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Cramping Prior to Expected Period

My husband and I are trying to conceive. I've been having bad cramps (similar to menstrual cramps) since MOnday (one week before my expected period). I remember having similar cramps when I was pregnant with my first son, though not quite this early. It is too soon for me to take a test. Has anyone else experienced the same thing with early pregnancy??

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I too exerienced sever cramping about a week or so prior to my due period. I am having a baby in the Fall!! I think it might have been such severe crampingbecuase I WAS pregnant with Twins, but have since lost one :(

Good luck to you!

That happened with me for baby #2 and baby #3.. For baby #2 I thought it was menstral cramps and was taking tylenol like crazy, but after a few days of that I relized this was abnormal and wondered....like you are... and it was too soon for a test- I took one anyway and it was negitive, but I was sure that the cramps were not my normal cramps. Sure enough after extended cramping pains, I took another test and it was postive. Baby #2 came out PERFECT 9 months later! For my third (and current ) pregnancy, when I felt the cramps I went to the calender and tried to figure out when my husband and I were intimate and seeing if it seemed to fit... I dealt with the pain and took the test as soon as it was possible... again it was not a clear pregnant sign, so I had to wait again... But baby #3 will be here in December... Good luck to you!

Hey Mom,

Well your not late,
so who knows right.

But I would say you should go to the dollar store and pick up a few pregnancy tests.

I mean they are just a dollar.

pee in a cup and do the test.

worst case is its negative.

Good luck


I would save the cash and wait until the first day of your expected period. If it's late, then take the test.

It's not too early to take a test. EPT has one that is pretty accurate. Check the label first. I don't want to mislead you. Then again, you can wait out the week and if you miss it the day you expect it, take the test then. That is what I did. I missed my period by one day, took the test the next day and whammo...turns out I was pregnant.

I did with both my pregnancies and with my second the cramping was more severe (although that could be because I was more aware). But there were other signs that pointed to me being pregnant, like immediate fatigue and nausea. Actually I knew about 1 week after I conceived (and we only tried once) that I was pregnant, but waited until 3 weeks post conception to take the home pregnancy test. Best of luck and I hope things turn out the way you planned.

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