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Bottle Nipples for Rice Cereal

My son is three months old. The other day we took him to the acid reflux doctor and he was diagnosed with a mild case of acid reflux. The doctor told us to start him on rice cereal which we have started. He told us to get y cut nipples. We have searched the stores and only found ones for Dr.Brown and we are using Avent bottles. We cut one of our nipples and it seems to work but my son is sucking so fast that all of the formula is dripping out. My question is what should I do? Do I continue to cut the nipples or switch bottles. I am even considering spoon feeding it to me. Help. Does anyone have any suggestions or have been in this situation. We put stage 3 nipples for the bottle and it seemed to work but would rather have the y cut. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh honey - why do doctors tell moms to feed their babies cereal before 6 months???? From the American Association of Pediatrics: "In the first 6 months, water, juice, and other foods are generally unnecessary for breastfed infants." Cereal will not help the reflux. Try allowing him to sleep on an angle (not flat) and look for other fixes for the reflux.

Use Avent number 3 nipples. They worked for us with rice cereal without cutting them. Good Luck.

Oh, also I remember asking my doctor if it was OK to feed my son cereal in his bottle and she said no "he should be spoon fed only because he will become lazy and never learn to spoon feed". I decided that I was going to feed him cereal in his bottle anyway and he took to spoon feeding other foods just fine at a later time. Just relaying that in case anyone tells you not to feed him cereal in a bottle.

I wouldn't cut the nipples. Just buy one Dr. Brown's bottle and use with their Y-cut nipple and you're all set.

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My girls had acid reflux also from birth and they also had rice cereal added to their bottles. I used to cut the nipples but it did take a few tries to get it right. You may also want to try enfamil a.r. Formula. Its great! It has added rice in it already but is the same consistancy as regular formula and when the formula hits their bellies it thickens inside to help keep it down. We loves it and i highly recommend to give it a try :)you may be able to skip the cereal all together.


I always just cut a little x in the nipple. Always worked for me. When my babies were small they didn't have "special nipples" My mother in law was a pediatric nurse. She told me what to do.

Good luck

I have gone to kidsurplus.com and found y cut nipples. I use the Dr. Browns bottles so that is where I have gotten mine. You could google it and should come up with lots of chooses as to where to get them. I personally think you should be using the y-cut versus cutting the nipples.

All nipples come in different stages. Try the stage 2 or 3 of the nipples you use.

K., I use evenflo glass bottles because of the harmful Bisphenol A and phthalates. Evenflo has a x shaped nipple that works incredibly well for adding cereals to the bottle. On another note, I would not give the grains this soon because of possibly creating an allergy in the baby. The baby's intestines are not mature enough to digest grains or solid food yet. Whe you introduce it too soon, the body starts to attach it because it is foreign matter. Later in life, you child might become allergic to grains/gluten. If you baby has mild acid reflux, just keep him upright for 45 minutes to an hour after feeding. This will greatly reduce his discomfort. I did this for my 2 month old baby for about 1 month and he out grew the reflux. Also, if you are breastfeeding, take a probiotic by Garden of Life-it will help to balance the baby's gut flora (he might be overly acidic)and see if that helps. I did this with my baby as well. P.S. I am a holistic health counselor who specializes in women and children's health.

My son was 7 1/2 weks when he started cereal. putting it in thte bottle didn't work so we made it with alot of liquid and spoon fed him. It took a couple of days for him to get the hang of it but did just fine.


My son had the same issue with the reflux and our doctor also recommended putting some rice cereal into the bottle. I tried cutting the Avent nipples, never seemed to work that well, then I bought the variable flow nipples which were- as you said- WAY too fast of a flow. I ended up just using the regular Avent nipples, not cut or anything, and they worked just fine. (I can't remember at which age we went to size 2 or 3, but just judge yourself what seems best). Good luck :)

I couldn't find those nipples for the avent bottles I used either so i skipped the cereal in a bottle routine and went straight to spoon feeding it. Just make sure it is pretty runny.

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