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Ttc #2 - Pregnancy Symptoms but Not Pregnant?

Has anyone month after month experienced pregnancy symptoms but turned out to not be pregnant? I am 38 and ttc #2 had a miscarriage 5 months ago after trying for 7 months, since then 3 out of the last 5 months I was sure that I was pregnant. My symptoms (nausea, heartburn, sore breasts, exhaustion) started 2 to 3 days after ovulation and went away 1 or 2 days before my period started and negative tests with a very regular cycle. Has anyone had or heard of this happening? Could it be due to hormone issues after miscarriage? Fertilization and not implantation? Dr says wait a few more months before any tests- is she just blowing me off? Is it all in my head...I really want to be pregnant- could I be wanting it so much that I somehow I am causing these symptoms? I would love to hear from others that have experienced something similar. I have seen such great advice given by moms on this site!
Thanks so much!

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When I was TTC #2 every month I could have sworn I was pregnant.. it took us two years and after such a long time of trying and wanting another baby so bad, every PMS symptom seemed like a possible pregnancy symptom.

Oddly, the one month I had 'given up' and tried so hard not to think about TTC, and was convinced AF was on her way.. I was actually pregnant. I have a adorable 2 month old sleeping on my chest right now :)

I don't know if this helps you but after my second child my PMS symptoms have been sooooo different! I now get cramps, REALLY pissy, and irritable about two weeks before my period. It is so strange to me bc I never had these feelings before. I think hormones change after we have children. I am still trying to get used to my new cycle and my last baby was born in 2006 too! Good luck and I hope you get prego soon!

I'm not saying its not leftover preg. hormones, but I also swore to having preg. symptoms when we were trying to get preg. The one month I felt no symptoms was the month I sensed I wasn't preg. but acctually was. The mind is a powerful thing. I know I created my own symptoms out of sheer brain power in the begining months of trying.

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I go through the same thing before my cycle starts and keep hoping it's not my cycle but it is. Have you tried taking your basal temp. every morning? You can see your cycle and know when to 'try'. It worked for my youngest.

I would think the same thing...plus my sense of smell is increased. I always feel this way 10 days before my period. I would also get really irritable this time. I probably would be taking tests too, if mu fiance didn't have a vasectomy almost a year ago. I am 39, and it has been happening for a few years. I think it is just a hormonal thing with our age. And to top it off the last week or so I am constantly sweating...I'm the personal who would be cold when it is 80 degrees outside. I think the change has started!

Yes you could be wanting to be pregnant so much that it could happen. I tried for my daughter who is now 4 months, for 1 year and every month I had all the symptoms of pregnancy and I was never pregnant. my doctor told me that focusing on wanting to get pregnant can actually hurt your chances of it happening. After exactly 1 year of trying I stopped wanting it and we started talking about adoption. That next month I got pregnant! Just chill out, relax and enjoy your time with your husband and family, it will happen! Good Luck!

Hi K.,
It really could be any of these things, leftover hormones, new PMS symptoms (our bodies change around this age and we have PMS side effects that we didn't have before), and some of it could be wishful thinking (I too want to get pregnant again, I'm 39 and every month, I think I have symptoms). However, my concern for you is that your OBGYN is making you wait to do any testing. At 38, if you've tried for a few months and you've already had at least one miscarriage, I think you should find out whatever you can medically. I would call your OB on Monday and tell them you don't want to wait (remind them you're 38) to start the testing process. If they won't do it, I would go to a different doctor. If you have an HMO, call your insurance and tell them you want to switch doctors due to a medical reason and they will let you switch without waiting. And/or you can request a referral to a specialist (if you're over age 35 you go to a high risk specialist anyway so you can request to talk to them). If all of those don't work, tell your insurance you want a second opinion and they have to let you see another doctor. I just wanted to let you know that if you don't want to wait, you don't have to just because this doctor says to. It will only benefit you to know what's going on (or confirm everything is normal) as early as possible so that if there is a minor problem, you'll know what to do to try to fix the problem. Or if you get confirmation that everything is fine, then maybe you'll relax which will enable your body to relax and do it's thing. Keep us posted and I wish you all the best. K.

If you haven't had your HCG levels checked, insist on it ASAP!!! This happened to me 25 years ago after a miscarriage and thanks to my excellent Dr. who had been familiar with this during his internship, caught something that could have been
VERY serious left untreated. I don't want to scare you but just be wise and informed. The good news, I went on to have 2 beautiful daughters who are now 18 and 22 years old!! If you'd like to get more info, let me know.
Beth F.

I agree that you can MAKE yourself think you are pregnant, and that could be the case. However, you can also have symptoms after a miscarriage. CALL the GYNO! You could have an infection still from the miscarriage. Perhaps it wasn't all discarded or cleaned out. This could make you feel sick and sore also!

This happened to me while we were trying to conceive #2. They had to document 2 miscarriages before they would take any steps to prevent more. -and I know that I had 2 more that didn't even show up on the tests. Anyhow, they ended up putting me on baby aspirin and we conceived within 2 months and I now have another healthy baby girl! You know your body best, ask you doctor about starting the baby aspirin, it can't hurt. Good luck!

Hi K.,

If you're wanting another opinion, maybe you could look into eastern medicine. My cousin had several miscarriages and then went to a Chinese doctor, who also is an acupuncturist. She was able to get pregnant and stay pregnant. The doctor knew right away that the reason my cousin was miscarrying so many times was because her cycles were too short making her eggs too immature. With my cousin's second son, she was bleeding during the pregnancy thinking she was miscarrying again. The doctor had her come in right away and the bleeding stopped. I think she was 42 and 44 when she had her two sons.

Here's the info:

Dr. Shu Rhong Zhu
Zhu's Acupuncture and Herb Clinic
2001 S Barrington Ave # 212
Los Angeles, CA 90025

This doctor is the real deal. I also recommend seeing a chiropractor. My chiropractor has had women tell him that they weren't able to get pregnant until he started adjusting their lower back. Perhaps it could help you have a stronger pregnancy as well.

Best wishes to you!

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