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Nervous About Baby Movement.

I am 8 1/2 months pregnant, and have noticed in the last couple of days that the baby is not moving nearly as much as he has been. I still feel him getting the hiccups, and kicking a little, but i am a little nervous. Is this normal?

What can I do next?

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Yes, K., it's completely normal. The baby is getting pretty crowded in there, and there's not much room to move around like there was a couple of months ago.

Not to worry! You're still feeling life in there, and everything is fine! Enjoy the ride!



From a grandma...............babies always settle down a few days before their born. They are getting in position in the birth canal for delivery.
Nothing to be too concerned about since you do feel some movement every day.
Get plenty of rest ....you will need it for the delivery.

At 8 1/2 months the baby is getting too big for his home and they can't move as much. Soon you will feel like a watermelon is stuffed in there. Dont' sweat it sweetie. The last month or so is the hardest time of the entire pregnancy.

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Always check with your doctor when something seems odd.
But in the baby's defense.... it is getting crowded in there and harder to move around.

Call the doctor!

Hello and congratulations. Yes this is very normal. Be ready. The baby is getting ready, you should be going into labor soon. As long as there is a strong heart beat you should not worry. Good luck.

Hi K.,
I'd ask your dr. but it seems maybe the baby doesn't have as much room to move around, cause he or she has gotten bigger. I know my movement slowed down towards the end, but again, always check with your dr. Good Luck and congrats.

There are no stupid questions...don't ever hesitate to call your OB/GYN if you are concerned. You'll be doing the same thing with your baby's pediatrician once he's born! It's not unusual at all for the baby's movements to slow down a lot at your stage of pregnancy. There just isn't enough room for all that kicking and elbowing, etc. But again, it never hurts to speak with your dr...you should be down to weekly visits by now, and if there's a problem, you may have to go more often. I know I had to go 3x a week the last 2 weeks b/c of my blood pressure.

Call you OB. Go get checked out just to be safe. Much better to be over cautious and everything be okay than the alternative. Good Luck.

Hey K., I am a labor and delivery nurse and I would love to help you out. First of all, any time you have quetsion, please call your Dr, no question is a dumb quetsion, and that is the safest thing for your baby. When you are not sure if your baby is moving enough, lie down on your left side and drink some juice and make sure you have eaten somthing. After that write down every time your baby moves for 1 hr. If you do not feel 10 movements that I would call your Dr and probably go to the hopsital so they can look at your baby on the monitor. This does not mean something is wrong with your baby, but sometimes this is way that babies can tell us there may be something else going on. Don't ever feel bad for going to the hospital!!

I would definitely let your doctor know. That happened with both my girls and the doctor had me come in and be monitored for about 30 minutes. They put you in a quiet relaxing room and put a monitor on your belly so they can accurately tell the movement of the baby. It can't hurt to be cautious!

This is totally normal. As the baby gets bigger at the end of a pregnancy, he/she has less room to move around so you generally notice less movement. However, if you're really concerned, you should touch base with your doctor for reassurance.

Have you called your doctor?

Every's advise is good. For real peace of mind of course check with your Dr. But something you might want to do if you haven't done it already.... quite often you just might not feel the movements. Take a 1/2 glass of water and lay in a slightly reclining position. Set the glass of water on the top of your tummy and just watch the glass. You likely will see movement of the water reflecting movements of the baby that you just aren't seeing.

Most babies do slow down a little towards the end, but if you are nervous you need to call your ob or just go to labor and delivery and let them check out the baby. I would not take any chances if it were me!


I bet you will be having your baby soon:-)) This always happen to me before giving birth. My daughter said the same about her baby...a week and 1/2 later...her water broke:-) You will also get a boost of energy..it is called nesting. If still worried confirm with you OB. GOOD LUCK!
A. G.

HE doesn't have that much room to move anymore. Cramped quarters! Don't worry!


Just a little over a year ago I was thinking the same thing. But, as the baby gets bigger there's not a whole lot of room in your belly for him to move around. Therefore, you won't notice a lot of movement. Don't be nervous every mom-to-be goes through this. This is the best time of your life so enjoy it!


Mine did the same thing and I was a nervous nelly. The nurses had me eating popsicles and drinking cold things to rev them up. Don't worry. The further in gestation he gets, the less he'll move. Less room :)
Keep in mind...the more you move, the more he is being sloshed around and rocked to sleep. Its normal to worry. You'll do tons of that :) Good luck. Motherhood is wonderful! The first couple of months are rough, but then it gets really good!!

Babies tend to move less when you get towards the end of your pregnancy because of the lack of space, but I would contact your doctor just to make sure everything is okay. They maybe can ease your mind.

Hi K..

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I too experienced decreased movements of my little one the further I got in my pregnancy. My doctor explained to me that the further I got in my pregnancy the bigger my baby got which didn't leave as much room for movement. I would still mention it to my physician though.
Again, congrats! Mary

Please, please call your doctor. I agree with the other responses, that it is getting cramped in there. However, getting things checked out is ALWAYS better than just wondering.

As the baby gets bigger, they do not have the room to move around. So they won't move as much. It also sounds like he is getting ready to join the world.

When you are this far along, your baby's living conditions become cramped, so they often move less. As long as you are still feeling the baby on a regular basis, everything is probably fine. But, if you are really worried about it, go see your doctor. You won't be the first nervous, first time mommy she has seen! :-) Good luck!

Sorry looks like I hit send twice:) ~A.~

Well, I've only had one so far, so I'm no expert, but it may just be that at 8 1/2 mo. he doesn't have as much room in there and is settling more into his birthing position. I'd call your dr. if you continue to be concerned. They are usually good at hearing nervous-momma questions! :)

Remember by 8.5 months, there is not a lot of room in there.If you feel him having the hiccups and kicking you should be fine but talk to your doctor if your concerned - they can do a sono and check if everything is ok. Also if you have not felt him for a while, take your finger and pock/push on your tummy, you usually should feel a push back! Good luck!

Dear K.:

Yes, I do believe in following the advice of others. For some reason though, I did not feel my son move the the last month and a half or so, but I felt totally at peace. I didn't want anyone to mess with "perfection". SO I never mentioned it. My baby was almost 24" long. No wonder he didn't move much!


It's pretty normal. As the baby gets bigger it runs out of room to move a lot so you feel less kicking but often it's more intense. :) If you are worried though call your doctor, they can hook you up to the monitors and monitor the baby's movement, heart beat, etc. I did this with both of my daughters because I was nervous about not feeling them move. It will ease your mind a lot!!! :)

Hey, K.. Firstly, ask your doc. But I recall that this is pretty normal. The baby is running out of room in there, so his punches are not as forcefull. How exciting for you...you're almost there!

Remember that you are getting close to delivery and he is running out of room to move around like he used to. He is probably just getting a little cramped! Like I am sure you are probably feeling a little uncomfortable also. If you are really concerned about it though, you should probably ask your doctor.
I hope everything goes well! :)

In those last few weeks as the baby gets bigger and bigger, there just simply isn't as much room for them to move. So I think it can be normal to feel a bit of a decrease in movement; as long as you're feeling hiccups and some kicking on a regular basis, you're most likely fine. He is probably just in cramped quarters now :) . Just make sure to mention it to your OB at your next appointment though, but I bet he's just preparing for birth. Congratulations to you!

My babies slowed down at the end of both of my pregnancies. With one of them, it was due to low amniotic fluid. With the other one, it was due to having so little room to move...he was 9 pounds when he was born. To test how he was doing, I drank a very cold drink and it would make him more active.

He doesn't have as much room as before since you're 8 months now. As long as he is moving, you're fine. If you notice that you've gone all day and he hasn't moved, then be worried and call the doctor.

In any case, if YOU are STILL nervous about anything, call your doctor. It never hurts to call....especially if you are a 1st time mommy!


Don't worry. It is completely normal. He doesn't have much room to move around anymore. If you feel him getting hiccups, then he should be just fine. Ask your doctor if you are really worrried, but the same thing happened to me. You are almost there.

My doctor who is the sweetest girl in the world said that if you can count 10 movements a day then you are doing ok. Anything less then that you should let your doctor know when you go in for your (what is it) weekly visits now. There isn't much room in there right now so 10 movement a day should be about normal. Also you should try different positions of laying that sometimes gets the kiddo to get active. Good luck your almost there.

Don't worry if you can feel the baby move a little or have the hiccups. The baby just has less room to move as it is getting bigger every day! Congratulations on becoming a mom. I am a mom of 3 and they are my world!!!

Hi K., congrats! You need to contact your OB. The other mommies are correct, there is not much room left, but anytime you feel the baby is not moving normally contact the doctor.Best of wishes.

Totally normal. There isn't much room for him to move by now. Still, if you are worried call your OB's office and talk to them. I am sure that will make you feel better. Congratulations!

Yes, K., it's completely normal. The baby is getting pretty crowded in there, and there's not much room to move around like there was a couple of months ago.

Not to worry! You're still feeling life in there, and everything is fine! Enjoy the ride!


Some times its normal. He may be just positioning in birth canal. Or he may not have much room to move around in there. If there have been problems or you are that worried, talk to your dr. during your next visit, or call and ask. Better safe than sorry, and no need to wring yourself out worrying if all is well. find out.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, the baby doesn't move as much because there isn't a lot of room left to move in. So, it is normal not to feel the baby move as much this far in the pregnancy.

If anything at all makes you nervous, call your OB. I am sure there is nothing wrong, most babies just slow down at this stage due to the tight fit BUT if you are uncomfortable or nervous or worried, call them. They are used to it, that is what they are there for. There is no reason to sit around and worry when all they have to do is hook you up to a fetal monitor, it will put your mind at rest. I did it twice around 8 - 8 1/2 months with my first. It is so hard not to worry about the baby until you can see him/her and hold him/her in your arms.

It is normal toward the end of a pregnancy for the activity level of a baby to slow down since the area the have to move in has diminished considerably. Most OB's have you do what they call a "kick count" which is basically keeping track hourly of how many kicks you are feeling. Different doctors will give you a different number that is acceptable in their opinion but the main thing is that the number is consistent and does not decrease. I would start keeping track and give your OB a call tomorrow if you are feeling unsure or nervous. Good luck and congrats on your first baby!
P.S. Relax! You don't want to get yourself to worked up. I am sure everything is fine. :)

If you are worried, call your doctor... but chances are your baby is just to big to move around. Congrats and happy pushing!

Perfectly normal. The baby is getting bigger so there is less room to move. As long as you still feel him moving.



From a grandma...............babies always settle down a few days before their born. They are getting in position in the birth canal for delivery.
Nothing to be too concerned about since you do feel some movement every day.
Get plenty of rest ....you will need it for the delivery.

It can be as baby loses space to move. But PLEASE contact your Dr. and get checked out. Dont get freaked out, but you do need to see the doctor to put your mind at rest.

As babies get larger they don't have the room they once had, but anytime you feel nervous or uneasy about something, call your doctor. He or she should understand you're concerns and be glad to listen. Congratulations!

I think there is not much movement towards the end because they don't have very much room to move around. I'm 7 mos so haven't experienced that quite yet!

A rule of thumb I learned - pay attention to movement for an hour. If you feel nothing at all, call the doc. My first scared me to death when I was just 7 months. He usually kept me up all night with lots of dancing, then while I was working at a summer camp, one night he decided to be very mellow. I was just about to head to the infirmary around 3 am when he decided to move again, Ugh! Even in the womb they can mess with us! He's probably pretty cramped, but should at least wiggle within an hour. As long as you feel that, you should be fine. good luck!

That scared me too. I told my doc (who wasn't concerned, but wanted to ease my mind) and she listened to my baby's heart & everything was fine. They just get too big at the end to do much. If your baby isn't kicking then call doc immediatly. I would call anyhow just to make you feel better. It's scary.

Congratulations K.,
Sounds like that little boy will be arriving soon!!!
My doctor had me count kicks! I don't remember exactly how it all went, but we were fine! Usually (Just like everyone said) movement slows just before the baby comes! I hope all goes well for you and your new joy! Just relish every moment.. they go by sooooo fast!
C., Mom to two by birth (12 & 15) and five foster children.. all from God!

It's getting kinda cramped in there, and you are almost ready to welcome him, so he is getting into position, so you won't feel those same old movements, new things for the next couple of weeks, then really new things for the next rest of your life, congratulations!!

Movement does decrease as you get closer to full term. But from personal experience, NEVER think you are being paranoid. Just go right into the doctors office, or if it is after hours just march up to labor and delivery and tell them you are having decreased fetal movement.

Call your doctor NOW. Could be nothing, could be cord problems. Sonogram time.

YES!!! He used to have a giant mansion to live in, but now sadly he has only a one room efficiency to occupy!! I think in about a month he will realize that the current situation isn't working and will look for other accomodations and probably pick out a room-mate or two, likely you and your husband. As long as he is still paying rent and moving the furniture around, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
Congratulations on your pending new "room-mate"!!
good luck,

It can be very normal for movements to decrease since the baby is running out of room in there. :-)

It's good that you are still feeling the reassuring hiccups, but still tell your doctor so he/she knows what's going on with you and can calm your fears.

Best of luck to you...it's wonderful to be a mom!!

As your baby gets bigger it is normal for her movenment to slow down a little because she has less room to move around in her cramp space. But you should call your doctor and report this just to be safe.

Happy Mothering!

At 8 1/2 months the baby is getting too big for his home and they can't move as much. Soon you will feel like a watermelon is stuffed in there. Dont' sweat it sweetie. The last month or so is the hardest time of the entire pregnancy.

Hi K.,

Yes, it *can* be normal, as so many other mothers have pointed out, but it can also be a sign of a problem. When movement suddenly decreases from normal (your baby's normal), it is ALWAYS best to get it checked out and there is NEVER a good reason to wait and see and/or assume everything is okay.

I have experienced a stillbirth so come from a different perspective than many other mothers, but have also learned the hard way and do not take any chances now. I don't want to frighten you, but want you to be aware of what can happen, because many women - myself included - just never think anything can go wrong and don't really know what to look for.

If it were me, and I am also pregnant now so I understand you very well, I would go to my doctor or L&D and tell them you have decreased fetal movements and want to be checked. Most likely scenario is that everything is fine. :-)

Best wishes!

You are getting closer to delivery time and it's soooooo crowded in there! You still feel activity - just not as intense and that's usually normal. However, if you are concerned, by al means, go to your ob.

Right now that little baby should be pretty cramped in there. Movements will not be as frequent as there is not much room to move. As long as you feel some movements like the hiccups and little kicks and such baby should be fine.

Hi K.,
As long as you still feel the baby moving, I wouldn't worry about it. As the baby grows, he has less room to move about. Perhaps he is moving into the birth canal. Congradulations and good luck!

If you're getting too worried about it go ahead and see your OBGYN and let them know what's going on. If you get too worried before you can get in, jiggle your belly and see if the baby moves.. he could just be sleeping alot.

don't be nervous. that sometimes happens and it's completely normal. just call your OB to ease your nerves anytime you have concerns. they'll give you the right answers. good luck and congratulations...you're almost there!

call your doctor today, that's what you see him/her for!!

Hi K.,
#1 go see you doctor! #2 yes, the little one is getting a little cramped in there so that is normal. Good luck with you precious gift from God and if you don't already get a journal and write down all your thoughts and feeling through all the times you will have with your litte one. God Bless you and your family. K.

You are feeling movement, so that is good.
Everyone is basically telling you the same thing and I'm just going to put my two cents in which is the same.
Call your doctor with any concern. They can check and make sure everything is ok, which I am sure everything is fine, but better to get checked. And like everyone else has said, they slow down towards the end because they don't have as much room to move.
Congratulations and I wish you a quick & safe delivery of a beautiful healthy baby!!

Do kick counts! This truly helps you learn what is a normal movement pattern for you baby. www.stillnomore.org - can an excellent explanation of kick counts called "Why Kicks Count" You should count 5 movements within in a hour while lying down. If you don't feel 10 movements in 2 hours after drinking juice or something with sugar you must call your OB or go to the hospital. If you have a fleeting thought that your baby's movement is less than normal call your doctor. More than likely nothing is wrong you are getting close to having your baby but is is better to check and make sure everything is ok. I wish you the best of luck!!

Very normal! The baby is so big and ready to come out. It doesn't hurt to have your doctor check you to make sure everything is ok, but every time I went in they hooked me up to the heart monitor and would have me drink juice...he started kicking then!

Dear K. G,

Why don't you check with your doc? Better safe than sorry, right? I've already said a prayer for you and your baby!

Deb D

Hi K.,
I had the same thing happen with my second baby. I can't remember exactly with my first. But it can be very normal. They seem to start running out of room at this stage in pregnancy. But it is always great to call your Dr. or ask on your next visit since you should be seeing your Dr. biweekly or weekly at this point. My experience is that everything is okay, but it's always great to ask the medical experts. Congratulations and God Bless!!

Don't worry, as long as you feel him having the hiccups & kicking a little, you will be fine...he is just running out of room. That happened with my son, he was quite the mover and shaker, but as I got closer, not so much. I went into labor 3 weeks early..he was 7 lbs, 9oz, 19 1/2 inches...see just ran out of room. Congratulations on your impending arrival!

I ended up with low amniotic fluid with my first pregnancy (currently pregnant again and the fluid is fine). If you haven't had an ultrasound done recently I would talk to your doctor just as precaution. My munchkin couldn't move because she didn't have enough fluid to float in. Just something to bring up with your doctor. Everything was fine w/ the rest of the pregnancy, just had more ultrasounds than the normal patient (darn, getting to see the baby so much!). You will be fine!

Its common that they seem to move less because they are bigger and have less room to really move about but ask your dr how many movements you should feel in a certain time frame and if it slows from that then call your dr.


ok, if you are not feeling the baby move that much than call your dr. i had complications during the pregnancy and i was always scared that the dr would get mad at me for calling. she told me that if i EVER stop feeling the baby or its not moving much then to ALWAYS call her. the dr will probably tell you to go in for testing the fetal movement. i'm sure everything is fine, it was for me. also, make sure that your blood pressure is good and that you're not leaking anything.
p.s. keep in mind that the baby is getting bigger and there isn't much room for it to move around.

Hi I am 8 months pregnant! I remember going through this my first pregnancy. The books says as long as the heart beat is good and you still have movement, the baby is fine. The have a lot less room, and they are being lolled to sleep more because they are getting bigger also (your movements are felt more). Lots of luck!!

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