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Can't Tell If My Water Broke

Hi moms, I feel silly asking as I have a 5 yr old and have been through this before. When I had my 5 yr old my water had broken on either Friday night or Saturday morning and I didn't have any contractions till late Sunday night. That was more than 24 hrs after my water broke. Also, when it broke it was not a gush but just a very light continuous leak. I actually never knew my water had broke until the dr told me on Monday morning. So here I am due with my 2nd child on January 15th but I think my water had broken already. I have had absolutely no contractions yet but it seemed that happened last time too. I have a very slow continuous leak of clear thin (water-like) odorless fluid. Based on my previous experience I believe it broke and I therefore can expect contractions to start and should put a call in to notify my doctor. Has anyone else had their labor start off this way? Any opinions as to whether or not my water did break? Is it possible to just have normal increased discharge of this nature before labor? Again, there is no mucous or thickness. It is simply water-like. Any advice is appreciated!

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Thank you all. I had an appointment already scheduled for yesterday (Monday) so I went in at that time. They did two tests and my water had not broken yet. I am still contraction free. My midwife said it was a condition some women experience called lukorrhea or something. I don't know how to spell it, sorry. It is basically clear water-like vaginal discharge that happens at the end of pregnancy but does not contain amniotic fluid. It was just so similar to when I had my son that I thought it was the same thing and like many of you I really didn't have many contractions with him the first time but ended up in the hospital already being 7 cm. Thank you for all the advice. I look forward to being able to write and say that my new baby has arrived.

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That happened to me, too. The Dr chose to see me and she said there was a tear in the amniotic sac. She chose to induce me(2 days before my due date) because she said a dry birth when the water has all leaked out means a higher chance of germs that can affect the baby. My mom had the same condition when she delivered me.

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I went thru the same thing with both of my children
(2 1/2 year old girl and 5 month old boy). You need to call your doctor because you could get a bacteria infection (thats what I was told by my doctor). With my daughter I ended up having an emergency C-section (had no contractions what so ever with either of my children.

Tammy S. mother of 2 beautiful children

if your water did break, you want to make sure you are not in risk of an infection...the baby as well. i would be checked by my obgyn immediately

Just to be on the safe side i would go & have them check to see if it is maybe trickling - u don't want to end up having a dry birth by waiting til the first contraction to head to the dr's. Good luck!

I had a similar situation with my first child. Friday I felt an increase in wetness, like urine, but it obviously wasn't. I called my doctor and he said it was probably a normal increase in discharge. It continued and then Saturday night I started having contractions. I went into the hospital Sunday morning and later in the day they broke my water - never said it had broken already, but it did have meconium in it, which my daughter then aspirated and ended up in the NICU. I think I had a high leak and the baby was stressed out, which caused the meconium to be let go, then the aspiration. She's fine and they never said anything, but from everything I've read and watched on Special Delivery (LOL) that's what I think. Go with your gut and since they do have a litmus test, go to the doctor and get test - better safe than sorry. Good luck!! (FYI, my daughter was born 10 days before her due date, so I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility your baby could be coming :) )

At the very least, you are leaking fluid. Call your doc right now!

Hi M.,

You should definitely call your OB. They can do a really quick test to see if it has indeed broken or not.

Best of luck!

Call your doctor and get checked out. I didn't know my water broke, I really suspected it might have but when I called, the front desk girls said "oh you'd know" Well I didn't, I was a week late and had my regular appt the next day so I just went to it. I felt a little crampy but wasn't really having contractions and being late just felt horrible anyway. It was confirmed in the office with a test then that it broke so I had to go right to the hospital and start pitosin. It was a very slow leak, so it was even hard to confirm it in the office. Theres risk of serious infection once your water breaks and a lot of time passes - I remember the dr's telling me that, so I'd go see your doc and get tested.

Hi M., I am reading this on Tuesday and hope you have called your Doctor. It is close enough to Jan. 15 to assume you are in labor or will be soon. Good wishes for a healthy baby and a Happy New Year! Grandma Mary

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