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Diaper Rash? - Coal Valley, IL

My 13 month old son has had what appears to be a diaper rash for the past week or so. I have been rotating Balmex and baby powder, trying to let it heal and dry out but it doesn't seem to be working. Two days ago I noticed a couple spots, each about the size of an eraser head, that look like open sores. I've never seen anything like this before. He doesn't seem bothered by it at all. I'm wondering if I should take him to the doctor to get it checked out? Do any of you moms have any other suggestions as to what it could be or what I should or should not put on the infected area? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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I just want to send out a BIG 'THANK YOU!' to everyone who responded about my little guy's rash. I am truly thankful for each and every one of you that wrote. I felt so cared for, I wish I could give you all a hug :) I ended up letting Caleb run around naked a few times a day to air out and I also gave the doctor a call just to be on the safe side. They told me to get some Lotrimin, use it and then wait a couple days and see what happened before I came in. As it turned out, I didn't even need to use anything, his little bum dried up on it's own. Again, a big thanks to all of you!

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I guess you're not supposed to use baby powder, so I would skip that. But Balmex is a very good product. I would slather on a LOT of that, so his butt is white, at every diaper change. I think the rash will go away soon. At least it doesn't bother him. If it doesn't go away, or if it starts bothering him, I would go to the doctor then.

You have a lot of responses and I did not read them all. It sounds like a yeast infection. My son and daughter used to get them a lot. The doctor told me to clean thier bottom, let dry (naked time is good) and when putting on a diaper, use Lotrmin AF (like used for jock itch and athlete's foot). I also like Triple Paste and get that at Walmart in the baby section. This worked for both my kids and my son (6 months) hasn't had a problem since he was 2 months.

This might be a type of yeast infection. Both of my sons have had this from time to time. It is treated with athlete's foot cream but I would certainly see a doctor before I did anything else.
Good luck!

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Hi K.,

I would take him to the doc just to be on the safe side.

He might have a reaction to the powder.

I don't know if you are aware of this but, talcum-based powders have a chemical in them called Diazinon.

If you were to look this up, it would tell you that it is a chemical that is an allergenic, sensitizer, highly neurotoxic. Toxic to fetus & to birds. Used in lawn pesticides and flea collars.

Please, please, please all you moms, invest in the book called:
The Safe Shopper's Bible = by David Steinman & Samuel Epstein, MD. You will be glad you did!

It is the best book out there. It will educate you on the chemicals out there that are creating all these health problems for our children. I have been doing research for over 8 years on this because of my own health problems and through my many endeavors have come across some pretty scarey stuff. I use this in my business to help educate families.

I would stop using the balm & the powder for sure. Just use water for now until you see a doctor.

Best wishes,


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If the redness has been there for a week, it might be a yeast infection. My daughter and son both had yeast infections on their little toochies after their diaper rashes just didn't heal - much like what you described. The doctor prescribed Nystatin which is a yellowish somewhat thick cream. They both cleared up within a day! Good luck!

I would take him to the doctor and get it checked out. It sounds like a yeast infection and my girls had it before too. They will give you a prescription for some cream to put on it. He told me to let it air out some too which your have other risks than=)
Good luck!!

I've always used corn starch instead of baby powder on my kids. Also the dr told me to use A&D. The other diaper rash creams and baby powder did nothing for our kids.

My 17 mo. old just got a yeast infection that I was mistaking for diaper rash. I, too was using desitin and medicine for the rash. He started to get bumps in that area so I took him into the doctor and she said it was definitely a yeast infection caused my antibiotics. I ended up using lotrimin on it, and it went away in a few days. So, it could be something other than diaper rash, and I would have it checked out. Good luck!

This is not something that you need to see a doctor about, unless it continues to get worse, but you should take it seriously so that it doesn't become infected (I'm sure that you have been).
Anyway, I've had several friends come up against this at one point or another, all of which have used a different method (some better than others), but I'll tell you what has worked the best for me with my 2 boys and about 4 other babies that I've cared for over the years.

When there was an open sore I would use a (3) step method, otherwise I would just stick with the 2nd two steps. Here goes: (1)on the open sore areas I would use a neosporin ointment to seal the area and to help protect against infections, (2)on top of the entire rash (including over the neosporin ) I would use ***and this is going to sound crazy*** an anti-fungal (athletes foot) cream like Lamisil or a generic brand; both worked. This was suggested to me by my sons Doc, he informed me that kids can sometimes get a fungal rash from a combination of moisture and a nice,warm,cozy environment to grow in. Especially if the rash is a solid pink area, slightly rough to the touch and slightly raised. If that's what your rash looks like "fungal rash" is probably your suspect. (3)finally to lock in all of the "healing goodness" a layer of aquaphor over everything (this is a purified, unscented type of petroleum jelly made by Eucerin (great stuff had a lot of uses).

I hope this is helpful, this is always a distressing situation, especially when our little cuties get open sores. I'm glad to hear that it doesn't seem to be bothering your son, hopefully things will remain that way until you get him all healed.

All the best!

P.S. We are somewhat of a rash family, over the years my boys have taught me to be somewhat of a rash detective. Researching eczema, fungal rashes, roseola and various allergic reactions (usually to certain wipes or certain brands of diapers) --- so, if I can ever be of help drop me a line.

I have an almost 3 month old little girl and when she had gotten some little sores on her bottom (not as big as the ones you described) my midwife actually recommended using olive oil on the area at diaper change times to create a barrier from the urine and stool - I did this and it cleared up within a couple of days. She also recommended using cheap washclothes and just water instead of wipes as they can have ingredients that irritate the area and to use a blow dryer to completely dry the skin before putting the oil and diaper on. I will sometimes put the olive oil on at last diaper change of the night before bed since she goes longer at night without a change. I have also used a few drops of breastmilk on the rash before putting on a clean diaper which works wonders on any ailment (but if you don't have any breastmilk handy the above work awesome and you don't have to worry about unnecesary medications). Hope this helps!

give him a good bath with mild soap or no soap and take a blowdryer(on low) to his bum then let him be free for a while. or it could be a yeast infection, if you are worried about it go to the Dr.

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