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Anyone Else Get Pregnant 2+ Yrs After Husband's Vasectomy?

My mind is probably just playing tricks on me but I am freaking out. My husband had a vasectomy about a month after my son was born, he will be 3yrs old in November. He never went back in to get his levels checked (I know that is stupid but we were planning a move out of state right around the time he got it done and well life just happened after that). I have honestly never given it a second thought to getting pregnant since then, until this morning. I am not due to have my period for a couple more weeks so taking a test right now is out of the question. This morning after breakfast I got very nauseous, which is a early symtom I got after every meal when prego with my daughter. I am having cramping and sore breasts, but that could also be period releated. I am just driving myself insane with the "what ifs". I know it could all be in my head but since getting pregnant with my son, I have never had the "what if I am pregnant" scare that I have right now. Has anyone else gotten pregnant 2+ yrs after your partner had a vasectomy?

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Welllllll S.- we had some friends that decided to only have one child after she had such a horrible preg. with her daughter. Her husband had a vasectomy - 18 YEARS later she started having all signs of being preg- her daughter was about to grad. from high school with honors so they were planning a big party for her. She thought it was all in her head thinking "Its been 18 years- no birth control- no babies- NO WAY!!!" She threw up the morning of graduation- was nauseated all morning. She thought since she was LATE that maybe it was the change of life coming on----coming up with all excuses. Well the sickness continued in to the afternoon so while picking up the grad. cake for the party at the store she decided to get a preg. test--- took it while getting ready for the big party- the following day she went to the doctor and sure enough ---she was a mess. All kinds of things were going thru her head.... She told her husband- he was quite shocked and angry thinking that SHE had been unfaithful- because there was NO WAY since he had been fixed...luckily for them they had a wonderful marriage- very strong- they talked to their doctor again and the only way to tell if he was- take the test he had never taken to see if their was any swimmers still around. He took the test and sure enough LOTS of little swimmers! They had a beautiful little girl 7 months later- an absolute clone of their now 19 year old daughter. THAT baby girl was an angel in disquise- less than a year later he had a massive heart attack and passed away. They weren't ready for another baby after their first daughter- but God gave them a special gift- someone to be with her now that her daughter was grown and away in college- and her husband gone to forever. She was a true BLESSING. So you see God has a plan for all of us- if you are- it was meant to be. Good luck with what ever happens and remember He is always with you no matter what. L.

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I was FREAKING out about 3 weeks ago because I felt the exact same way. My whole family was sick, but mine was definitely preggo feeling, breast tenderness, etc, and I'd just started a new pill. Thank God I talked to my mom, because she was feeling the exact same way! I think it's something going around - and of course only women who have been pregnant know what it feels like :)
I'd say if you were going to get pregnant after the vasectomy, it would have happened long ago.
Good luck either way!

Just wanted to wish you luck on whatever may happen!!

For what its worth~I have a male friend that had a v/(actually 2 guy friends that had this occur)that apparently got their s/o' pg sometime after the surgery. I know that oen was pretty immediate after the surgery and the other, not sure of.

I think its pretty rare but in both cases, they had VERY high counts prior to surgery!

If you aren't due to start your period for two weeks, you are probably ovulating. Most women obvulate about two weeks before they start their periods. Cramping and breast tenderness are both common symptoms of ovulation. It might be a little early for getting morning sickness even if you were pregnant because you probably just obvulated if that isn't what you are doing now. (I'm not sure how early you felt it with your other babies). I'm sure it will be a long two weeks for you until you know for sure, but take a deep breath until you do.

yikes! Have your husband checked and then you're just going to have to "wait it out"... Those tests say it needs to be at least 17 days after conception before it will pick it up reliably. Good luck!

Eeek. That was my fear - so I had my tubes tied one weekend, and my husband had a vasectomy the next - lol! Unfortunately, the only way to really know is to have a urine/blood pregnancy test. I wouldn't get too worried until you know al the facts. Hang in there!


When it came to me and pregnancy, I had to take a test when I started to feel nausea and then it was usually positive. If I tested before that it was negative.

As for the vasectomy issue, I have not have experience with that personally but I do know of someone that has had that happen. I am not sure if it would be a good response for you as the lady that this happened to... that child is now should be in her 20's. So I am not sure if they have changed that procedure since then.

Have your husband go get his levels checked. That can be done right away. Depending on the results, you'll know how stressed you need to be. As for feeling symptoms, my daughter has those symptoms every month when she ovulates. If your not supposed to have your period for two weeks than you would be in the ovulating stage now. I have heard of a vasectomy not "taking" but it is very rare. Now days the doctors really do a number on the vas deferans so that type of thing doesn't happen. Good luck.

It didn't happen to me personally, but a friend of mine got pregnant I think a few years after her husband had a vasectomy. She was so upset because the doctor told them it was 99% effective. I wouldn't worry yet- you could be freaking yourself out, but I definitely think the possibility exists... good luck!

Just go get a pregnancy test at the drug store and give yourself peace of mind - it's unlikely that you are pregnant from a vasectomized partner - my husband had the same procedure shortly after our third son was born and never went back for follow up (who would want to?)If you ARE pregnant the very least you need to do is expose the doctor as one who doesn't do a thorough job - but just go get yourself a pee stick and relax - the hormone that indicates you are pregnant should show up already if you are - and isn't it better to know one way or the other? Still "freaking out" call your doctor or planned parenthood for some advice or an in-office test. Also, I can give you some suggestions if you are interested in some all-natural herbal products that can help to balance your hormones so you have less soreness and symptoms as PMS. Good luck.

You need to do a pregnancy test first.

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