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Diaper Rash - New York,NY

My one year old has a REALLY bad diaper rash (her 1st bad rash).... What could have caused it, but more importantly what is the BEST treatment? I have A&D and we have been using that... is there anything else you could recommend? THANKS

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I prefer the "Johnson Diaper Rash" cream in the blue tube. I like it better than all the pricier things and its $1.99 a tube in Walmart!

My son is on an antibiotic to prevent UTI's. One of the side effects is it causes diarrhea which causes really bad diaper rashes. Boudreaux's Butt Paste works wonders. silly name, but it REALLY works. usually in 1 or 2 applications. and it comes in a 1 lb jar so it lasts forever.

What has she eaten? My one year old only gets bad diaper rash from reaction to food. so maybe a food alergy or sensativity

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Hi K.,

So sorry that your little one has the diaper rash. We have always found Triple Paste diaper cream to work really well. It is pretty pricey (a small tube is like $10), but it certainly helps clear things up after a couple applications.

Hope her little bum clears up soon!

Triple Paste was the only thing that helped clear it for my kids. It is really thick and stays on for a long time even after they wet the diaper. They can be caused by the food and also just getting hot now that the weather is warming up.

Butt paste works great. I also used Gold Bond Baby Medicated Powder. That will dry it out. But if it does not go away in a couple of days take her to the Dr. My daughter had it so bad one time that she couldn't even sit down. I worked nights and I changed her before I left at 11pm there was nothing there. By the time I got home at 9am it was so bad and she was miserable. Everytime that she tried to sit she would just scream in pain. I called the dr and he gave me a cream called Vision (or something like that) and it was totally gone in 2 days. As a matter of fact I just had to call the dr today cause my daughter has heat rash on the insides of her thighs and she tells me that her legs hurt. They told me to put vasitration (?spelling?) on her legs and to keep powder on her bottom and inside thighs during this heat. Good Luck!

You have lots of good treatment ideas. My daughter got horrible diaper rash when she was getting some of her teeth (although the earliest ones came in just fine). Once the teeth came in, the rash went away. Avoid using wipes, use wet paper towels, or a wet wash cloth - no soap! - until things improve. Let her run around naked as much as possible, otherwise dry well and slather with Aquaphor or one of the other recommended creams. I would call her ped before trying Lotrimin or other anti-fungal for the first time.


Butt Paste works bests for my daughter. It's thicker than other creams I've tried so it stays on and protects the skin better. My daughter had a really bad rash once and the doctor recommended using Lotrimin. It cleared the rash quickly.

Hi K.,

My kids NEVER got diaper rash, but recently my 10 month old came down with a tummy bug resulting in the most acidic diarrhea I have ever see. It gave him the worst diaper rash, and I took him to the Ped, and she gave me some samples of Calmoseptine. This stuff is AWESOME! You can buy it at walgreens. It worked so fast on my son's butt, and it stays on too. Hope this helps. I'm sure you hate to see your little one hurt.


We use Aveeno Diaper Rash ointment and cornstarch on top. If it is caused by wetness, this will be the trick! And when my dd is fine, we apply a coat of virgin coconut oil and that keeps the rashes away.


My 15 month old daughter was the queen of diaper rash. It started in the hospital, then lasted until she was about 4 months old. Two weeks later she had an ear infection, did a round of antibiotics and it came back with a vengeance. We tried everything.

Triple Paste - in a very thick layer - is great protection against the rash getting worse or coming back once you have gotten rid of it. "Air time" (without a diaper) and oatmeal baths with or without hibiclens (it's over the counter, but ask your pharmacist where it is in the store) can help to heal the rash. At our pediatrician's direction, we also used bacitracin when her skin had open sores. Our pediatrician also prescribed 3 or 4 prescription creams that worked on and off. When she was about 11 months, her pediatrician read an article about Clotrimazole (it's over the counter and inexpensive). It's a popular treatment for athlete's foot, but the article talked about it's use in yeast-related diaper rash. It's been a miracle for my daughter. Within about 3 days of starting it, the rash cleared completely. We continued using Triple Paste for another week or two and, since then, have been able to use only the Clotrimazole. We use a thin layer with every diaper change. She is still very sensative and sitting in a wet or dirty diaper for too long can bring back a temporary rash. We have continued to keep some Triple Paste on hand for those days and it always works.

Good luck in getting rid of the rash.

I agree w/ the anti-fungal. If Balmex, Aquaphor, or Butt Paste isn't showing signs of improvement w/in a day or two then it's probably fungal and the antifungal will help. My son was so bad off we just squeezed the tube into the diaper so we didn't have to rub it on him. Or - use a wipey to apply it rather than your finger. For the future - bathe her often. Wipeys are still chemical and not as good as old fashioned water. Dry her off after wiping her so she isn't still damp - thus promoting bacterial growth. Use pure cornstarch baby powder in the cracks and crevices to keep her dry. You can even apply some vaseline or Aquaphor after diaper changes to protect the skin.

What has she eaten? My one year old only gets bad diaper rash from reaction to food. so maybe a food alergy or sensativity

Apply Lotrimin and then A&D ointment on top of that. Worked every time with my little ones.

Good luck,

TRIPLE PASTE or BUTT PASTE which can be purchased at TARGET.

Poor baby! I can't begin to guess what caused it, but we just conquered my one year old's first BAD rash by doing the following:
1. STOP USING WIPES! Use paper towels dampened with water or a cloth. Wipes have chemicals in them that will continue to irritate her bottom. You can, of course go back to wipes once the rash clears up. Blot the affected area to clean it, don't rub. I would also suggest patting her bottom dry with a tissue or dry cloth.
2. THICKLY SLATHER ON TRIPLE PASTE. We also use A+D day in and day out, but for a bad rash, Triple Paste is the way to go. It costs a fortune ($10 for a small tube or $30 for a tub) but it really works.
3. PUT THE DIAPER ON LOOSELY. Unless you're expecting a poop, try to keep the diaper loose so air can circulate.
4. NO ONSIE. Dress her in something that will allow you to peek into her diaper regularly. Poops are the biggest threat to diaper rash and need to be changed immediately. Pee is less of a concern, but still change her diaper more often than usual.
You can also let her play in the tub or bathroom with no diaper on for a while to let things air out a bit.
We followed these steps and a very red, slightly blistery diaper rash on Friday was mostly quelled by Sunday morning. Good luck!

Dear kate,
we find that Desitin does the trick for us everytime, we use the cream base overnight version ( in the purple tube). Hope ur baby heels speedily.

Hi K.,

Stop using baby wipes (my ped.'s advice). Even the most sensitive ones are extremely harsh on one year old skin.

If stopping the wipees, and using A&D does not work, have your doctor check it out. If it is a bacterial rash, you will need an antibiotic ointment prescribed by the doc. (happened when my daughter was one)

Good luck, oh yeah, use baby powder too, but only the kind with pure cornstarch - more absorbant, and doesn't cause lung infections like talc can.


We used Aquaphor and it never failed to clear up even the nastiest diaper rash.

Anything with zinc, frequent changes with 'air' time (no diaper no cream). Beaudroixx's Butt Paste is also very good. I would also cut down the juice and refined sugar intake, this makes for looser bowels and more irritation.

Ok so you have about a million answers and I apologize for not reading them all before posting. But just wanted to mention that my son got his 1st bad rash around the same age. My pediatrician said to coat him thoroughly with a zinc based cream of at least 40% zinc - use the purple (original) Desitin. A&D is a great base to coat the rash to prevent further irritation, but doesn't really treat the existing rash.

Milk (breast or cow's) also helps to cool the burn of the rash. And you can use Neosporin on any open areas.

Give her milk, bananas, rice, and bread if she'll eat it to ease up the pooping a little. Every time she poops, even if it just sits in her diaper for a few minutes, that rash is going to get worse. Also if she has any sort of nasal drainage, mucus is terribly acidic and is passed into the diaper. Avoid any fruits, juice, especially citrus until the rash is totally gone. Good luck!

Are you, by any chance, using the new Pampers with Dry Max? If so, it could be a chemical burn. There have been many documented cases of the diapers causing chemical burn. In some cases, life altering, disfiguring chemical burn.
Other than that, I would say as much naked time as possible and the Butt Paste that a previous poster mentioned. We love Balmex too. You have to put it on THICK. Like so thick you can barely see their little heiny :) I've also heard that Maalox and a&d mixed together is wonderful, but I've never tried it.

Aveeno makes packets of oatmeal bath for babies. it works great for all kinds of skin irratation. i even used it myself when i got poison ivy.

Two additional ideas: my ped. said that yeast infections look more like spots than an overall redness. Also, bright red skin might indicate a food allergy or aversion. Has she had a new food this week? Avoid that food for a couple weeks and try it again later. If it's REALLY bad, the Desitin or Butt Paste should help more than the A & D. I just heard about the Pampers problem, if you have just started using those stop immediately and contact the company for a refund.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste (yes, that is what it is called!) is the best I've seen. You can also combine it with Lotrimin AF cream (yes, that's right, the stuff for athlete's foot), as the rash may be an external yeast infection. Put the Lotrimin on first, then layer the Boudreaux's on top. Change her often and reapply the creams until she is clear. This worked like a charm on my daughter when she had a rash so bad she was bleeding (which scared the heck out of me). Good luck and I hope she feels better!

I agree with desitin - overnight formula. Also, a thin layer of cortizone then the desitin worked in one day for us!

My son is on an antibiotic to prevent UTI's. One of the side effects is it causes diarrhea which causes really bad diaper rashes. Boudreaux's Butt Paste works wonders. silly name, but it REALLY works. usually in 1 or 2 applications. and it comes in a 1 lb jar so it lasts forever.

butt paste and fresh air always helped my daughter

corn starch workes wonder.

If you are using Pampers with Dry Max it could be that as well. My daughter had a bad reaction to these diapers. Ointments did not work while still using these diapers. As soon as I switched to a Pampers without Dry Max it went away!

Many of the suggested creams & lotions work well, but hard to apply because of the skin sensitivity. Here's a simple, almost free home remedy that has worked on my girls.
Put some regular baking flour in a small saucepan & cook dry on low heat until the powder turns a light brown. put into a sealable container & let cool. Then, just sprinkle it on like you would baby powder with every diaper change. Should improve in a couple of days.
Also test any recent foods you may have given your baby. My youngest was allergic to strawberries, but can now eat them. Also try using different diaper. Try to narrow possible causes so you can prevent or minimise this happening again.

You already have plenty of great tips but one more my sister told me and helped relieve the diaper rash was old tea bags. Save your used tea bags in a little zip lock bag in the fridge. At diaper change. wash the bottom, blot dry. Place the cool damp tea bags on the bottom and then diaper. Leave on until next diaper change. You should start to notice a change almost immedietely.

This is going to sound kinda gross.. but my sons grandparents swear by this.. Lard.. Yup.. it works.. My son use to get severe diaper rashes. they put some lard on after his bath.. the next morning.. it was gone..

any creams with zink, tons of air time, lay her infront of a fan, blow dry the area on cool setting, spray her privates with water over the sink or shower instead of wiping her. when using the wipes, run them under the sink first to get the sents, lotions off ect. let her nap naked ontop of a bed liner chuck.

*Also change her before you go to bed at night, that way she is dry again until am.

Anything with Zinc Oxide is great for diaper rashes. If it turns into a yeast infection, you'll need to use something with Chlotrimosol or however it's spelt. (It's in those 3 day vaginal application things.) Personally I use Arbonne Baby Care on my kids and swear by it.

Causes for diaper rash are varied but in my kids it was usually because we left them too long in a full diaper. More frequent changes may be in order along with powdering with diaper powder with cornstarch to maintain dryness. Also let little one get some air down there. That will help in the healing process along with the creams, cornstarch and powder.

When my little one has a rash I apply A&D as a base, then Burts Bees Diaper Ointment on top and it seems to clear it up pretty quickly. Causes of her rashes include eating something that doesn't agree with her (tomatoes), extended card rides and waking up with a 'dirty' diaper. Hope you find a treatment that works.

if you are nursing put a little breast milk on it and let it air dry~my ex roommate swears by it (so far it works on my baby, but she is only 1 month old and hasn't had a real rash yet...)its FREE! :)

I prefer the "Johnson Diaper Rash" cream in the blue tube. I like it better than all the pricier things and its $1.99 a tube in Walmart!

I love Aquaphor. But you need to make sure it's not yeast, because the only thing that will help is anti-fungal cream. I also use Aveeno oatmeal bath in the bath and let them soak their bottoms for 15-20 min. RInse the tub well after as it makes the tub slippery.

K. R.

Try some anti-fungal cream! It could be a yeast infection and probably is if it's bright red and really bad! The cream won't hurt her and you'll be able to see results pretty quick. We use the generic Lotrimin (it's a lot cheaper) and it's easy to find anywhere. Put it on 2X a day and use other diaper cream the rest of the time...I love Boudreoux's as well!!!!

Try using corn starch or baby oil gel.

Advice from my ped, try keeping the diaper off as much as possible, especially in warm weather when heat/sweat often causes the rash.
also, I stopped using the new Pampers Cruisers because I noticed my daughter was getting a rash. I now use Seventh Generation and she has not had a rash since.

I just want to back up what other moms have said, TRIPLE PASTE is worth every penny!

It could be a yeast infection or fungus. You should take her to the dr if it doesnt get better in a couple of days because neither can be cured with OTC cream

Dear K., My children (5) had the worst diaper rash when they cut certain teeth ( we call them stomach teeth) They usually got bad diarea(spelling?) Years back we used Desitin and now (grandchildren) I find Balmex good. They both contain Zinc. New moms mention Aquaphor and Triple paste. If it is really bad check with Doctor as it may be infection and need antifungal. My best, Grandma Mary

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