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How Early Do You Get Signs You Are Pregnant?

I have a 2 1/2 year old son already, and we are trying to have another baby. I think i might be pregnant, but it's too early to tell and too early for a test, i think. Lately, i've had some unusual cramping, kind of like before you get your period, but i don't get my period for another 2 weeks and normally i get the cramping a couple of days before. Also, my right breast has been very itchy for the last week or more, i don't know if that has anything to do with beginning pregnancy, but thought i'd put it out there anyways! How can you tell if you are pregnant without having to miss your period? I'm very anxious to find out because i want another baby so bad, but i just can't seem to wait another 2 weeks for a missed period! Are there any early signs of being pregnant? I don't remember with my first son if there was because i only found out i was pregnant because i missed my period! I've looked up some signs, but i don't know if cramping can accure this early! Also, is it 2 weeks after your period that you ovulate? and for how long does it last? thanks to you all

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Thank you everyone for your advice! i took a pregnancy test last week, but i think it was too early and it gave me a negative sign!! then on friday i took another one from the .99 store and also gave me a negative sign, but i was suppose to get my period this week on the 8th and here it is the 10th and still no sign, not even any cramping that i usually get, so i'm thinking i'm pregnant, but i guess i'll wait until next week to take a test if i haven't gotten my period by then! but i have no signs of being pregnant, only that i am nausous, but that may be because i went on a tour of a submarine and it was very windy that day and that could be sea sickness and that my jeans seem to be a little tighter, well, alot because i can't even button them up, but hey, i could be just gaining some weight, due to more eating...hahaha...other than that, that's all!! my nipples don't seem to be getting darker, but then, they are pretty dark anyways, i have noticed that i'm a lil more hungry..but that could be anything. anyways, i will keep you all updated again for next week, cross your fingers that i am pregnant!! that would be such a great thing! thanks again to you all!

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Hi M.,
I took a pregnancy test when I started having morning sickness and I noticed my breasts were feeling bigger. The test said positive, and when I went to the doctor they determined I was 7 weeks along (that was about 1 week after I took the home test). Maybe you can tell around 5-6 weeks.

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A great resource for information on fertility is Chistiane Northrup's book Women's Wisdom Women's Bodies. I discovered in that book how to check for ovulation by taking my body temp every morning, and paying close attention to how discharge changed on a daily basis. Not all women ovulate 2 weeks after their period. Everyone is different, but there are ways to tell when you are fertile. It's usually best to try a day or two before ovulation.

2 weeks before your period starts is a little early. If the egg has been fertilized, it usually takes 6 or 7 days for it to travel down to the uterus and implant itself. That's when you'll start noticing signs of pregnancy, like breast tenderness, nausea, and change in color of the nipples from pink to brown.

Good luck!

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I totally agree with what Cindy S. (below) said about the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." I read it while trying to get pregnant with my first child, and for the first time in my life, I finally understood my monthly cycles. It is such a good resource for every women, those trying to get pregnant or those trying to prevent pregnancy. As for being able to find out if you are pregnant this early, I don't know if any of the "signs" you mentioned can be reliable indicators at this point- I too spent several months anticipating "Could my tender breasts mean I'm pregnant," etc. You can drive yourself half crazy with this. I say, just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the anticipation. Good Luck, and hopefully in 2 weeks congratulations will be in order!

I found out when I was 4-6 weeks along with all 3 kids.
By the time you miss your cycle, and take the test, it is at least 4 weeks. By the way, you may not always ovulate 2 weeks after, my son was concieved one week to ten days after. Yep, surprize mommy...you're having a third baby.
It the cramping is on your lower left side only, it is not
your period, most likely, but your colon, getting ready for some action. I found that out when an emergency cyst was exploded, and they misdiagnosed me with a colon problem. I remember one true sign, my lower back hurt so
bad, and it never hurt, and there were no cramps. I did however have spotting. Good luck, and have fun trying.

i do know there are test to tell you when your ovulating, some people have morning sickness, i know w/ my youngest, the things i hateded started to smell even worse before i found out i was preg...good luck..P. R. PS..april 2, 2008 i was watching tv n heard them metion this, itook some dozen tryes but i found it n i am hoping you'll like it n find it usefull http://shopsite.nwcryobank.com/? http://www.nwcryobank.com/ good luck

I started feeling a little different after conceiving my daughter (cramping/sickness) at about 5-6 days later, same with my cousin. I took a pregnancy test a week before my period was due. There are some tests out there designed to take earlier then others.
I did some research on the computer to see when I'd ovulate so we knew when the best time to try was. If you put in the date of your last period it gives you a pretty good idea. I just went to google.com and typed in thing like pregnancy, ovulating, trying to get pregnant, etc...
Good luck!!!

This topic is so personal and by that I mean, it is different for every woman. With my second son, I knew I was pregnant before I missed my first period. I took one of those home pregnancy tests that say you can test up to 5 days before your period is due. I took the test 5 days before because I couldn't wait to find out. I was right! It turned to a blue straight line immediately - there was no waiting! LOL

I had one additional pregnancy where my experience was the same, unfortunately, I miscarried at 12 weeks. My point is, trust yourself and trust that you know your body. Unfortunately, you do have to wait until you can take a pregnancy test to know for sure. Don't be disappointed if it is negative and remember you are most likely to get a false negative than a false positive. If you take the test early and it is negative, but still feel you may be pregnant, wait a week and take it again. I always bought them in 2 packs, even if only to take the second to make sure it still says positive!

Take care,

I had the same cramping right before I took the test that told me I was pregnant with my first child. I told a friend that I had cramping and was pregnant and she too had these symptoms...come to find out she was pregnant too!! I think I remember the doctor explaining to me that the cramping is the egg settling. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family!

I absolutely LOVE the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility (www.tcoyf.com) because you can tell what's going during your whole cycle with this book. Between taking your temperature and checking your cervical fluid, you know when you are about to ovulate. Your temperature goes up after you ovulate, and again at the end of your cycle if your pregnant. Your temperature goes down when it's time for your period, so you're never surprised when it shows up. All of this really helped me to relax when I was trying to get pregnant because I had a daily identifier of what was going on. It also saved a lot of money on ovulation predictor kits and pregnancy tests.
Good luck!

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