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Burnt Sugar

Hi Moms,
I need some help with ideas for cleaning burnt sugar off of my flat-top oven. I was making fudge last night (which turned out fabulous!) but the combo of sugar, butter and canned milk overflowed the pan and I can't seem to get the burnt stuff off! Please help me with any ideas you may have. I tried good ol' soap and water, elbow grease, and baking soda. Nothing worked. It is really, really burnt on there. Thanks in advance for your help! :)

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Thank you all for your wonderful ideas and support!!! Wow! Every time I ask a question on here (no matter what it is) I always get a great response! Thank you! So, I decided to order some special cooktop cleaner. It worked wonderfully, and it came with a razor to scrape off the burnt sugar. Unfortunately, I did not get to it soon enough because it (the burnt sugar) did pit the surface a little bit. It looks a lot better, and I will be able to use that burner again. The cleaner that I got is Cerama Bryte. Works great! Thanks again to all of you who helped me.

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Hey J.,

I'd try a magic eraser sponge. Those things will remove almost anything...

Good luck!

There's some cleaner made specifically for flat-top ovens. I use it all the time. It can take anything off. You can find it at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. I don't have the name handy, but it's found with the other cleaning supplies.

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Yikes! Burned on sugar is the worst. It can permanently pit your glass-top stove. Try one of the cream cleansers made especially for polishing ceramic or glass-top stoves. Good luck!

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you have enough suggestions here, just when you first do it, if there's a next time, hurry and get some hot/preferrably boiling water on it and get it off.

Hi J.,
Is this a OVEN or a STOVE-TOP? If it is a stove-top then I agree with everyone who said use a straight edge razor. A plastic one came with my stove but I most often use an actual metal one. Be very careful to keep it absolutely flat and it shouldn't cause any damage. I have been cleaning up my stoves for 17 years this way. I did want to mention that it is not recommended to use any kind of soap or cleaner on the glass stove tops other than the cleaner that is made just for them. You will end up with small scratches and a haze that will never go away if you use the wrong cleaner. Also, spills that contain sugar will permanently etch the surface if you do not remove it quickly.
Take care,

Easy Off Oven Cleaner. Been there done that.

Do you have your stove-top manual? Mine said to watch out for sugary spills, because they can permanently pit the surface of the glass.

I highly recommend buying the cleaner that's specifically made for flat-top ranges. I usually hate doing that, thinking it's a waste of money. But I bought the cleaner and a value pack of scrubby pads made just for flat-tops, and it was only about $5. It's going to last me for just about ever, too, so I took the plunge.

Also, when somethings' really stuck on, I usually try to puddle water around it, or lay a sopping-wet rag on top of it for a long time. If it's really thick, I let it soak for an hour or more. Often, it will just wipe off after that. If it doesn't, a thick layer of it will wipe off and I repeat the soak to get the rest off. I love that it's quite effort-free :)

Good luck!

I pull out a flat edge razor blade when nothing else works. It doesn't scratch, so don't be afraid. Hold it slightly at an angle, and "push" the mess right off!

You can carefully use a razor blade and scrape it off.

There's some cleaner made specifically for flat-top ovens. I use it all the time. It can take anything off. You can find it at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. I don't have the name handy, but it's found with the other cleaning supplies.

I would spray it with Tough and Tender give it a few minutes and wipe it away.

Or I would use Mela Magic.

You can get both of these at an online store.
for more information you can go to


I use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to get burnt food off my glass top. It works really well if left on for a bout 10 minutes.

Make it a GREAT day!


Use a straight edge razor. One came with my flat top range. Just go over it a little at a time,(like how you get tape off of a window) then wipe it clean with a wet paper towel. Then use your flat top ceramic cleaner and it will look good as new!

Have you tried one of those straight edge razor scraper things??? It's essentially a straight razor on a handle. that way you wouldn't scrape the stove top. I used to use one when I would do construction cleaning to get a house ready to sell. I'd use it on all the window stickers that don't come off in one piece. works wonders. good luck!

There is a little tool, that holds a razor blade and you can scrape stuff off of the cook top.. it works great and doesnt scratch!! just keep it put away!:) you could probably find one at a hardware store, or even an appliance store would sell something like it, my neighbor showed and suggested it to me for mine! love it!

try a soak of vinegar and water. a few times with HOT water with vinegar should help melt it off then use a razor blade to finish

Hey J.,

I'd try a magic eraser sponge. Those things will remove almost anything...

Good luck!

I have had a flat-top stove for 7 years and some of the tips I give you are going to sound damaging, but I still have a perfect top so it must be fine. I first scrape it with a razor blade to get off as much as possible. The sharper the better and you can really use elbow grease here. If that still leaves stuff on the stove, then I use oven cleaner. If that doesn't work, I have used SOS pads as well. Eventually I win! That being said, I have had a couple of stains that just wouldn't come off, however, they did after a week or two of cooking on it and scrubbing each time with the suggestions above.

Good luck!

poor straight vinegar on and let it sit for awhile (15mins) it should loosen up the sugar then use razor.

Hi J.!
I made the same mistake a few months ago! Terrible mess!!! But i finally went out and bought some glass stovetop cleaner from Wal Mart and it worked amazingly well! My top hasn't looked so fantastic in months! So best of luck!

Softscrub, a non-scratching scour pad or sponge (found anywhere that sells sponges. Just look for "non-scratching" or some such wording on the label) a little water and some elbow grease. I have yet to meet a spill on my glass top that Softscrub hasn't beaten. Seriously, try that before trying any razor blades. If done right, the razor blade can work wonders without scratching the glass. But if your hand slips or you don't have the angle quite right, you really can damage the glass. Especially if you have the painted lines to tell you where the burners are, or some kind of "frosted" look or whatever. Just try it. It's cheap, and it works. When I first got a flat top stove, I bought the special cleaners for it and what not. But softscrub always works just as well, and is cheaper for the amount you get. Good luck!

Hey, what you can do is after soaking it in soap and hot water, get a flat razor blade and keeping it VERY flat across the surface you can actually shave it off. I've done this loads of times and have not scratched or damaged my flat top, but I know some people who accidently pushed too hard on one corner and scratched it, so just go slow, be very precise and it should come off great. Good luck!

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