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Blood in 12 Month Old Stools

I was changing my 12 month old and i noticed some blood in her stools. Her bowel movements have been there with nearly every diaper change but they have been lite brown pebble looking. I guessing shes constipated thats what the nurse at the doctors office said also. Does anyone have any suggestions for what i can do for her consipation besides a supository, i'd like to use that as a last resort. thanks!
also her butthole isnt bleeding (sorry to be so blunt)

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Hi, F.! Mandarin oranges work for us every time! Give it a shot! She's old enough that she can eat them. Who knows... they may become her new favorite fruit! Best wishes!

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It seems that you have gotten a lot of good advice. I just wanted to add a few things. If you try the juice route, our pediatrician told us to try Prune or Pear juice. If you try Prune, you need to get it in the regular juice section of the grocery store and not the Gerber brand. The Gerber brand is a prune-apple mix. Apple juice counteracts the Prune juice. They do make a Gerber Pear juice which is fine. We would typically dilute the juice so that they don't get use to the strong sweet taste. The juice route does not show immediate results but typically within 24 hours. Good luck!

Have you tried the prune/apple juice combo from gerber it worked well for my one son.

How long has the blood been in the stools? I think you should start there.

Have you given him an anti-biotic lately? Omnicef which is commonly given as a 3rd-attempt for ear infections can turn the stools red.

When I was in chemo last year, I was horribly constipated and had blood in the stools, I had to take daily stool softeners/laxatives. It's different for a 12 month-old, but in addition to the Miralax (which I never took but heard great things about), I'd ask a pharmacist/your pediatrician about either using Senna (vegetable-based laxative/stool softener) or adding fiber supplements such as BeneFiber or FiberSure to her food. They are power based and dissolve in liquids.

Our daughter's had some issues with constipation lately, too. It breaks your heart. Just make sure she's getting fluids (the reason pears/prunes are recommended is because of their high fiber content) as constipation can be a sign of dehydration, too.
Good luck!

For us, nothing works like canned fruit cocktail. Holy moly... Also, lots of fluids.

My daughter suffers from constipation and has her whole life. If your dd is constipated, it's very possible that the inside of her rectum is bleeding. Try some pears and pear juice. It tastes way better than prunes or prune juice! Make sure you are pushing the fluids...lots and lots of fluids. Like 8 glasses of water a day. It's a TON for a kid, but it will help get things moving. Stay away from dairy, pasta, bananas and meat. LOTS of fruits and vegetables. Give it a few days. If you don't notice any improvement, you may have to give her a laxative of some sort. My daughter takes Miralax daily to help with her problems.

Do what DDin law had to do for the little one. Murelax I thinkl I spelled it wrong but you put it in water or juice and they drink it. He has issues to the point we had to take him to Childrens and the dr put her finger in his little butt and hooked it on poo to pull it out and then they did an inema. Boy did that stink and he went and went for what seemed like forever. He needed more fiber. They did an Xray he was full. No room left for poo to back up. She had to do it every few days until he was okay. Very drastic but they won't get him to eat anything other than Chicken nuggets and they must be from McDonald's and apple jacks and his milk.

Unless the poo is coming out in hard little balls, she's not constipated. The best thing to do for constipation is nurse more often. Otherwise, watered down juice, especially apple and prune, work pretty well.

Did you just start her on milk? It could be an intolerance or allergy.

Do NOT give your 1 yr. old 8 full glasses of water a day! That is too much water for her, and she should also have milk. If you have questions about your daughter's constipation, call and ask your doctor's office. They should know your child, and what is best for your child.

Hi F....my oldest boy had the same thing when he was a baby. And no, there is no visible bleeding, but the lil bit of blood in the stool. I noticed it when he was about 5 months old, and it ended up being, yes, constipation, his poop was like lil marbles and wutnot. Anyhow, it was do to a milk allergy. So i would start there. And understand, he can drink milk and milk products, but we just didn't let him consume glasses of milk or bowls of cereal til he got older ( like school age). But 1 thing you can try is Mineral Oil. they sell it right in the grocery store, or other stores, ask the pharmasist how much he should take, my boy took like 1-2 teaspoons in the mornin, and at night. It just helps act as a lubricant. I should ask, how long have you noticed this, or think it might have been goin on?We were pretty much on our own with this, we took him to a few drs, his problem didn't go away til he was 5 or so, and then i think he just learned to deal with it :( . So i would start with the Dairy products. and understand, this can interfere with potty training, so be patient. But you have at least 1 1/2- 2 yrs befor you need to worry about that. Good luck and God Bless

canned pears and pear juice work for my son!!

Hi, F.! Mandarin oranges work for us every time! Give it a shot! She's old enough that she can eat them. Who knows... they may become her new favorite fruit! Best wishes!

HI Felcia
This is straight from my doctors note. I am to give her Miralax in her bottle. It a powder stool softener. 1-2 teaspoons. MAX amt per day is 4 teaspoons. Works in about 24 hours..no side affects. Call your pediatrician about my advice if you want. The apple or prune juice never worked from my baby (she is 12 months as well). The Miralax is safe for babies. Its just a softener like prune juice without all the sugars
I would give 2 teaspoons in ONE bottle, and no more. If she didnt have a softer poo in 24 hour, my thought was to up it to 3 teaspoons the next day. I have never had to.
Good luck.

I have had to give my son apple juice from the time he was about 2 months old. He was always so backed up. He is now 5 and I still have to make sure that he has at least one glass of juice a day. I hope you find something that works!

those little baby glycerin suppositories are very gentle and almost as slender as a rectal thermometer.. They really don't hurt and help to "lubricate" things for a bowel movement. The glycerin just melts in the body. It doesn't get in the blood stream, and is not harsh, etc.

Another thing to try is prune juice...it's stronger, but it will help.

I would not mess around with blood in the bowel movement...but the fact the stool is brown is good.

My sister was told to use castrole oil in a bottle for my neice. I used prune juice daily for my son and it worked.

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