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Baby Cereal and Bottles...

We have started our little one on cereal once a day but have been adding it to each bottle. The problem is the cereal seems to not fit through the slow flow nipples easily, but the medium flow goes too fast for our daughter to keep up with. We use Evenflow and Gerber plastic bottles and silicone nipples...any advice on a better nipple that works well with the thicker consistency???? Thanks!

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Good Morning Moms,
Let me start off by saying I appreciate your time in responding to my question. However, for those of you who thought I was doing the wrong thing by putting the cereal in the bottle, I was just following the advice of my pediatrician. I guess I should clarify-She eats a bowl of cereal with a spoon in the morning, after that she takes bottles for the rest of the day where I add cereal so she gets a good taste of and for it (as my pediatrician advised). This is our first week and we wanted to start slow with her because of a fussy tummy. I don't recall asking if our method was okay with anyone but rather advice on how to make it work for us-This is my first time on this mom job and appreciate the positive reinforcments:)

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Have you tried heating the nipples then opening the holes in the nipple a little bit by inserting a toothpick to the size you need? It worked for me on all three of my boys....

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My husband has always cut the nipples at the tip just alittle bit and then they seem to be fine. We did this with the slow flow ones and it does work. You may have to replace them in a couple of months because the continuous washing opens the nipples even more eventually. Good luck!!

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My daughter had severe reflux at 7 weeks and had to have a large amount of cereal added to each of her bottles. We tried opening the holes and different stage nipples, before we found the Advent variable flow nipples. Life saver! Worth every single penny.

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Dr. Brown's makes Y cut nipples that are especially made for cereal, but it comes out kind of fast.

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ah you poor thing.... if you ask an question on the internet you will get a bunch of opinions lol - I dont think there is a right or wrong answer each child has its own needs. there will always be an opinion for or against but as the mom its your choice!!

anyway they make specific cross cut nipples for cereal and if you cant find them you can use a knife to create an opening large enough. watch the nipples for signs of wear and replace as needed.

my son now does not and has not had cereal in his bottle it wasnt needed. my first daughter however (as per our pediatrician) needed it and it was a godsend.... it stopped projectile vomiting and produced weight gain. Please always go with your gut feeling - you as mommy will know best what works!

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Hi K.,

My son had a reflux problem so we had to put cereal in his bottles to. So we cut a criss cross on the nipple. They now make them like that. But you may want to cut your own so you can make the flow better. Hope it works. We also had to have him sit up for 45 mintues after each feeding. Good luck.

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I also put cereal in my children's bottles. I made the hole bigger by putting a very tiny X. If it wasn't big enough, then obviously I just made it a tad larger. Just remember to mark which nipples you change so you don't accidentally put the plain milk in the "cereal" bottle. I did this with my two children and my mother did it with me and one of my older sisters. My sister was a month late and the hospital actually started putting the cereal in the bottle.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I did the same thing.

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Dear girl ,don't feel guilty about giving her cereal in a bottle!Once a day,given usually at bedtime is a great idea for a restless baby & the bonus is you can keep your sanity & you get more sleep .too!I see it as win/win.
My daughter was using a razor blade to adjust the size of the opening in the nipple.when my children were babies I used safety pin or needle.

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There are nipples specifically for doing what you are doing. I think they're called feeder nipples. I don't remember where we got ours (our son is 7 now). We may have had them handed down to us.

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I use Dr. Brown's bottles witha stage 3 nipple that works great. With a 6 oz bottle of formula its usually around 2 tsps and less the smaller the bottle is, or maybe your baby isn't ready.

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a lot of times the nipples on the bottles are way tooo small for cereal. either buy ones that are "X" cut ones or what i used and LOVED with my son is a feeder system. they come in a two pack. a 4 oz and a 2 oz one. you can feed her even baby food thru this! you can find this at meijers and walmart, not sure about target never looked their. its made by sassy. oh and babies r us. i will post the link of what it looks like for you. it says 6 months and up but i used it on my son when he was 4 months. good luck


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