the pee away from her delicate skin until you change her again the next morning.

Good luck and I hope her little tushy is feeling better by now.

I would use Boudreaux's butt paste. They sell it at Target. I put it on my baby every night.

A friend of mine, who's a mother, told me to use Dreft laundry detergent in bath water. I guess this is a detergent that is supposed to be really gentle and a lot of people use it on their baby clothes. You let her soak in a tub of water and dreft and supposedly it clears the rash right up. I've never tried it because my son's never had any "bad" diaper rashes, but it's worth a try. I'm not sure what it would feel like on any open skin wounds, but since the product is supposed to be gentle, maybe it's not an issue.

A friend of mine turned me on to Calmoseptine. It's what nursing homes and hospitals use on adults. It's over the counter, but not all pharmacies stock it, so it maight need to be ordered. It works!! In the meantime you could use Triple Paste which is also over the counter, but you have to ask the pharmasist for it. Don't wipe the irrated area unless she's dirty, just pat dry and change wet or dirty diapers right away. Hope this helps and hope she's feeling better soon!

hello! my daughter had a serious rash when she was about 5 months old, we used an old home remedy of cornstarch for a while but the rash returned often.my next move was to switch diper brands we went from loves to pampers and she has not had a rash since.

The best thing that we have found for diaper rashes is Aquaphor, you can get it at Walgreens or Walmart. Our first son who is now 14 had severe diaper rash problems that we had to suffer through, I don't even know if the Aquaphor was available at that time, but with our now 3 year old we used it all the time and never had any problems with diaper rash. In fact, when he did get a diaper rash we'd put this stuff on and by the end of the day it was gone. It's awesome!

Hi, You can wash her bottom, then dry , put ointment and some corn starch on her bottom it has to stay dry that is the most important thing. Good Luck!

Hi A.,

My daughters both had bad diaper reashes as babies. Their skin is just very sensitive. I actually ended up getting a prescription butt paste, so know that this is an option if this is something that happens a lot.
However, before I got the prescription, which can be difficult to get covered by insurance, I spoke to a doctor that gave me this process and it worked really well compared to other things.

First - wipe your baby's bottom with cotton and mineral oil when she has a bad rash. It hurts less and may provide a protective oil coating. Then put on a product called Ilex Paste. It is very dry, so after you apply it you have to put on a coat of vaseline. It is a lot of steps, but it really helped my girls.

Now Ilex paste is a medical paste, so you won't find it at the local drugstore. I had to special order it from Walgreens. They usually had it for me in 1-2 days. It used to cost me 7 - 9 dollars per tube. This was about a year and a half ago.

The other thing the doctor told me was that while I was waiting to get the Ilex Paste I should use Desitin. She felt it was the best over the counter diaper cream.

I hope this helps. Good Luck. I hope Cora feels better soon.

C. O.


Hello fellow night-shifter. I also work nights (on the weekends) and am a SAHM during the weekdays.

Butt Paste is the best diaper rash cream I have found. FYI Desitin Creamy and others burn when applied. Butt Paste does not. Best wishes!


If you go to Park Nicollet Clinics you can get a RX for "Poop Goop" - it's magic! Otherwise, I've used lansinoh nipple cream, it works great as a barrier.

I have 6 children, two of them had the same thing. The Dr. perscribed lotrimine and suggested that I keep a diaper off as much as possible. So I use to put them on a blanket and hope there wasnt much mess. But it did work. I would take the diapers off for about an hour at a time a couple times a day. Good luck.

Glad your little one is better. I am a Internationally trained Skin Expert and I want to add a little to the forum. All the tips you recieved were EXCELLENT. Camomile- great. Desitin with Caldescene Powder will keep the rash away for good. Triple cream great. But moms I want to warn you against using cornstarch or powders containing cornstarch, especially on little girls. No disresect to the woman whose mom used it on her. Many older mommies used it, however, bacteria feed on the constarch and it can actually cause candida to develop. Use Caldescene with Desitin or Bordeaux Buttpaste by coating the bottom completely like a little "diaper" and your little cutie will never have it again!

Air, Air, Air. Let her play naked if you can. Also, I've found that A + D Diaper Ointment or Desetine worked best for us. Also, make sure her butt is REALLY dry before you put it on, and when you put it on...rub it in a bit so that her butt and vagina look like a chalky white, so you can see her skin color through it. My daughter has had butt rash that bad too, when it bleeds. I realised that my daycare was putting cream on her when her butt was still wet and then it would hold all the wet right next to her skin. Man, I hated that...she would scream and clench her butt when I would wipe her, or even put the cream on...it was horrible. Good luck. Also, if you do this, it should be gone within a day or 2.

I'm so sorry for your little girl! I swear by Butt Paste. We used to use Desitin, but I hated that you had to really smear it onto sore skin, which seemed to irritate it more, being handled so much. The Butt Paste, I just dab it in a few places and let it sort of melt around inside the diaper. I do day care, and I had a little girl this past summer who had the worst diaper rash I'd ever seen; she had diarrhea for a couple of weeks from what turned out to be mold exposure from a dumpster next to her house. :( But her pediatrician gave them instructions for a custom cream. I'm sure if you called, yours could give you the same; she gave me some and never gave me the specific ratios. But it included diaper rash cream to create a barrier, Maalox for the acid, and some Lotrimin (the foot kind) for yeast. It worked wonders on a very severe rash.

I hope she's feeling better soon!

Buy 2 things Lansinoh Breast Creme and Aveeno SKIN RELIEF BATH TREATMENT. Let her soak in the tub then put on the breast cream it is really thick and tacky stuff it will not come off all the way even when you change her diaper and nothing will get through it plus it helps the bloody spots heal. Use it one day after everything has cleared just to be sure.

: )

Hello. My oldest son sometimes got really bad diaper rash and my doctor had me try Cortizone-10. That seemed to work really good for him. Usually within a day or two the rash was completely gone. It is in a yellow tube - I always found the ointment worked better than the cream. Hope things get better soon.

keep a diaper off as much as possible or use cloth diapers for the day! triple paste is the best ointment that i have used. it is not in the baby aisle, but at the pharmacy window though it is not a prescription. ~~W.

I'm sure by now your little girls diaper rash is gone!! But I just wanted to share with you that I have had 2 doctors now tell me to use Lotrimine AD(sp), its in a tube at the drug stores and its actually for athletes foot (sounds weird I know) but it works like magic, who would of ever thought huh! :) They wouldnt prescribe me anything they actually thought this worked better so I always carry a tube in the diaper bag now!!

As strange as this may sound - try an anti-fungal cream used for athlete's foot. You can get a generic at Target or Walmart - but it really works well! If it keeps coming back, it could be a yeast infection, in which case you'll need to see her doc - but this stuff will help heal her up fast. I use it on my son when he has the same issue & he's healed within a couple of days! Another thing that might help, if it's a yeast infection, is having her eat plain/vanilla yogurt with live cultures. If she's having diarrea that goes with the diaper rash, the yogurt can also help bulk up her stools a bit.
Good luck!

My son had a really bad diaper rash as well not too long ago, I called his doctor cuz the A&D Ointment was not working. The doctor said to use Triple paste until it goes away. So now anytime his but looks like it is getting red I put that on and it clears up. Hope this helps. My son is 13 months right now.

Have you tried Triple Paste? You can sometimes get it in the baby section at Walgreens, and sometimes you have to ask the pharmacy to order it for you, though it's non-prescription.

It's expensive, but in my experience, so worth it! The only thing that cleared up the really bad diaper rashes with my kids. Works fast, too.


try udder balm. it is made for cows udders but completely safe for use on a child. it also works very well for diaper rash. you can also try leaving her without a diaper, but keep in mind accidents do happen

i suggest buying boudreaux's butt paste it is the best u can buy it at any store like target or wal mart. i used it on my daughter and it cleared it up. i work in a nursing home and we have had doctor's prescribe it for some of our residents. my friend told me about it. good luck

Hi A.,
Every one else has wonderful ideas, but I also found aquafor worked for my daughter when nothing else did. Air as much as possible and instead of wipes I used warm wash clothes to clean her up. There was a point I even changed diaper brands while she was teething. For some reason she would have horrible rashes while teething and no other time. Hope your daughter feels better soon!

Let air get at it as much as possible. I would treat it with the "butt paste" that's on the market or there is a destin (sp) overnight formula. High Zinc Oxide is what you're looking for. I wonder if you can use that rash ointment on open skin though??? For now keep your child dry.
Poor baby:( That must be painful. My DD had one bad rash that blistered.

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