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I Haven't Felt My Baby Move Yet!

I am 19 weeks pregnant and still haven't felt my baby move!!! I keep reading things and people keep telling me that I should be feeling him or her soon! I'm really nervous, this is my first baby and I am just concerned about everything. When should I start feeling movements??

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I read once that when you are up and moving around, the baby likes the rocking motion and sleeps, so most babies only move at night when you are really still. Since, you are probably asleep and the movements are so small at this point, you may just be missing them. It is still early on, also. I thought I felt my baby at 20 weeks, but now realize it was just gas, since I felt the same thing long after he was born. Don't worry, soon enough, baby will be keeping you up at night kicking you in the ribs!

I wouldn't stress. I didn't feel my first baby move until I was around 20 weeks. It just feels like a flutter and since the baby is so small you have to really pay close attention to feel it. You will feel it very soon. It feels like a gas bubble or something.

I wouldnt be too alarmed every pregnancy is different My first was a girl and she never kicked untill the later part of my pregnancy and then only if someone touched my stomache and as soon as the let go she stopped untill someone else touched me again.

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Hello A.,
Everyone feels things differently and at different times in their pregnancies. A lot of Moms don't feel the baby move well until the middle of their pregnancy. Since this is your first time, you might even been feeling the babe, but not realize it. At first the lil one is so so tiny the kicks feel like little bubbles in your belly. Or it might feel ike gas. Once the babe is a little bigger and can really give you a good kick you won't miss it I promise :)
J. Roth
MS doula

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Have you spoken to the doctor? You should be due for your first ultrasound soon. Usually by now their should be some type of flutterin feeling. Since you havent had any feeling i would deffinetly talk to your doctor.

Sincerly yours

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Your baby is active when you are active and rests when you rest. That's probably why you haven't felt movements yet, because the baby is moving while you are moving around. Plus, the baby is still really tiny (think the size of a large tomato), so those little arms and legs won't make a big impact when they move around.
Another explaination is that you have felt it, but just dismissed it as intestinal gas, because it really does feel that way until the baby gets bigger and can really start kicking and punching.

I was like another poster - the first one I did not feel move until late -and then she did not move much at all - still does not like to ( she is 10 )

the second one - he was on the go from the start - and he still is - ( he is 4) everyone is different and each child is special - but if you are scared - call your doctor.

Don't worry it's very normal. I don't usually feel movement until about 20 wks. I'm assuming you've been in for prenatal care, and baby's heartbeat has been checked. That's the best indicator that everything's alright at this stage.

Enjoy the pregnancy!

Your baby usually starts moving at about 20 weeks, my grandma always said, you know you are 5 months when you feel the baby move. If it hasnt started moving by 22 weeks then you may want to mention it to your md. You usually get an ultrasound around 20 weeks and they check for fetal movement, placement and placenta, and of course the size, also gender if you want to know. The first pregnancy is always scary because you dont know what to really expect. I am sure your baby is fine, just wait til it wakes you up at night with a firm kick,lol. Good luck.

If you are worried just call your doctor and tell them your concerns. There is no need to worry when they can just complete an ultrasound or listen to the heartbeat. Peace of mind is everything. When I finally got pregnant with my daughter (which was my 5th pregnancy the previous 4 ended in miscarriages) I lived at the doctors. I didn't want to take any chances. I think I was about 20 weeks before I really felt my daughter move. You probably have felt the baby but just didn't realize it. Good luck!

You need to call or visit your doctor!

Don't cause yourself undue stress by worrying. A lot of women don't feel the baby moving until they get into the 20's (weeks that is). You actually may have already felt it and not even known. The first movement I felt from my first child was like being lightly thumped in the belly button. She did it 3 times and I didn't feel anything else for a couple of days. It will happen!!!!!!!!!!

A., if you are really concerned call your doctor. I know that I did not feel my son move until I was 20 wks. If there is something wrong the doctor can find out and the sooner the better.

E. M.

Some pregancies you will not feel the baby moving alot. When I was pregant with my first child, I would not feel him move at all through out the day because I worked at Food World and I walked around all day long. However when I got home and was falling asleep, he was awake and moving. Have you talked to your doctor yet? You might want him or her to schedule you an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay. You should feel some movement, because you are about 4 months and the baby should have developed his or her arms and legs (they are not fully developed but enough to be moving). I really would be talking to your doctor, not saying anything is wrong but just to make sure.

Do not worry. I am at 20 weeks and now feel the baby often. You will be fine as long as your doctor says your baby has a strong heart beat and is doing well. You should feel your little on any day now depending on weight (if you weigh more it takes longer to feel the baby so I have been told) and the baby's natural activity levels. In fact, you might have felt the "thumps" and "bumps" already but mistook them for gas or other aches and pains associated with being preggers. Hang in there. Once you feel those first few kicks and they become more and more frequent and hard you will miss those movement free days.

Don't worry about what other people say. I had alot of people telling me stuff when I was pregnant with my first one. You will know when your baby is moving when you are ready. Alot of times you feel your baby moving but you just dont realize it. I didnt feel my first baby move until I was 21 weeks and later. So just go with the flow and go with your instincts.

A. L,
Congratulations!! I was concerned as well. I'm 37 yrs. old and currently pregnant with my first child. I didn't feel anything for awhile. This lady described it as butterflies in your stomach. That made so much since to me. After she told me that, I did feel the baby move in a few days. Since I really didn't know what I was so supposed to be feeling or expecting, it was nice to hear someone describe it to me. It seems that everything you read contradicts each other. Good Luck!!!
R. G

I had the same thing happen with our 1st baby. It seemed that just before my sonogram (somewhere around 22 weeks), I felt a little movement. If the heartbeat sounds good on your dr. visits, the baby is just being a calm baby. Hope it continues after birth!! Not long after I started feeling movement, he would kick all the time when I would lay down. Sometimes that would be the only time I could feel movement - when you lay flat on your back in the bed and kind of rub on your tummy.

Since you are a first time mom you might not reconizge the baby's movements. The BEST thing to do is check with your dr. They can do a ultasound to check on the baby. PLZ call your dr today dont delay. Im sure the dr can advise you on this matter.

I wouldnt be too alarmed every pregnancy is different My first was a girl and she never kicked untill the later part of my pregnancy and then only if someone touched my stomache and as soon as the let go she stopped untill someone else touched me again.

Since this is your first baby you probably won't feel the baby move till 20 to 22 weeks. So be patient.

Hi A.,

I am also in my first pregnancy (now 23 weeks) and I didn't feel anything until about 20 and even then, it was after the doctor sort of told me that anything I felt near my belly (little flutters or whatever) was baby because my stomach was being pushed up higher. Also I read that first-time pregnant moms don't feel anything until later (stronger stomach muscles or something?), so even if it was a couple more weeks for you, that would be normal. Good luck with everything!


i wouldn't worry right now, you will only stress yourself out give about another week or so , have you been to the dr lately, if everything checked out with him then you are doing fine

Oh.. please don't worry too much about that!! I was over 20 weeks before i felt my son move for the first time.. and to tell you the truth... at first... it felt like gas :)

Pretty soon you will be wishing that little acrobat would take a nap!!

Don't stress-- he/she's still small in there :)

At first it is just a tiny flutter of a movement, you are probably feeling it and not realizing it. You need to be very still to feel it. I would normal feel baby in the evening, resting on my side in bed. Once you realize how tiny the movement is, you will probably think "oh, i've felt that before!"

And remember in a few weeks he/she will have both feet stuffed up under your ribs trying to stretch out!

It can take a little longer with the first one. I don't think I felt anything until about 20 weeks. I would mention it to the dr though. Good luck. I bet you will be feeling him/her kicking like crazy soon.

During my first pregnancy, I felt my baby move all the time. Until, one day I fell. I went to the emergency room because I couldn't feel the baby move. The nurse gave me lots of coffee and did an ultrasound. The coffee seemed to wake the baby up.

During my second pregnany, I couldn't feel the baby move until a few weeks before he was born. Occasionally, I would drink coffee to see if I could stir him up. It seemed to help. However, My nurse also told me the baby was probably just crowded. He turned out to be a 9 1/2 pound premie! He was born 6 weeks early.

Hi A.! I completely understand how you feel. I am 32 years old with 4 children ages 10, 8, 4, and 9 weeks. My first son I felt movement at 14 weeks, my second son at 22 weeks, my third son at about 21 or 22, and my daughter 21 weeks. I would say as long as you are going to your scheduled visits and your doc feels like things are fine, I would try not to worry. I understand easier said than done because when my first baby was felt so early, I expected my next one to follow suite. Not so! The saying is true, "each pregnancy is different." It may comfort you to buy a pre-natal heart monitor. You can get them at Wal-Mart. Then, you can listen to your baby's heart beat whenever you like. Hope this has been helpful:} T.

If you have had good appointments and positive test results from you doctor, ask him/her about it but don't stress. You may have already felt your baby and you didn't realize it! It was about your time that I first felt my little one. Sometimes, it really feels like a muscle twitch or even a gas movement...most second time moms feel the second baby sooner simply because after they had their first, they knew the feeling to feel for! You'll be fine...! Oh yea, and buy some pregnancy books with a sense of humor. Too many medical based books can make you worry about every little thing! I recommend "Pregnancy Sucks" and "Pregnancy Sucks for Men". Not a negative book, just honest about the odd changes that happen with your body when you bring a new life into the world. Enjoy your pregnancy!

A. do you ever feel anything that feels like a little butterfly or something tickling your stomach...that could be the baby or maybe even feel like bubbles??? It is not a big movement, you won't feel that until the last few months.

What does your Dr. tell you about not feeling the baby move yet. No 2 women are the same in when they feel the baby move. My first alot of yrs ago (32) I didn't feel move untel late but my second one I felt within the first couple of months. Like I asked first, WHAT does you Dr think.

God bless and good luck


To ease your mind. 19 weeks is bordering on very early to feel baby move, most do not feel baby move until around 22 weeks. AND more importantly its your first baby and it will take longer with your first. AND secondly it depends on your weight. If you are very slim in the stomach than it probably will be earlier but if you are a little to a lot overweight it will take longer to feel them. Try not to worry and ask your OB about it.

I had my daughter at the age of 26, and I was worried just like you. She didn't start moving until I was around 6 months pregnant. She would usually start moving around 5:00 every afternoon, same time every day. Maybe try drinking a coke w/ caffeine to see if that will make her move. Hope this helps.

On average it is usually after the 20th week and even longer in a first pregnancy. If you are truly worried make an appointment with the Dr and see if you can get an ultrasound or hear the heartbeat on dopplar to ease your mind. You'd generally get an ultrasound around 20 weeks anyway, so call and ask.

I was 4 months when a little flutter and when i layed in bed i would push on my belly and she would roll but just feel her move it was late into my 4th month and i would push every now and then just so she would move. I was told i would never have one so i was really worried so it made me feel better. When they hooked the moniters on me she would push them away. She didnt like them mashing on her it was funny. I would just tell your doctor that your really concerned about it. And he can do a ultra sound and make sure everything is ok. Lord nows i called mine enough.. Thats what you pay them for...and he or she will understand. They told me, thats what make a good mom. Good luck!

Do you hear a heart beat each time you go in? If so I would not worry about it. My first child never moved. We depended on the heart beat to make sure she was still there. Each time we had a strong heart beat. She was born completely healthy. She just did not move much at all. She goes ninety to nothing now, she is 4 years old now. I am currently 29 weeks along with my second and this one moves constantly. But I did not feel any movement with this one until around 20 or 21 weeks. So you may have a mover or you may not. All children are different. If you are 19 weeks along, you are only a week or two away from getting a sonogram. They usually do one around 20 weeks.

I read once that when you are up and moving around, the baby likes the rocking motion and sleeps, so most babies only move at night when you are really still. Since, you are probably asleep and the movements are so small at this point, you may just be missing them. It is still early on, also. I thought I felt my baby at 20 weeks, but now realize it was just gas, since I felt the same thing long after he was born. Don't worry, soon enough, baby will be keeping you up at night kicking you in the ribs!

Most mothers have their first Ultrasound around 20 weeks and that alone should ease your mind. You will see the little fellow sucking it's thumb, pulling on the umbillical cord and practically dancing a jig, and wonder "why can't I feel that?" That's all normal! Like others have said, it's usually a little later on your first pregnancy, but one thing I don't think anyone has mentioned is the mothers body type. I obviously don't know you but I do know that smaller, more slender women usually feel the baby's movement sooner. This is not a steadfast rule but just some statistic I've read. Doctors are accustomed to all the worries of moms to be so don't be embarressed about discussing them with him/her, and just think about all the questions you'll have once the baby is born. Might as well get the doctor used to it now! The receptionists at my Docs office knew my voice and I'm pretty sure the Doc knew my # by heart! Best wishes.

I don't think you should be to nervous about not feeling your baby move. When I was pregnant with my first son I did not feel him move for a long time. I got nervous about it and worried for a while. Then it finally happened. When he started moving he did not stop. Try to relax and enjoy your pregancy.

Well A. I am a new mom and I was a little nervous too when I didnt feel my baby move when I thought I was suppose to, I came to realize that all babies are different and they will move when he/she is ready...when she first moved though I was about 21 weeks and it felt like gas so I wasnt sure it was her until the movements continued....but dont worry everything is going to be okay! GOOD LUCK!

I had a similar situation with this 2nd pregnancy. It may be that you are anterior. If he is more towards your back and the "stuff" is in front of him you won't feel him move for a bit longer in your pregnancy. I don't remember when I first felt him move, but I finally did and now he is so active. You will feel him eventually and you may be feeling him now and don't realize it. Once they start moving and get a bit larger you almost wish that they would calm down some.

Hello A.,

Don't freak out, I went through the exact same thing. I did not feel any little movements till around 23 weeks and even then he didn't move much. I am now 34 weeks and he moves alot. As long as the doctor hears a healthy heart beat, don't worry about it. Also, one night when I was earlier on I was up late (11:00 P.M.) watching a movie and he was moving around alot, he may also be moving when you are sleeping.

I wouldn't stress. I didn't feel my first baby move until I was around 20 weeks. It just feels like a flutter and since the baby is so small you have to really pay close attention to feel it. You will feel it very soon. It feels like a gas bubble or something.

hi. It may also depend on your weight. if you are a bigger person it maybe harder to feel the little things just yet. I am 5'2 and weighed about 135 when I was pregnant with my first and I did not really feel anything till about 22 weeks and what I felt was like riding in an elevator. not kicks. and with your first you may already be feeling some of those little things but don't realize it's your baby. you don't know what to expect so I think as long as your doctor says everything looks and sounds good don't worry. it will happen and when it does THAT may scare you! it is amazing and bazarre. But if you can't get your mind off of it call your doc. you pay enough to call ask a few questions everynow and again. Good Luck and congrads.

Don't worry....I didn't feel my daughter move until right around the 20th week. At first it felt like an insect or something crawling on the outside of my belly. Be patient....there will be enough movement in the coming weeks.

Hi! Congratulations on your first baby! I just had my first child in December after a miscarriage, so I know how nervous you are. I didn't feel her move until I was around 22 weeks pregnant and even then it wasn't a whole lot. This is just my own opinion, so take it with a grain of salt! I'm a little overweight, so I think the extra padding around the baby kept me from feeling her move earlier. If you have had an ultrasound and have seen and heard the heartbeat, I wouldn't worry too much. You will feel it and it will be the craziest most awesome feeling in the world! Good luck!

A., you may just so worried that you have your self so worked up you can't feel it go see your Dr. and here the babys heart bet and stop worring you will make you self miss out of the best parts of being pregnant.don't worry just enjoy being pregnant. and do not hesitate to talk to your Dr. that is why their there.get in to see them put your mind to rest and enjoy being pregnant. best wishes

Don't worry, the baby is to small still!! It will happen soon! Probably around 25 weeks. But you should have sonogram coming up soon, and that will tell you all you need to know!!!

IF you are worry about thing about the baby go and see the Dr. I would ask him to give me a sonagram just to make sure that everything is ok. Then you will know what you are dealing with and can take the steps need to.

A., I didn't really feel movement with my first child until well into my 22-23 week, initially it actually felt like gas:-) Enjoy your pregnancy.

Every baby is different, yours may just be a little timid. If your really concerned call your doctor, your twenty week ultrasound should be coming up anyway. Unitl then, try putting on some music with a beat, maybe she'll dance for you.


I didn't feel my son move until 22 weeks. I was freaking out (as were all of my friends who felt thier babies at 17 weeks), but his heart tones were always great and I had a very uneventful pregnancy. Try not to worry too much.


I think as long as you are still hearing the heartbeat at your scheduled ob appointments that you should be fine. If this is your first pregnancy sometimes you don't really realize what those little feelings might be. Your baby could be moving all the time but until you are able to recognize it especially early on in pregnancy you really don't even know it.

Have you talked to your doctor about it? You may want to get one of those fetal monitors at Walmart, Target, Baby Depot or Baby's R' Us: Basically it amplifies the babies heartbeat and movements so you can hear them . . . we had difficult pregnancies and they helped calm my nerves. When you buy them you get headphones for you as well as a little speaker to hold against your tummy in case you want to play music or your guys voices to your baby. I hope this helps and I pray your pregnancy goes well.

I know how you feel. During my first pregnancy I felt my baby move all the time. During my 2nd pregnancy I hardly felt anything and was a little depressed. As a matter of fact I recall that during my sonigram at(I think 20 weeks) my son did a complete flip during the procedure and I didn't feel anything. The major factor I think is that I was putting on a lot more weight with the second baby than the first. The funny thing is that my son has not stopped moving since he was born. I couldn't even cuddle with him when he was a baby because he wouldn't keep still. As long as there is a health heart beat at your Dr. Appointments I wouldn't worry yet.

Hi A.,
Do not worry, I didn't feel my son move until 25 weeks. He was born absolutely fine. I was 34 when I had him.
Don't let people over-analyze you. It's your first baby, let go & enjoy while you can. Once baby's here you will wonder where your time went. Good luck!

About me: I'm now a 42 yr old of a 7yr old. I quit teaching so I can be home with him as Daddy is usually away coaching.

Please don't worry! Every woman's pregnancy is different and especially since it's your first you may feel the baby later than others. To tell the truth you may have already felt the baby move and just didn't know it. The movements can feel like gas rumbling around in your tummy! it can be hard to distinguish the difference. I worried with my first one too and everything turned out fine!

A., I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I didn't feel my baby move til I was around 20-23 weeks if you are really concerned call yuor doctor so they can check on the baby otherwise don't stress about it. Some babies are just lazy and don't move around alot my doctor told me because i was worried when my baby wasn't moving that if you are up moving around alot it can cause you to not feel your baby move. Her advice to me was lay down on my left side for awhile and drink a lot of water. After that my little girl started moving and now she won't stop. Just give it time b/c once that baby starts moving your sleep will go out the window b/c their fav. time to move is at night. Good Luck and Call your Doctor.

I also had this problem- my nurse suggested to me one day to drink a BIG GLASS of ICY COLD WATER and lay flat on my back on the floor........you might try that....it doesn't mean anything- my son was so passive that all through the pregnancy he was quite still- he is pretty passive and a very pleasing and healthy 5 year old...it was just his personality.

Congratulations on your first baby!!! How fun!
I wouldn't worry if I were you, or maybe I would, but I shouldn't. I have had 5 children and everyone of them I felt at different times. My first I felt at 18 weeks, my second was at 25, they both turned out wonderfully.And the others were different too! So, don't worry, be happy. :)

I wouldn't worry. I didn't really start feeling my son until I was about 20 weeks and it was a couple weeks after that, that it became more obvious and constant. Since this is your first baby you might have already felt something but though it was just a gas bubble, since that is what early movements can feel like.

Don't worry! You'll feel it soon enough. In fact, you probably already do, but are just distracted, going about your day, and/or don't know that that is what it is. It can feel very light and subtle. It's like that the first time.

I wouldn't go for the caffeine or sugar to get a kick out of the baby, because that stresses him or her (therefore the kicking). Also, coffee (/caffeine) has been associated with miscarriage (even 16 oz. a day - just two tiny cups of coffee). So has maternal stress (and sugar can cause stress!). Keep such "soft-core drugs" to a minimum!

My philosophy in my pregnancy is to let the baby be. She's not there for my entertainment; I am there for her and want to give her a good, healthy and peaceful environment to grow in. (So when my husband shouts hello into my belly or tries to press into it to feel her, I tell him to settle down and be patient; our daughter will be here in due time.) Trying different positions might work. Some will tighten your belly a little so you can feel movements more easily. Often, just talking or singing to the fetus can get them to respond with a kick or other movement. I think that's a really nice way to do it, and to establish the beginnings of a relationship of gentleness and respect from the start.

Try keeping a journal and write the story of when you *do* feel her first kick. You'll want to record those details!

Have fun!


Hi A.!

If you are going to the doctor regularly and everything looks fine, then I wouldn't sweat it, although I know you are excited to feel your babies movements. My guess would be that you are feeling it and just haven't realized it yet, it took me a while to know that was what I was feeling. When babies are inside your belly they usually face forward, so when they move you feel it against your belly. However, my best friend baby was faced the opposite way (facing inside her), so when she moved she wasn't hitting the hard outer wall of her uterus, so it took a while for her to feel her daughters movements. Next time you go to the doctor, you may see if she can check it out.

I really hope this helps you! Good luck!

If your doctor is hearing the heart beat at every visit you are probably fine, but do share any and all of your concerns with him/her.
I would wager that you have felt the baby, but didn't know it. Those first movements really do feel almost exactly like gas bubbles moving through your intestines. With each of my babies I've actually sat in the hospital room holding the new-born baby and felt a gas bubble and thought "Oh! He just kicked!" before remembering that I was no longer pregnant;)
It's normal to be nervous, but as long as you are communicating with your OB and he sees no reason for concern, then you may breath a sigh of relief and relax. You need all the relaxation you can get!

I didn't feel my baby until I was almost 22 weeks along. So be patient and you will feel him or her soon. Don't pay attention to those books they are just an estimate....I did and I felt the same way as you...freaked out!! Just enjoy every moment of your pregnancy because it will be over before you know it!!

I had my first baby in December. I understand how you feel. My doctor even was asking about me feeling movement. I stressed out so much about it. I was almost 24 weeks when I first started feeling her move around. I wouldnt worry about it to much... My doctor always told me that each person was different

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