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Could I Be Having Twins???

I am pregnant with my first child and there has been a few things that lead me to believe I might be having twins. They havent found extra heartbeats or anything else in the ultrasound, but when I was 14 weeks pregnant, my Dr made me get an ultrasound because my uterus was much larger than it should be for 14 weeks. I also didnt really look pregnant, and now im 19 weeks and I am huge! I was at work yesterday and someone asked how much longer and I told them not until Oct. then went on to tell me I look about 7 1/2 months pregnant. Its been happening a lot where everyone thinks I am a lot farther along than I really am!! I never got sick and so far I have had a pretty easy pregnancy and gaining the right amount of weight and eating correctly, but in the last 2 weeks i blew up!! could it be twins?? Everyone is talkin....

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It is probably nothing but I would make an appointment to see doctor or bring it up at next appointment. It could be too much amniotic fluid which is not a good thing.

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With my three girls I carried all in front. From behind you couldn't tell I was pregnant, and then I'd turn and see some surprised faces! With all three I "popped" right around 5 months. Don't worry about it, and enjoy showing off your cute belly during these summer months rather than being in the "is she pregnant or just fat?" stage!!!

It is probably nothing but I would make an appointment to see doctor or bring it up at next appointment. It could be too much amniotic fluid which is not a good thing.

Of course there's a possibility that it's twins. However, I just went through a similar situation and it turned out that I'm only pregnant with one. I started showing really early, got huge really fast and my uterus was really high. Then by 20 weeks or so everything slowed down, my uterus leveled out and my weigh gain slowed. The only way to really know is to get an ultra-sound. Good luck!

I'd follow up with your doctor - you might have the issue of too much amniotic fluid instead. You also didn't say what your frame is like - some people who are petite - will look way pregnant before someone with wider hips and and can hide the baby more.

I think you are ok. You just reached the "pop" stage and it is different for every woman. Its very rare to not see the other twin and aside from just looking bigger there are several ways that twins make their presence known. Your hcg and fundal measurements are going to be significantly higher for one.

If you were having twins they would have shown up clearly at your 14 week ultrasound. Usually people "pop" around 20 weeks, and, everyone carries differently. I am currently 5 months pregnant with twins and this is my second pregnancy. We found out (and it was a TOTAL surprise) during our first ultrasound at 15 weeks. With my first I "popped" around 5 months and I did this time too but my tummy is much rounder and higher. Anyway, enjoy your pregnancy! Good luck to you.

That happened to me too! I am fairly short, so I blame that for the reason I got big quickly. Just no room inside me, so I had to grow "out". People were ALWAYS asking me if I was having twins! I also carried quite a bit of amniotic fluid too.

Some of us are lucky to be larger than "normal". My mom and I both looked like we where having twins or more. And we both only had 1 with each pregnancy.

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