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Breakfast Ideas for Almost 10 Month Old

My 10 month old refuses to eat baby food, but loves our table food. For breakfast she's been feeding herself cheerios and small pieces of toast. I'm looking for suggestions of what else to offer her for breakfast.

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I always fed mine some type of pasta dish for breakfast. It seemed that after sleeping overnight, he was more than hungry for it.

My granddaughter at that age loved cheerios and also eggs, boiled or scrambled. In fact to this day, her favorite breakfast is boiled eggs (3) and juice. Good luck.

You could cut up fruits, like bananas, peaches, pears, oranges, etc. Maybe other cereals that dissolve in her mouth. After she's 1 or 2 (can't remember which) you can give her scrambled eggs. You could do pancakes, muffins, french toast, etc. in bites. That's great that she wants to feed herself!

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At 10 months, just feed her whatever you guys are having. We fed our kids right off our table. (Our son was strictly breastfed for 9 months so he went to babyfood for about a week and then to table food! We continued bf till 18 months along with the food.)

+fresh fruit (canned has so much extra sugar....)
+egg bake or scramled eggs (if you are concerned just seperate the yolks from the whites)-we fed our kids the whole egg...

I personally would NOT feed cinnamon rolls as one suggested. It's best to keep those kinds of sugars out of kids' diets for as long as possible. And I also suggest on making her meals from scratch so they are as healthy as possible.

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You could try small pieces of a mild cheese such as mozarella or cheddar (it is better at room temperature as it softens). Actually, my son loved feta cheese and olives, you never know what they will like :-)

You could also try small bread or bagel pieces with cream cheese or hummus.

My kids were the same way.
We usually have cereal, fruit and a cup of milk or a yogurt smoothie in the morning. I've also made pancakes and added fruit/granola to them - kind of like an oatmeal pancake. You can make a bunch and throw them in the freezer. They reheat in 20 seconds in the microwave or you can toast them because they're a little more dense than a regular pancake.
They also love waffles - you can buy the kind with whole-wheat and fruit in them.
We also do omeletes/scrambled eggs. With her being 10 months old, I think she can only have the whites/yolks? I can never remember which one it is :)

I make pancakes with bananas and or blueberries....(homemade, so as to avoid all the sodium) I make a batch on the weekend and freeze them. she eats pieces of those, I have blueberry whole grain bread that I toast and put on simply fruit - jelly without all the sugar.... or you can use baby food fruit instead... frozen waffles - earhts best makes good ones or eggo whole grain blueberry.. you can do french toast made with only egg yolks....and cinnimon wioth vanilla - she loves that. Yo Baby yogurt is always a hit as well.

my daughter loves blueberry muffins. We started giving her muffins at 9 or 10 months when she was picking up her own food. We crumble it up and it is easy for her to eat.

Looks like you got lots of great suggestions. However, as a daycare provider that participates in the childcare food program, I would like to give a warning about cheerios and other dry cereals. It is NOT recommended that infants under one year be fed cheerios. Many childcare providers bucked this rule and their response was to try to shove a handful of cheerios in your mouth and breathe without choking. Therefore, until children can eat without shoving handfuls into their mouths, dry cereal should be fed with caution.

Good luck!!

Malt o meal, oatmeal, cream of wheat, fruit, yogurt.. are just a couple ideas. My son was the exact same way. He refused baby food and onto the adult stuff. He would however eat Puffs(like cereal and easy becuase it dissinagrates in your mouth). Hope this helps.

My 13mo.old has pancakes/waffles with a little bit of syrup almost every morning. She gobbles it right up.

Otherwise other ideas:
Mix Cheerios and Yogurt together
Granola Bar
String Cheese
Various Fruit
Cinnamon Rolls

We were pretty much done with baby food by 9mos. Teeth or not she wanted table food.

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