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Anyone Use Organic Pest Control Inside Their Home?

Hi - We've seen a handful of roaches over the past few weeks and I want to have someone come in and spray. We used a traditional service a few years ago. That same year my dog got cancer in her nose. I'm not saying that the pest control caused it, it's just I have toddlers now and I don't want to take any chances.

Has anyone used organic pest control?
What company would you recommend (Austin)?
Does it really work?
Is it really that much safer?

Any info would be appreciated.

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I read in a magazine one time that bay leaves is a good roach deterrent. They have to be changed every 6 to 7 days. For some reason they do not like the smell of bay leaves. You may need to put them in every room because the roaches will go to the other rooms. Hope this works for you. It did for me. Thanks G.

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I'm wondering the same question, as well as outside in the yard. If you find out anything, could you let me know? Thanks!

Hi Susan,

Take some hot peppers, or cayenne and soak them in water, put the water in a spray bottle and spray like a exterminator would. The hot will mess with their nervous systems, and as it drys it leaves the resin for the new ones to walk over, and die. You can also plant garlic and tansy around your yard and house to keep flys and mosquitos away.

All this is harmless to pets and children.


You won't even need an exterminator for this remedy!

Mix a tablespoon of boric acid powder with about half as much granulated white sugar. Fill a jar lid with the mixture and put it under your refrigerator WELL OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN OR PETS.

IF you keep safety locks on your undersink cabinet doors, put another lid full back in the corner there. Because roaches like dark places, I put some of the mixture in an empty paper towel roller and pushed it between my freezer and a free standing cabinet where there was just enough space for it. I don't have toddlers or pets but there is no odor with this so you just have to keep it out of their reach. I change the mixture every six months and since I have been doing this for about two years, I have only seen three or four roaches and they were dying or dead.

Of course, you will have to keep the bottle of boric acid out of reach of children, too.

I could put this around outside doors where I suspect the bugs get in but we have lots of lizards and frogs and I don't want to hurt them. I take it personally if a roach invades my space and I have no mercy!

B. K.

PS: For those who want an inexpensive outdoor pest control. Call me for Shaklee's Basic H2. I spray bushes around our house. It drowns the bugs and is good for the shrubs. Spary lawns and bugs in the grass will drown and others will stay away. Treatment of your entire lawn will result in greener grass with less watering because water will penetrate deeper into the soil resulting in a better root system, etc.

16 0z of Basic H2 is only $10.15 member price or $11.95 retail. It only takes one tablespoon of Basic H2 in an Ortho-type sprayer to make two gallonw of water. Basic H2 is an organic product, safe for human and pets for bathing. I can tell you more if you want to call me. It is great for babies with diaper rash, eczema, etc. I know it sounds like "snake oil" but it isn't!

Hi Susan,

We used Aztec pest control. We used them last year because we were having scorpions in our house (sometimes two scorprions a week). The scorpions came back inside our house three weeks after they had treated our house. I called them back and wanted them to retreat, but they said no. They said that having one or two come back inside the house meant they did their job right. Well, I did not think so. I don't want my two year old son getting bitten by them. I do not want to use their service again. Maybe they are better at treating roaches than scorpions.

Good Luck!

Nature's Own Pest & Lawn Services covers wasp and spider webs with there pest control treatment. They also apply natural products and do a great job. We have have been using there services for the past 3 years and they have been great to deal with. I would highly recommend them for pest control services.

Hey Susan!
We use Bulwark. They are kid and pet friendly. I have a black lab who has been healthy and has zero fleas that I can ever see. When they spray, they tell me to keep the kiddos away from it for about an hour, until it dries and then it's supposed to be totally safe. I honestly don't know if they are 100% organic. It works great, and we live right on the greenbelt and near the lake.

We have been using Aztec organic ever since we had children. We have them come once a year, and sometimes we honestly go closer to two years. It works really well. I call them to come again when I start seeing bugs. They told me last time that all products are plant-based. They charge about $165, but I don't think that's too bad considering I only have them come out every year or two! I can tell you that after a treatment the house smells like cloves and herbs for a few hours instead of like chemicals. You do still need to keep children away from baseboards and heavily treated areas until everything is completely dry. The organic dries more slowly according to the technician. He said to watch them for about a week. We have been happy with them.

I read in a magazine one time that bay leaves is a good roach deterrent. They have to be changed every 6 to 7 days. For some reason they do not like the smell of bay leaves. You may need to put them in every room because the roaches will go to the other rooms. Hope this works for you. It did for me. Thanks G.

Aztec Organic! The best in Austin :)

we have used bulwark exterminating for 3 years now and are very pleased - they treat initially in the house but their goal is to keep the bugs from even entering you house after that - their products break down quicker and so they treat more frequently but the cost ends up being about the same as tradtional exterminating cos. - they also come back and treat for free in between scheduled treatments if your having a problem - good luck

I've used both Chem-Free and Aztec. As I remember, Chem-Free treated the house inside and the yard and attic for all types of bugs. Aztec just did the areas of problem for that specific pest (we had ants). The guy from Aztec made some off-handed remark basically saying that they were the real deal and Chem-Free only offered non-toxic alternatives because it was good for business. They used the same stuff and it worked well, so whatever the true culture of the company, I can recommend either of those to you. If you want to DIY get some Boric Acid powder from Lowes and dust the areas buggy and vaccuum it up after whatever the waiting period is. Ecology Action has lots of good natural products for home and garden as well. You are right to want to keep your home chemical free!

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