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Diaper Rash? - Coal Valley, IL

My 13 month old son has had what appears to be a diaper rash for the past week or so. I have been rotating Balmex and baby powder, trying to let it heal and dry out but it doesn't seem to be working. Two days ago I noticed a couple spots, each about the size of an eraser head, that look like open sores. I've never seen anything like this before. He doesn't seem bothered by it at all. I'm wondering if I should take him to the doctor to get it checked out? Do any of you moms have any other suggestions as to what it could be or what I should or should not put on the infected area? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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I just want to send out a BIG 'THANK YOU!' to everyone who responded about my little guy's rash. I am truly thankful for each and every one of you that wrote. I felt so cared for, I wish I could give you all a hug :) I ended up letting Caleb run around naked a few times a day to air out and I also gave the doctor a call just to be on the safe side. They told me to get some Lotrimin, use it and then wait a couple days and see what happened before I came in. As it turned out, I didn't even need to use anything, his little bum dried up on it's own. Again, a big thanks to all of you!

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I guess you're not supposed to use baby powder, so I would skip that. But Balmex is a very good product. I would slather on a LOT of that, so his butt is white, at every diaper change. I think the rash will go away soon. At least it doesn't bother him. If it doesn't go away, or if it starts bothering him, I would go to the doctor then.

You have a lot of responses and I did not read them all. It sounds like a yeast infection. My son and daughter used to get them a lot. The doctor told me to clean thier bottom, let dry (naked time is good) and when putting on a diaper, use Lotrmin AF (like used for jock itch and athlete's foot). I also like Triple Paste and get that at Walmart in the baby section. This worked for both my kids and my son (6 months) hasn't had a problem since he was 2 months.

This might be a type of yeast infection. Both of my sons have had this from time to time. It is treated with athlete's foot cream but I would certainly see a doctor before I did anything else.
Good luck!

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Hi K.,

I would take him to the doc just to be on the safe side.

He might have a reaction to the powder.

I don't know if you are aware of this but, talcum-based powders have a chemical in them called Diazinon.

If you were to look this up, it would tell you that it is a chemical that is an allergenic, sensitizer, highly neurotoxic. Toxic to fetus & to birds. Used in lawn pesticides and flea collars.

Please, please, please all you moms, invest in the book called:
The Safe Shopper's Bible = by David Steinman & Samuel Epstein, MD. You will be glad you did!

It is the best book out there. It will educate you on the chemicals out there that are creating all these health problems for our children. I have been doing research for over 8 years on this because of my own health problems and through my many endeavors have come across some pretty scarey stuff. I use this in my business to help educate families.

I would stop using the balm & the powder for sure. Just use water for now until you see a doctor.

Best wishes,


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If the redness has been there for a week, it might be a yeast infection. My daughter and son both had yeast infections on their little toochies after their diaper rashes just didn't heal - much like what you described. The doctor prescribed Nystatin which is a yellowish somewhat thick cream. They both cleared up within a day! Good luck!

I would take him to the doctor and get it checked out. It sounds like a yeast infection and my girls had it before too. They will give you a prescription for some cream to put on it. He told me to let it air out some too which your have other risks than=)
Good luck!!

I've always used corn starch instead of baby powder on my kids. Also the dr told me to use A&D. The other diaper rash creams and baby powder did nothing for our kids.

My 17 mo. old just got a yeast infection that I was mistaking for diaper rash. I, too was using desitin and medicine for the rash. He started to get bumps in that area so I took him into the doctor and she said it was definitely a yeast infection caused my antibiotics. I ended up using lotrimin on it, and it went away in a few days. So, it could be something other than diaper rash, and I would have it checked out. Good luck!

This is not something that you need to see a doctor about, unless it continues to get worse, but you should take it seriously so that it doesn't become infected (I'm sure that you have been).
Anyway, I've had several friends come up against this at one point or another, all of which have used a different method (some better than others), but I'll tell you what has worked the best for me with my 2 boys and about 4 other babies that I've cared for over the years.

When there was an open sore I would use a (3) step method, otherwise I would just stick with the 2nd two steps. Here goes: (1)on the open sore areas I would use a neosporin ointment to seal the area and to help protect against infections, (2)on top of the entire rash (including over the neosporin ) I would use ***and this is going to sound crazy*** an anti-fungal (athletes foot) cream like Lamisil or a generic brand; both worked. This was suggested to me by my sons Doc, he informed me that kids can sometimes get a fungal rash from a combination of moisture and a nice,warm,cozy environment to grow in. Especially if the rash is a solid pink area, slightly rough to the touch and slightly raised. If that's what your rash looks like "fungal rash" is probably your suspect. (3)finally to lock in all of the "healing goodness" a layer of aquaphor over everything (this is a purified, unscented type of petroleum jelly made by Eucerin (great stuff had a lot of uses).

I hope this is helpful, this is always a distressing situation, especially when our little cuties get open sores. I'm glad to hear that it doesn't seem to be bothering your son, hopefully things will remain that way until you get him all healed.

All the best!

P.S. We are somewhat of a rash family, over the years my boys have taught me to be somewhat of a rash detective. Researching eczema, fungal rashes, roseola and various allergic reactions (usually to certain wipes or certain brands of diapers) --- so, if I can ever be of help drop me a line.

I have an almost 3 month old little girl and when she had gotten some little sores on her bottom (not as big as the ones you described) my midwife actually recommended using olive oil on the area at diaper change times to create a barrier from the urine and stool - I did this and it cleared up within a couple of days. She also recommended using cheap washclothes and just water instead of wipes as they can have ingredients that irritate the area and to use a blow dryer to completely dry the skin before putting the oil and diaper on. I will sometimes put the olive oil on at last diaper change of the night before bed since she goes longer at night without a change. I have also used a few drops of breastmilk on the rash before putting on a clean diaper which works wonders on any ailment (but if you don't have any breastmilk handy the above work awesome and you don't have to worry about unnecesary medications). Hope this helps!

give him a good bath with mild soap or no soap and take a blowdryer(on low) to his bum then let him be free for a while. or it could be a yeast infection, if you are worried about it go to the Dr.

He could have a yeast infection (not the same as us women get). I would take him in to see the doctor. If it hasn't gone away in a week, you will probably need some prescription cream to heal it.

Triple paste is the best!!!!!!!My son had such bad rashes that there were spots that were bleeding. I also let him be in his birthday suit between diaper changes to air him out and just keep a old blanket under him for accidents. Good luck.

I agree, take him to a Dr. But also, in the future, I would skip the powder & just use diaper rash crm each time you change his diaper. Our 2nd son was very constipated, so was in a diaper a little longer than I had hoped & got severe diaper rash a few times when he was old enough to let us know what hurt & didn't. I had desitin & burts bees he would tell me 'it hurts' when I would but on the desitin, complain a little less with the burts bees. So when I found out about Arbonne ABC diaper crm I bought some & he didn't complain when I put it on. So now with new baby girl, Arbonne is the only cream I use - just an fyi.

My doctor had me alternate between an antibacterial (bacitracin) and and anti-fungal (athlete's foot medication) and it worked well. Those are both over the counter, so no co-pays or pharmacy purchases.
The sores are hard to look at as a parent because it makes you feel like you are not doing your best. But you obviously are. We learn things through talking to other moms and experience. One of my children got sores so bad that they bled. It broke my heart!

A new discovery for me with my last two children was Aquaphor, it is amazing. I would see the start of a diaper rash, put it on, and then the rash was gone on the next change.

Hi K., we have 3 children and Bourdaux's (spelling?) Butt Paste worked for my first 2...and it doesn't smell bad either! It does not work for my baby, so we tried Desitine with her and it really helped. best wishes!

I switched to ONLY using Vaseline for my son's diaper rashes. This seemed to clear things up pretty quickly even when he also from time to time would get open (bleeding) sores with the rash. Clean him up after diapers really well and then generously apply the vaseline. On the 2 open sores - you could also put some triple antibiotic ointment just so they don't become infected. If they still don't look better after a day I would take him in to Dr.

But changing him quickly when he needs it should also prevent them from getting infected.

Most 'wounds' actually heal better in a somewhat moist environment, so the baby powder may be making things worse. The vaseline will seal in the good moisture in the skin and provide a protective layer against the urine and stools.

As for why he got this all of a sudden - think about if you've introduced any new foods recently. Another possibility is teething so it may go away as quickly as it came on.

Good luck!

Balmex is made from Petroleum (the same stuff we put in our cars). Baby Powder is made from Talc, which is a mineral (rock from the ground) that irritates open sores the way glass or sand would. Baby Powder is also perfumed, which is toxic and causes irritation.

To treat diaper rash naturally so that it goes away for good:

Bathe the area in warm water/vinegar (put 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a bowl of warm water). The vinegar will dry out the rash and neutralize the ph. Vinegar is cooling and soothing, so don't worry about it being an irritant.

DO NOT USE CREMES on diaper rash. Diaper rash and all rashes need to dry in order to heal.

LET HIM AIR DRY as much as possible ~ running around without a diaper on will make it go away much faster.

Switch to non-perfumed diapers (Seventh Generation). They are made with mostly paper instead of plastic and jelly, which both trap moisture and irritate skin.

Stop using WET WIPES. They are toxic (perfumed, plastic, contain anti-bacterial agents), irritating and unnecessary. When you wipe his bottom, use a warm washcloth.

As soon as i started making my own wipes with natural products, I never had any problems. If you want to know more, I would be happy to share.

I guess you're not supposed to use baby powder, so I would skip that. But Balmex is a very good product. I would slather on a LOT of that, so his butt is white, at every diaper change. I think the rash will go away soon. At least it doesn't bother him. If it doesn't go away, or if it starts bothering him, I would go to the doctor then.

Try an anti-fungal ointment. Babies can get a fungus infection, like atheletes foot, on their bottoms. Regular diaper rash treatments don't work on this. Doctors are saying now not to use powder on babies because it can make them choke or have difficutly breathing. I guess all of out mothers didn't know anything, huh!
My oldest kids are about the same age as many of the other Moms on this site. When my older kids were little cloth diapers were still being used and we used baby powder and even used a drop of whiskey on their gums to relieve teething pains. Use old remedies wisely --they worked for years -- but now doctors are advising a whole new course of treatment. But I feel that parents should use what works for them and their kids, you know your kids best.

My son had such a problem with diaper rashes too. We found a combination of "Triple Paste" medicated ointment and "antifungal cream" containing clotrimazole cream 1% mixed at 50/50 worked within a day or two. We found this magic combination after talking with a pharmacist. Obviously if it looks really bad or you have concerns, take him to the Dr.
Another thing that worked for us was just plain old vaseline.
Make sure his diaper area is very dry before putting any creams or vaseline on it.
Good luck!

Try lotrimin. It sounds a little yeasty to me. Lotrimin won't hurt the open sores, either. You can still use diaper rash creme or powder or whatever on alternative applications. Baking soda in th bath water will help, also. Baking soda is a neutralizer.

Wow. My friend just had that happen too. She took her son in and they told her he had strep butt. (I know how funny that sounds) I guess it is like strep throat. I would take him in!

Please, if there are open sores take him to the doctor!!

I am surprised no one else has recommended usings athlete's foot cream (I believe --lamisil is the brand recomended). I used to work at a pharmacy, many dr.'s would prescribe triple butt cream for bad diaper rash. Lamisil is one of the ingredients. It worked for my son (lamisil) It is a little expensive and we used 2 tubes of it, but it worked. Also, people don't realize it, but your local pharmacist it very very knowledgeable. You can explain the bad diaper rash and see what the pharm recommends.

It sounds like a yeast infection to me, many people are surprised that even baby boys can get yeast infections. Baby powder can acctually make it worse. it can encourage the growth of yeast. Take your baby in to see his Dr. to find out for sure and get the best possible advice. Good luck!

well i would definetly take him to the doctor to see wat they may think those sorees are. but in the mean time, i have a&d ointment and desitin to do wonders for my sons diaper rash. its really good for treating and preventing. i always put ointment on him when changing his diapers. ever sice he has never had another rash.

Hi K....I would just like to agree with the moms that stay stop using baby powder..it really is useless and inhaling it is really bad for your baby. Also, it does sound like it could be a yeast infection. I keep a tube of OTC antifungal (the same thing you would use on athlete's foot)like Lotrimin on hand all the time. I have 3 kids 4 and under, two who are in diapers, and once in a while, they develop yeast infections. If the diaper rash cream doesnt' work, I will usually try the antifungal (it won't hurt if your child DOESN'T have a yeast infection). If it doesn't look like it's clearing up after two days (using it 2x per day), then it may not be a yeast infection, and I would say bring her in.

Both of my children had severe diaper rash (open soars) when they would be getting teeth in. I would make sure to change them as frequently as possible, that way avoiding to have to wipe so much and give them warm bath soaks with very little or no soap. I also used desitin original for a general rash and as it would get closer to them with their teeth arriving I would use Butt Paste (yeah that is really the name). Our Dr prescribed it and it really worked. Hope this helps! I always felt so bad for them even though it didn't seem to both them! Good luck!
J. L

This might be a type of yeast infection. Both of my sons have had this from time to time. It is treated with athlete's foot cream but I would certainly see a doctor before I did anything else.
Good luck!

It could be a yeast rash. When my oldest gets a rash it turns into a yeast rash frequently. Try using some anti fungal cream (I use the generic brand from Target, you could us Lotrimin or Monistat). Diaper rash creams will do nothing for yeast. Put the anti fungal cream on in a thin layer, let it dry for a little bit then put the diaper rash cream on top of it so his bottom still has a moisture barrier. You could use some anti itch cream every few changes, too. Just in case the rash is bothering your little one.

My son had a really bad diaper rash when he was 2 months old. The Dr tried treating it with antibiotics, but that didn't work. I tried every butt cream out there - the one that worked for us was A & D ointment. The zinc based creams (white) tended to dry the skin out and make the rash worse. My dr also suggested trying a little hydrocortizone cream once a day - didn't really use that much, though. You could always call your dr and ask if they think they need to see him, but I'd try the A & D first.

Good luck!

I would take him in...that's often how a staph infection starts. Not to scare you, but better be safe.

I agree that you may want to take him to the dr. just to be sure. My little used to have terrible diaper rash. I swapped the diaper creams I was using (Desitin at daycare and I can't remember what at home)for Bourdeaux's Butt Paste and we no longer have problems. If her butt looks the slightest bit red, I put that on and it is better by the next diaper change. We did have a couple incidents after a new girl started working in the afternoons at the daycare. I don't know if she wasn't changing my daughter or what exactly was going on but, twice, my daughter's bottom was fire-red at night. I put the Butt Paste on after her bath and it was better by morning. My daughter sleeps through the night so I had to find something that would work well!

Like most everyone said, it could be a yeast infection. It could also be Infatigo. A very good friend's daughter had it a month or so ago and it sounds similar to what you discribed. I would definitely take him to the Dr. It should be getting better by now not worse.

Good luck and I hope he feels better soon.


I put the rash cream on and then sprinkle the powder on top of it. That seems to help heal it up. You might try something called Corona. It is a medicated cream they use on livestock. I know it sounds gross and weird, but it works. It comes in a yellow container with a red top. I think you can purchase it at Wal-Mart in the health, beauty, and pharmacy area.


get your little guy to the doctor...he could have a yeast infection or thrush...

also try giving him cranberry juice...my kids; doc said it lessens the acidity in the urine..

and if you can, let him have air time on his bottom...no diaper...no creams or anything...let the skin dry out...

Hi K.:
It sounds like a yeast or bacteria infection, both of which are very easy to clear up. Just give the doctor a call and he'll recommend some ointment. No need to worry!

You should check with the DR to make sure it's not yeast infection first, but it can be so frustrating trying all the ointments out there. When my son was 2 mo he got RSV and was in the hospital for a week. He had such a rash from antibiotics that his little bottom was bleeding everytime he was wiped. The nurses kept putting a really thick white ointment on (I can't remember what it was called). However, the DR came in one morning and looked at the rash. He made sure the nurses were out of the room and told me to go home and mix up some goop. He further explained that he was not supposed to tell me about this, since it's a home remedy. Very simple and very inexpensive, mix equal parts of cornstarch and Vaseline (petroleum jelly). I brought some back to the hospital the next day and put a thick layer on and told the nurses that I would change him as needed (which they much appreciated, with 5 other cases of RSV in the peds unit). Twenty four hours later the rash was almost completely gone. I continued to use it for my last two children and recommend it to anyone I know.

My son used to get those sores all the time if I didn't change a BM diaper right away--super sensitive skin. As everyone else said, take him to the doc to find out if it is indeed a yeast infection--my son's was not. I found Target's diaper cream w/ zinc oxide was the best for protecting his bum and keeping it dry. His rash cleared up in a couple days.

My DD has issues majorly with Diaper rash. We bought Caldesene powder at Walgreens which usually helps, before it gets this bad. When it gets real bad we go to the Dr. and they make a concotion that is basicaly vaseline or aquaphor or eucerin lotion mixed with an ant-acid. (you can make your own concotion until you can get there). The cream part helps to keept the area from drying out and the ant-acid neutruelizes the pee and poop when it comes out so that it doesn't add to the rash. You can crush up some TUMS and add to some vaseline and wipe it on his bottom until you can get to the doc. my Pediatrician was impressed with my improv.Good luck!

My son had a tendency towards diaper rash and once in a while he would develop open sores. First, take him into the doctor to make sure it is a regular diaper rash versus a yeast, etc. Second, I've tried practically all the diaper cremes out there. In the end I keep coming back to regular Desitin (versus creamy). The trick is to put it on as thick as frosting, as my doctor recommended. What you are doing is creating a barrier from moisture and other irritants. I imagine the Triple Paste would work the same, but at that price I did not put it on that thick. Zinc Oxide in Desitin is the mositure barrier, and it has the highest content around. Another doctor recommedned Aquaphor, but it never worked the same for us. I've also heard Udder Creme works! Never tried that one! I just stick to very thick Desitin and it works everytime. With open sores it does take a few days though. GOod luck!

Let him be naked as much as you dare (LoL). Air is the best thing for a diaper rash.

My mother in law makes a killer ointment that worked wonders for my niece and a powder that was just what my sons sore bum needed. If you are interested, check out her website www.joannsnp.com. If it's not on the products page, just email for the info.

I agree that it sounds like a yeast infection. My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and I have an extremely sensitive nose but she'd still get yeast infections and rashes when daddy or grandma would watch her and not catch her dirty diaper in time. Our pediatrician simply recommended Lotrimin (the same stuff they use for athletes foot, So it's in that aisle). I used it any time she'd get a sore bottom so I wouldn't have to drag her to a DR each time. Another thing that wokred for us (NONE of the diaper creams did, I tried them all) was Gold Bond Medicated baby powder. I could only find it in certain drugstores (Snyder's) and once in a while at Walgreens. The non-medicated stuff didn't work but if I put on the medicated powder before the rash got really bad, it seemed to clear it up. Good luck.

I read through most of your responses so far and no one has mentioned Aquaphor. It's a clear diaper rash ointment that I've had GREAT luck with when the rash has gotten out of hand and the rest of the cremes aren't cutting it. I don't use it on a daily basis. I also always liked Bourdeaux's Butt Paste for the mild redness. However, since you are a mom of one and haven't experienced a rash to this extent yet, I would encourage you to go to the dr.

diaper rash are tough. sometimes it can be the type of diaper(brand) that you are using or can be something they are eating that irratates it or just a virus. but until you find out what is causing it you can use A&D ointment and warm soaks after he has soiled and blot don't rub and let him air dry for alittle bit everyday. if that doesn't work maybe you should take him in to the Dr it might be a yeast infection and he might need some special ointment. but if the dr says its not there is a perscription called "magic butt cream" that works wonders believe me my granddaughter had the same problem and we had to get some and we saw a definant difference in 24 hours. hope this helps, good luck. C.

Personally, I would take your son in to the doctor. My son had the same kind of rash that I couldn't get cleared up and when I brought him in, it was a type of yeast infection. Usually they get it after being on antibiotics, but he also got it without being on them.
Congratulations on your little boy...I also have a 13 month old boy.

First I think Triple Paste is the best cream out there. Very expensive but worth every penny. I buy it was CVS. You may want to bring your little one to the Dr. He may have a yeast infection which needs a different treatment.

My son had a really bad diaper rash with an open sore and the Pediatrician recommended I alternate Triple Paste and Lotrimin and also air dry the area as much as you can. His rash was gone in a matter of days. Now whenever he starts showing the signs of a rash I use the Triple Paste and it clears right up! Definately a fan - a bit spendy but certainly worth it!

I like Anettes response. As everyone else said take him to the Dr.

but please stop using baby powder. It should be banned! It is very bad for your infant. They inhale the tiny particles and it really is useless.

I have always found Desitin to be the best cream. But the main trick I have found is to actually dry their diaper area at every changing. I still need to do this for my 2 year old or he breaks out. I bought cloth diapers and we call them butt rags. If someone else changes him and doesnt' dry he gets an instant rash. It's crazy!

I would also try letting him soak in the bath and run around nudy for a while.

Good luck!!

It might be a yeast infection on top of the diaper rash, but definitely call your doctor to check out the sores. Until then, let your son run around without a diaper periodically throughout the day, as fresh air is one of the best things to cure yeast infections/and or diaper rashes. The best part is it is cheap!! (The worse part is it can be messy.) When my kids where in diapers and had a bad rash, I would let them go about thirty minutes or longer without a diaper, two or three times a day. Good luck.

When we ran into tough diaper rash, the best product we found was Flanders Buttocks for Diaper Rash Ointment. It worked really well. I just googled it and it is still available.
Good Luck.
S. Stoffel
Shen Wise Acupuncture

I found that not all diaper creams worked on my children. In fact I used different brands for each of them. I tried a couple of them until something worked. You are right to keep it dry and apply something.

Each of my children developed a yeast infection after having an antibiotic, so instead of the baby cream I used some monistat or lotrimin just like I would have the diaper cream.

I do have a friend whose son had a diaper rash that just wouldn't go away, so she took him into the dr and it was a staph infection.

If it continues I would bring him in. It never hurts to have the dr look at it.

Definitly go to the doctor. This may sound odd but my son has allergies and the first place his rash hits is on his bottom. that could be it but it could also be an infection. Good Luck.

My son had really bad diaper rash with small areas that looked raw. I had a doctor look at it and he told me to use burn cream every other diaper change. He also recommended using Boudreaux's Butt Paste for the diaper rash cream instead of Desitin or Balmex. He actually gave me a tube of Silvadine burn cream (Silver Sulfadiazine). It worked!

You have a lot of responses and I did not read them all. It sounds like a yeast infection. My son and daughter used to get them a lot. The doctor told me to clean thier bottom, let dry (naked time is good) and when putting on a diaper, use Lotrmin AF (like used for jock itch and athlete's foot). I also like Triple Paste and get that at Walmart in the baby section. This worked for both my kids and my son (6 months) hasn't had a problem since he was 2 months.

My son had diaper rash a lot when he was little. He was so sensative to wipes, diapers and soap. Our Dr. gave us nystatin cream, works great. Its really for a yeast diaper rash, but with in 2 days or putting it on the rash is gone. Also, I don't know what the name of this stuff was but at the Methodist hospital pharmacy they have this diaper rash cream that is in a white bottle with green writting. It also worked great, its what the NICU uses on their babies that have diaper rash. The only place you can get it is at that pharmacy. Hope you can get something to help your son!

Sounds like a yeast infection. Your doctor can prescribe something for it.

When my daughter would have a diaper rash that wouldn't clear up with Balmex, I used Baby Aquaphor Healing Ointment. It usually clears it right up. I can only find it at Walgreens in the baby section.

Hi K.,
awww I've been there plenty times with my son! The open sores around the rash area is because now it has progressed into a fungal issue rather than a simple diaper rash. My pediatrician suggested Athlete's Foot Cream, aka Clotrimazole (generic) It works like a charm everytime. Make sure the area is very dry and clean before using cream. And use warm washcloths instead of wipes. I would definetly suggest not using baby powder at all. It has carcinogens that can be very harmful. Also, lots of air (although I know from experience it isn't the easiest thing with a little boy haha)
Lots of luck to you with this little tip! Hope your son is feeling better soon!

HE could have a yeast infection, or secondary infection with the diaper rash, take him to the Dr. and have it checked.

HI K.!

My daughter had something to this effect (it didn't seem to bother her either!) and I went online and looked up a yeast diaper rash, and sure enough, it looked just like it! The doctor gave me some prescription cream and it cleared it up.

There are few other things I use that really help, my oldest daughter get diaper rash very easy, sometimes if you catch her poopie 2 minutes after she does it, she'll still get a rash! Anyway, a daycare provider had this recommended to her by a peditrician: a mixture of 1/2 triple antiboitic ointment & 1/2 anti fungal cream. It really does work.

Here is what I LIVE by:PINXAV (pronounced PINK SALVE), it really works wonders! It is all I use for her now, I goop it on thick and her rash will be gone a day or two at the most. It just keeps all the wet off of the rash really really well. I can't find it in the stores in Iowa but my mother in law bought it for me in Ohio at a store...you can buy it online on their website & shipping is free.

I have also tried Arbonne, it works wonders with my youngest if I catch it right away but it doesn't work with my oldest & if I don't catch it right away w/ my youngest and it gets a little more than just a little light pink it really doesn't help as much as Desitin or Balmex...as you can see I really have tried every thing! LOL

Hope this helps & you sons bottom gets better!

If the creams aren't helping it could be a diaper rash/ yeast infection that needs a prescription. If it's a yeast infection you could try bathing him with about a cup of white vinegar diluted in the bath water, vinegar kills yeast or try feeding him yogurt. Have you tried browned flour instead of baby powder? put about a cup of flour in a skillet and put into the oven until it turns brown. Works great for diaper rash, baby powder is not good for babies. Good luck.

I would definitely check with your doctor and/or nurseline before treating- especially if there are open sores... We had pretty good luck using Lotrimin after being told it was a fungal infection caused by the moisture in the diaper. Again- double-check with your doc first- this may cause irritation if there are open sores (not sure on that one...) Good luck...

Hi K. -- this sounds like a classic case of a yeast infection and he should be seen as it might spread further past the diaper region. I'm a mom of 3 and a grandma of 6 and just my last grandson who is now 18 months old was the first to get this a few months ago. After trying to treat it ourselves, my daughter took him into the clinic and sure enough it was a yeast infection. A prescribed ointment and it disappeared in a few days.

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