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I Haven't Felt My Baby Move Yet!

I am 19 weeks pregnant and still haven't felt my baby move!!! I keep reading things and people keep telling me that I should be feeling him or her soon! I'm really nervous, this is my first baby and I am just concerned about everything. When should I start feeling movements??

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I read once that when you are up and moving around, the baby likes the rocking motion and sleeps, so most babies only move at night when you are really still. Since, you are probably asleep and the movements are so small at this point, you may just be missing them. It is still early on, also. I thought I felt my baby at 20 weeks, but now realize it was just gas, since I felt the same thing long after he was born. Don't worry, soon enough, baby will be keeping you up at night kicking you in the ribs!

I wouldn't stress. I didn't feel my first baby move until I was around 20 weeks. It just feels like a flutter and since the baby is so small you have to really pay close attention to feel it. You will feel it very soon. It feels like a gas bubble or something.

I wouldnt be too alarmed every pregnancy is different My first was a girl and she never kicked untill the later part of my pregnancy and then only if someone touched my stomache and as soon as the let go she stopped untill someone else touched me again.

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Hello A.,
Everyone feels things differently and at different times in their pregnancies. A lot of Moms don't feel the baby move well until the middle of their pregnancy. Since this is your first time, you might even been feeling the babe, but not realize it. At first the lil one is so so tiny the kicks feel like little bubbles in your belly. Or it might feel ike gas. Once the babe is a little bigger and can really give you a good kick you won't miss it I promise :)
J. Roth
MS doula

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Have you spoken to the doctor? You should be due for your first ultrasound soon. Usually by now their should be some type of flutterin feeling. Since you havent had any feeling i would deffinetly talk to your doctor.

Sincerly yours

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Your baby is active when you are active and rests when you rest. That's probably why you haven't felt movements yet, because the baby is moving while you are moving around. Plus, the baby is still really tiny (think the size of a large tomato), so those little arms and legs won't make a big impact when they move around.
Another explaination is that you have felt it, but just dismissed it as intestinal gas, because it really does feel that way until the baby gets bigger and can really start kicking and punching.

I was like another poster - the first one I did not feel move until late -and then she did not move much at all - still does not like to ( she is 10 )

the second one - he was on the go from the start - and he still is - ( he is 4) everyone is different and each child is special - but if you are scared - call your doctor.

Don't worry it's very normal. I don't usually feel movement until about 20 wks. I'm assuming you've been in for prenatal care, and baby's heartbeat has been checked. That's the best indicator that everything's alright at this stage.

Enjoy the pregnancy!

Your baby usually starts moving at about 20 weeks, my grandma always said, you know you are 5 months when you feel the baby move. If it hasnt started moving by 22 weeks then you may want to mention it to your md. You usually get an ultrasound around 20 weeks and they check for fetal movement, placement and placenta, and of course the size, also gender if you want to know. The first pregnancy is always scary because you dont know what to really expect. I am sure your baby is fine, just wait til it wakes you up at night with a firm kick,lol. Good luck.

If you are worried just call your doctor and tell them your concerns. There is no need to worry when they can just complete an ultrasound or listen to the heartbeat. Peace of mind is everything. When I finally got pregnant with my daughter (which was my 5th pregnancy the previous 4 ended in miscarriages) I lived at the doctors. I didn't want to take any chances. I think I was about 20 weeks before I really felt my daughter move. You probably have felt the baby but just didn't realize it. Good luck!

You need to call or visit your doctor!

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