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Baby Not Kicking at 7 Months..

I'm 7 months along and I haven't been feeling my baby move lately. Is this normal or should I be worried?
He may kick once a day, but that's it. I've tried lying on my left side, drinking something cold, and eating something like the doctor suggests, but still no movement. I know it's supposed to be ten kicks an hours.
Any help would be appreciated.

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He's been moving, I just can't feel it. Haha. It's almost like exactly what you said Bonnie C.
Everything is fine now. I had to reassure myself and my doctor told me to go, so we went to the Hospital and got an evaluation.

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Please call and get seen asap. There are so many explanations for this, and some of them are of no concern and some of them are very serious and you just can't know until they take a look. A simple sonogram will tell a lot, and/or they can hook you up to a HR monitor at the hospital. It's no big deal for them and a lot of relief to you. Seriously.
Good luck!

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Call your provider NOW. Use the words "decreased fetal movement". they will probably send you to the hospital for monitoring. Drop everything and call right now.

I think it's pretty normal depending on when the baby is moving. If you eat or drink something sweet and still can't get a good response just let your Dr know on ur next visit, but I don't think it's anything to be alarmed about. Sometimes they don't move as much during late pregnancy. My son moved about once a day as well and he was fine. I guess he was saving his energy because I can't get him to stop moving now. I think your baby's fine and that it's somewhat normal for less movement by 3rd trimester.

tell dr. they can check heart rate with doppler, fluid with u/s and even send you for a stress test at the hospital. mine did the later but i was also 2 weeks from my due date so it was not a bigdeal to have them at that time as where you're only 7 months and it would be best for baby to stay in another month. ither way let him know at next apt if not sooner so he can decide what is best. some babies dont move much because there just isnt any more room left but i cant remmber when this is just that its in the end.

When I was expecting my son, I hardly felt him move during the day. But my husband felt him move all night. I'd snuggle up to him in my sleep, and my tummy would nudge him till he ended up falling out of bed. Our son loves that story - he kicked Dad out of bed before he was born! My movement during the day kept the baby sleeping. While I was sleeping the baby was turning somersaults. See your Dr if you have concerns. It's better to get checked out even if it's for your own piece of mind.

you should go in and be seen on labor and delivery now. it is normal for the baby to move less as it grows bigger but you need to make sure nothing else is going on.

Call now and be seen. Tell them you haven't felt the baby move lately.

Odds are the baby is getting big and you are starting to run out of room and this why the moevement is decreased. But the baby should have an active period and you should be able ot stimulate movement. Call now and get piece of mind.

Don't feel bad about calling. Lots of people have this happen and it is always better to check. I had this happen around month 8 of my first pregnancy, and they put me on monitors to confirm all was well. It's no big deal for them, but you need ot do it.

Hi E.,
Your question hit home for me. I had my first baby in April of this year. At some point in the second trimester, one of my doctors mentioned that babies move less the more crowded things get in your womb. As things with my pregnancy progressed, I felt little movements (hand flutters or subtle shifts) but not big turns or rolls anymore. I was a little concerned but attributed to the baby have less room to adjust. It turns out that my baby was lodged in an awkward position for some time... His head was down and sideways (not sunny side up or down) and his left shoulder was pressing into his left cheek and jaw. When I was in labor he presented ear first and would not turn; because of his position I had to have an emergency C-section. Everything was (and is) fine, however had my labor OB not been so good and had he encouraged me to push, my son could have experienced nerve damage in his arm and in his face. Having said all this, I don't know what my prenatal doctors would have had me do if we'd known that he was 'stuck' in this odd position. There is no telling how long he was like that--I didn't feel him drop, or the lightening, at all. I am writing to encourage you to trust your instincts. I had a sneaking suspicion that something wasn't quite right, but I didn't say or do anything because I didn't know what things were 'supposed' to feel like and I felt little tiny movements and thought that those must be it. Luckily, my situation worked out well despite my reticence to voice my concerns. I think talking to your doctor or nurse will, at the very least, make you feel better. Good luck!

I am glad you talked to your doc and got checked for your own peace of mind. Happy relaxed Mom means happy relaxed baby.

Well i wouldn't be too worried but what i didn't to feel my babies move was drink a soda. In my case cold wasn't good enough it was the sugar. It seems to do it every time. But if you don't feel any thing I personally would talk to your doctor. good luck

Please call and get seen asap. There are so many explanations for this, and some of them are of no concern and some of them are very serious and you just can't know until they take a look. A simple sonogram will tell a lot, and/or they can hook you up to a HR monitor at the hospital. It's no big deal for them and a lot of relief to you. Seriously.
Good luck!

Hi E.,
You should definitely have everything checked out to be on the safe side. It will make you feel much better and create less stress for your pregnancy! I didn't feel my baby move very much throughout my pregnancy and had a healthy baby boy. Like you, I would feel a few movements a day (not every hour). I was nervous as well but relieved when I was told by my dr that my placenta was in the front (so my son would have to kick really hard for me to feel it). Also, the position my baby was usually in would have him kicking my back. So, there could be several non-serious reasons for not feeling a lot of activity but get checked out to make sure all is well. Best wishes!

Really? 10 kicks an hour? I've never heard that. I suggest calling your doctor and asking for a visit and a sonogram. It could just be that he's sitting in a position where his feet are turned to the inside so that you're not really feeling him move.

When I was preggers with my youngest daughter I didn't feel her kick at all! I was really worried about developmental issues since my older daughter was always kicking. I mentioned it to my doc and we did an ultrasound. Once I saw her moving and playing with her feet I felt so much better. later in the pregnancy I did feel her move around more but she was just a mellow baby. Now she is ten months old and all over the place. My best advice for you is to mention it to your doc, and see what he/she thinks.

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